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Akala in RMYS Yard for cockpit rebuild Sept 2

19th August 2021

2021/2022 Summer Series Notice of Race and Entry form documentation has been posted. An SMS notification of their availability will be sent to CYAA (Vic) skippers.

2021/2022 Summer Series race one is scheduled for 26th September

2021 Winter Series on Port Phillip has finished

Race 5 scheduled for 29th August has been cancelled.
As the current Covid-19 Restrictions will remain active till 2nd Sept, no further 2021 CYAA Winter Series racing will take place.

With four races completed, it’s time to congratulate Kingurra’s skipper,Ian Macfarlane and his crew for their best on series aggregate score.

Notable mentions must be made of the series performance by runners up Boambillee and Mercedes III. The now cancelled race 5 was all set for a show down last race battle between Kingurra and Boambillee.

12th August

For 58 years it’s been all dry under the Akala’s cockpit floor. For shipwright Richard Blake it’s all in a days work

Race 5 (Pursuit Start) 29th August at RYCV. First boat off 10:15am.
Sailing Instructions and Entry List with allocated group start times

For those who want to see what’shappening at the St.Kilda breakwater here’s the link to the Live RMYS Race tower camera.

11th August
Race 5 scheduled for 15th August has been re-scheduled to 29th August as a pursuit start race conducted by RYCV. Race 5 (Pursuit) Sailing Instructions and Boat start times will be published soon.
Current Covid-19 restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne have been extended to 19th August.

10th August 3:30pm
If current Covid-19 restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne are removed, HBYC are all set to conduct Race 5 as schedulesd for 15th Aug 10:30am.

CYAA(Vic) 2021 Winter Series on Port Phillip
Race 5 15th August at Hobsons Bay Yacht Club
has been rescheduled to 29th August as a pursuit start race
Race 5 Sailing Instructions and Entry List with allocated handicaps no longer applicable

Camper and Nicholsons Archives June 2021 Newsletter

Aug 5th
Check the CYAA 2021 Winter Series Race 4 gallery

CYAA Winter Series on Port Phillip
Link to Race 4 1st August results and series agregate score

Pre race notes for Race 4 1st August

RYCV Mandatory Covid-19 Check in arrangements for Classic Race 4 August.
RYCV based CYAA members not racing on Sunday please consider the RYCV sailing managers request for volunteers to support the RYCV as a Sunday Covid-19 Marshal for either segment #1 or #2

CYAA (Vic) Winter Series on Port Phillip
Race 4 Sailing Instructions and Entry list with allocated handicaps scheduled for 1st August 2021 at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron now posted.
Watch Sundays race 4 start live at 10:30am using the live RMYS Race tower camera.

Here’s a link to a Pearling Lugger ANNIKA and her proposed restoration story put out by our ABC news. For another Pearling Lugger story featuring the ISA PEARL go to Mark Chews Top 42 Australian Wooden Sailing Boats publication page 73



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BCW21-Race-Office-QR-code.jpg

Link to the British Classic Week 2021 web site. Use the adjacent QR code to join up with the British Classic week Regatta Whatsapp group to receive the Race Office latest event instructions. The stuff coming down the line puts you into the moment by moment race office regatta picture.




2021 Winter Series Race 4 postptoned to 1st August

Vic Govt. Covid -19 5 day lock down and quarantine restrictions issued 15th July are now in force State wide till 20th July, Tuesday, evening. The CYAA (Vic) 2021 Winter Series Race 4 event scheduled for 18th July at RMYS has been postponed to 1st August at RMYS.

Amended CYAA (Vic) Racing on Port Phillip event schedule 4th July issued. Series now in the one race drop zone.



Based on today’s (3rd July) 4:40pm BoM Forecast for Port Phillip on 4th July, conditions forecast for waters adjacent to RMYS are deemed unsuitable for Classic Yacht racing.
Race 4 scheduled for 4th July postponed to 18th July.
Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper.


CYAA (Vic) 2021 Winter Series Race 4 scheduled for 10:30am start at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron Entries and Race 4 Sailing Instructions now available.

Image to the left shows Kingurra blasting through the Port Phillip shoaling water slop off St. Kilda. Kingurra, a Dr. Peter Joubert Black Swan design, is a many times and one of the toughest yachts to compete in the Sydney to Hobart race. In her idle moments, she circumnavigates Tasmania.

Members who know they have a photo that deserves publication as a CYAA Web site header image. Send it over.

FYI Web site view statistics, excluding search engines, on these files. Source of views. Local,national,US, UK, Europe & China.
Mark Chew Jane Williamson Race 3 June 20 photos 309 hits. Last on 1st July .

Mark Chew’s Top 42 Australians 1000 hits Last 29th June
CYAA Web site home page views over last 34 months now approaching 80, 000.

Mail received from Camper & Nicholsons Archive 23rd June. Take a look
June 2021 C&N Newsletter

CYAA 2021 Winter Series
Race 3 20th June results and series score
Additional photo’s by Jane Williamson added to the Race 3 Mark Chew photo montage

Some quick Race 3 comments.
Congratulations to skipper and crew Boambillee. Fast kite sets and picking the lifting breeze lines was the name of the game was the post race report Boambillee’s skipper George Fisscher. It was conditions Boambillee was designed for. Race 3 had Boambillee’s name stamped all over it .

Across the race fleet post race comments were it was a perferct day for classic sailing on Port Phillip.

The Tumlaren Avian put in a notable performance. On the run back to RYCV she was holding on to Boambillee for a short while. That is till her kite head cringle said no more.

Acrospire III put on a great PR show for the classic cause with her sailing along the Beaconsfield Parade foreshore. Kingurra still has a significant lead in the series aggregate but she better watch out, Boambillee,Mercedes III and Avian aren’t done yet.

Thanks goes to RYCV admin people for their work to make Race 3 happen.

Take a look at the Mark Chew and Jane Williamson Race 3 photo’s. They show on board Acrospire III action and some of the Classic Race 3 fleet. We can include additional Race 3 photo’s.

Race 3 comments will be generated later.

Pre race notes for 2012 Winter Series Race 3 are here
Race 3 Entries and Sailing Instructions are here

CYAA (VIC) Winter Series Race 3 20th June Pursuit start race.
Status: 16th June 1:20 pm
RYCV on advice from Sailing Australia will be conducting Race 3 as scheduled. Face masks recommended if 1.5 distancing cannot be maintained
Link to June 16 Covid-19 restrictions
Click on this link to access the race 3 documentation

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