2014 Winter Series Wrap up and other news

2014 Winter Series Comments Post Race 6

Sept 8 2014

image002 Bungoona

Lee gunnel down and clearing out

Designed by David Philp

Launched Feb 14 1950

Australian Registered Historic Vessel 000469

Classic Yacht Association of Australia

Champion Classic Yacht of the Year 2014

2014 Rusty Shackle Trophy

2014 Fair Winds Trophy

2014 Marie Louise III Constistency Trophy

With consistent participation and performance throughout the 2014 Winter Series, Bungoona, rewarded Cameron Dorrough for his management of her high maintenance needs, with a last race performance to hold off the Tumlare’s of Zephyr helmed by Anne Batson and Avian helmed by Roger Dundas under the expert direction of Pip Todd and took out the Rusty Shackle Trophy for the best overall performance in the 2014 Classic’s Winter Series on Port Phillip.


Zephyr (r.) and Avian (l.) 2014 Classic Winter Series 2nd and 3rd

The Fair Winds Trophy

Awarded to the best performing Victorian Classic Yacht over the 2014 Calendar year. Avian the 2013/2014 Summer Series winner of the Locker 57 Trophy was in the mix to take this trophy home. But Bungoona with her consistently lower 2014 Winter Series scores prevailed to take out the Fair Winds Trophy. The Tumlare’s Zephyr and Avian took out the 2nd and 3rd placing for this trophy.

Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy

The handicaps that evolved from the Race 5 results were used to determine the points used for calculating the Race 6 points score and aggregate for the Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy. Again it’s Bungoona time followed up by Avian and Ettrick.

The Tumlaren Trophy

With the ever evolving numbers of Tumlare’s competing in the Classic racing series the time has arrived where the Classic Tumlaren Trophy needs dusting off. After competing in every race over the two 2014 series of races plus notable performances in the Cup Regatta passage race and passage sailing through the Port Phillip chop in darkness to compete in the 2014 Geelong  Wooden Boat Festival passage race a more worthy receipient of the Tumlaren Trophy couldn’t be found.

For the year 2014 the Tumlaren Trophy has gone to Zephyr now skippered by Anne Batson and crewed by Karen Batson.

Sept 7 Race 6 comments

This Winter series reflected the strength of Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip with 28 entries from all the top end yacht clubs on the bay.  Corrected time honours were shared across with fleet with Martin Ryans Mercedes III, the team from the family Purcell with Scimitar, Bob Munro’s Tandanya, the Sayonara syndicate with Dave Allen on the helm . The two well deserved 1st placing by Clive Moulday’s Blackadder were noted down for analysis by the handicapper.

One feature of the 2014 Winter Series was although we lost two races for lack of wind, the high count turnout by the fleet to race on these days with no wind conditions indicates our skippers and crews hear the Sirens call of Classic Yacht racing loud and strong. Close corrected time results when all starters have a fair wind were also a feature of this series.

The last race on Sunday was to be the series decider between Bungoona and Zephyr so the test was on to give both a fair chance. With Mark R3 ashore, a tanker to berth at Breakwater around 11:30am and light winds ruling out no shipping channel crossing courses, the RYCV course 31 was selected as the best fit for a 95 minute on course average. However, when George Low’s Tum Snow Goose was observed lee gunnel down pre start manoeuvres, Oh no was the thought, but too late to change the selected course.


Richard MacRae reported 18 knots across the deck of Claire

A fleet of 21 starters lined up and the chase was on for 20. Blackadder lead the fleet with Clive Moulday in charge on the helm in her favored conditions. That was the last seen of her till she took out line honours by 4 ½ minutes over Renene, with John Neve as her skipper and on the helm with expert directions being received from  Lester  Wise. Shows what happens when her skipper Kent Bacon is  sweltering in France and Spain, those mice can sure play up. Doug Jenkin had Bluejacket moving well, particularly after a snap of a kite set after rounding mark 80. This on the ball kite set kept them ahead of Bungoona, who also was busy playing with their kite,  by 2 seconds on the finish line. On Tandanya, Bob Munro’s acute Top Mark tactical observations and directions to Stephen Lake on the helm chased down to lead Joe Tuck and the boys on Loama by 30 seconds across the line. George Low pushed Snow Goose hard to be the first Tum home and lead Gordon Tait and Heide on Ettrick by a minute and 30 seconds.

The hard working crackerjack crew on Marie Louise III in the shape of Alex Howard, Brian Smith and under the observation of the handicapper kept Peter Lloyd on his toes  as he rounded Mark D with Avian, held off Michael McTavish who put Serifa under kite and then led Claire, under the gentleman helm of Richard Macrae, by 5 seconds across the finish line.


Sayonara, under full rig and set to go

Under full rig, Sayonara was all power to pick up 10 minutes and to come in 20 seconds over Martini on her welcomed return to classic racing under the helm of Ross Clark. Zephyr picked up 2 minutes to follow Martini in by 4 seconds and lead Jim Hutchinsons Dingo by 12 seconds who in turn held off Phil Atkins, after his hold the nerves start incident, on Trim by 17 seconds.  Roger Dundas kept Avian out of the clutches of the fast finishing Fair Winds by 2 minutes while a battle went on with Boambillee keeping ahead of Kingurra by 8 seconds and Mercedes III bought the fleet home 2 minutes 43 seconds after Kingurra.


Kingurra, eating up the fleet

Under directions from the Race Director, Dave Wallace, the start of the day was awarded to Bungoona. An on the money start at full speed was the comment from the start box.

In addition to the sights of the fleet leaders disappearing to RMYS Mark D while the 4 back markers stooged around for their start sequence, two additional sights of our members were noted: the Tumlare’ Vahine with Andrew Godwin and family were sailing in company with the fleet and Anthony Wilmott was busy preparing Huia for some work. Huia is the H28 we all admire on the walkout on the RYCV Marina.  A soon too be new member from RYCV, Jason Quick with his Williams Atkins Snow Goose, identical to Renene, that is under rebuild work by Ferdy Darly was also on hand at the RYCV after the race.

Actual and corrected on course time results for Race 6

Although not part of the results, the actual and corrected time results are required for computing the Marie Louise III consistency race points. An attachment has been included to show the on course and corrected times of each starter. Kingurra led the fleet with the least on course time followed up by Sayonara and Fair Winds. When the  fleet actual on water times were run against the handicaps used to calculate the group start times Sayonara came out on top followed by Blackadder and Marie Louise III. Close indeed is the word.

Helpers for CYAA Sponsored BBQ at 2014/2015 Summer Series Race 1 October 5

The organiser of all the Classic’s after race BBQ’s, Roger Dundas, won’t be available for the Summer Series 1st race opening day BBQ. Karen Batson, of Cookie Resturant fame, has stepped up to conduct the proceedings . Karen is asking for volunteers to cook, collate the numbers of supplies and to collect and store the supplies the day before.

Hold the presses.

Cup Regatta goes international.

News from New Zealand tells us Fair Winds will be raced under the New Zealand flag with skipper and crew from CYANZ with Tony Blake as manager of the challenge. This Trans Tasman challenge has transformed the Cup Regatta. Are we ready? Yes we are!!

Classic Yacht racing at Sandringham Yacht Club

Today this advice was received from Phil Atkins, Trim, our SYC Based member  at the Sandringham Yacht Club.

The 2014 SYC Centenary Regatta was a great event for the Classic’s in Classic Port Phillip conditions.


This is a 12.00 start on the Saturday of the long weekend for boats not going to Geelong. The number of entries in the other divisions are steadily increasing each year they run this event.

There will be a number of pens available for any boats which would like to stay the night and go on cruising Sunday and Monday. There will be food etc available in the members bar or the BBQ’s are available for use at any time. Will need to get all this organised with the club if there is enough interest / entries.

It would be good to get the Couta boats along to this event but I think they have other activities planned that week end.


Same format and trophy’s as last year, hopefully better weather so every one can stay for the presentation and drinks.

2014 Winter Series Wrap up

No doubt a massive year for the Classic Yacht Association with consistently high participation numbers of members Classic Yachts yachts racing in the Summer and Winter Series. Congratulations must go out to all the skippers and crews of our Classic Yachts for all the time and effort to keep the real winners racing. Our Classic Yachts. For Cameron and his Bungoona to play such an important role with the promotion of our Classic Yacht Racing and to sustain our Associations race operations credibility to all the senior yacht clubs on Port Phillip and Corio Bay’s, again, a special congratulations . On reflection you sure to be sure the spirit of Bungoona’s previous owner and our late and great mate Col Bandy is somewhere in the works to give Bungoona the message.

Three cheers for Bungoona and her skipper Cameron Dorrough.

Three cheers for our late and great mate, Col Bandy.

Your handicapper says thanks to all the entrants of both series of our 2014 Port Phillip racing and especially for the effort and encouragement that make those handicaps happen. We now look forward to a full book of entries in our 2014/2015 Summer Series and 2014 Cup Regatta.

Entries for the 2014/2015 Summer Series are now rolling in.

The Cup Regatta Notice of Raceand entry form will be sent seperately. To many attachments with this mail.

Cheers to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Results Page



Previous messages on the progress of the restoration our Tumlare’ that used to race with us have been published. Today this was part of the latest message received from her owner Bahadir Salem on Bodrum Turkey.

Galatea is now ready for her journey  home  to Thessaloniki – Greece from where she went trough a total re-fit  in IBC Yachting boatyard in Bodrum-Turkey . She will be loaded on Monday to a truck and arrv. in Greece  on Wednesday and finally meat the sea again after Swan River – Perth . This has been a long Journey both in Distance and time. One that almost took 14 months !  But Looks like a worth one. 

The Hull has been Epoxy – Eglass coated  with Multi axle Glass Fibre at 550 gr/sqm bottom layer and 300 gr/sqm triple axle top layer to stop the movements between the planks and isolate the wood from water to keep her hull in a healthy condition.    

The hull from the interior has been Epoxy painted in 4 layers to also isolate the wood from water . This has to be redone every 2 years going forward. 

The deck has been re-leveled with Marine plywood and a new deck with Burmese Teak at top Quality has been laid. Chalking used is Sikaflex. 

Old superstructure remains in place but a new one from Mahogany has been made on top of it to give more strength. The black lines that are seen between the mahogany wood are inlays of African Ebony wood (they are not Sikaflex chalking).  

New Harken Winches , deck organizers and Jam Locks are installed.  

The Rudder has been made stronger by Installing a double sided Stainless steel  316L grade  Sheet that goes under the first Rudder Pin. 

All the  Varnish and Outside paint is International Brand. 

The equipment on the mast has been totally removed and the mast has been re-varnished in 12 coats. The stainless steel equipment has been re-polished and the Sail Rail has been replaced. 

These are more less what I can remember but I’m sure there was  more but not less! 

I will send pictures. Hopefully this coming weekend  her under sail  🙂




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