British Classic Yacht week J14

Latest about the CYAA and CYANZ participation in the 2016 Panerai British Classic Week Regatta

Australian and New Zealand Classic sailors will be leaving from June 19 Post CYAA Winter Series Races 4,for Panerai British Classic Yacht Regatta Week.

The current British Classic Yacht Club coverage of the Regatta entrants from Australia and New Zealand is on this link.

Information about the Morgan Giles yachts,Pegasus, Leopard and Gryphis,our three CYAA/CYANZ teams are racing can be seen here.

The Pegasus crew have been sponsored by Zhik sailing gear, organised by the NSW team member Philip Brown (Anitra V).

A separate CYAA Web site page has been set up to display stories and images as the 6 Day Classic Yacht Regatta evolves. This page currently displays the skippers of each Classic Yacht. Crews info to be displayed when available. The first up big event is on the Monday July 18, it’s the all day Round the Island race sponsored by the private banking group EFG International This race follows the same course as used by the original Americas Cup Race.

Additional details of the Cowes Classic Yacht Regatta are included in the Panerai British Classic Week Notice of Race
Links to the proposed BCYC real time yacht trackers will be provided when known.

CYAA 2016 Winter Series Race 3 May 29

May 26 2016

2016 Winter Series Race 3 Pre Race notes,
2016 Winter Series Race 3 Entries and Handicaps HBYC
2016 Winter Series Race 3 May 29 Sailing Instructions (HBYC) V1 26-05

Sorry for the publishing delay of the Race 3 notes

Attached is the following documentation.

2016 Winter Series Race 3 pre race notes, the entry and handicap list and the Sailing Instructions. The SI, entries and HBYC courses are also available on the CYAA Web site

Take a the Sailing Instructions for HBYC races.

The para “Safety” has included the mobile phone numbers of the HBYC people on the race committee and rescue vessels. All race management communication to the Race officials has to be on VHF Channel 73. In times of emergencies any means to communicate can to be used.

One item, while not mentioned in the pre race notes, could not go without a mention. It was the sight of Bil Johnstone’s Corio Bay Netboat Lily Guy sailing in company with the Classic fleet during the last race, Race 2.. She was going well. One day she’ll be with the fleet again. Below is a file photo of Lily Guy. Click on the image for a better quality rendition.

Lily Guy Pre start Race 6 LR

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

CYAA 2106 Winter Series Race 2 Results and Series Aggregate.

Below are the Race 2 results and status points for the Series aggregate and Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy.

2016 Winter Series Race 2 Results Ex

2016 Winter Series Aggregate Points Race 2 May 15

Marie Louise III Trophy Points Status after Race 2 May 15

Here’s the story about the race and the rescheduling of the last for races due to ORCV requirements  Race 2 May 15 Post race notes

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

CYAA 2016 Winter Series Race 2 May 15

RYCV and CYAA Logo Race 2

Attached on the Web site home page are the 2016 Winter Series Race 2 documents. A feature of this race will be new courses for Classic races conducted by the RYCV. These Race 2 documents are now on the CYAA Web site for download if required during the race. As night follows day the handicapper knows some skipper won’t bring them along. Trust your handicapper on this one

Also attached below is the pdf that has further details about race 2 plus the following info.

All the CYAA Magazines on now the Web site thanks to that great man Roger Dundas.

A story about Charlie Peel and the connection to the Sydney Wooden Boat people, Simon Sabudin and Tom Courtney and their Judith Pihl restoration. An extract from the CYAA 2008 presentation dinner is attached that shows how the CYAA recognises the work and contribution Charlie Peel has made to yachting in Australia.

A short comment about the Alwyn and her recent race from Williamstown to St. Leonards has been included to show what fun was had by Michael McTavish and Catherine North of Serifa

Race 2 pre race notes.



CYAA (Vic) 2016 Winter Series Race 1 Cancelled

CYAA 2016 Winter Series Race 1 May 1

Cancelled       N flag A flag

May 1 2016

A picture’s worth a thousand words .

Wind Graph May 1WP_20160501_10_01_18_Pro

 About 10:am Looking out from the HBYC Marina to the RYCV Marina. It was hang on to anything time as the westerly wind bullets came through.

Cancelling a race is not easy but Sunday morning 6:30am it had to be done. Out went the race cancellation message SMS to 50 odd CYAA Members. The above BoM wind graph for Sunday tells the story. For once your handicapper received responses that agreed with the decision.

Michael MacTavish and his crew on Serifa were all set to race so out they went from the RYCV Marina into the strong wind and flat water conditions. A later in the day report was received from Serifa. After a great run down to Brighton, it was 41 knot’s across the deck on the beat back.

Again this will be a series where all races count for aggregate scoring! Lefts hope it will be at least a seven race series.

Next race will be designated Race 2 conducted by RMYS and scheduled for May 15, 10:30am

A Classic Yacht racing opportunity

For those CYAA people who want to experience a racing a 94 year old Classic with today’s heavies or can’t wait for 2 weeks, contact the handicapper, his Alwyn is being raced in next Saturday’s  Hobsons Bay Yacht Club race from Williamstown to St Leonards. An all day affair with hard racing where your on the water from 9.00am to 8.00pm. Classic Yacht racing at it’s marathon best.

If sufficient Classics enter HBYC will make generate a Classic Division. You have to Thursday to enter via Top Yacht. An opportunity for those members going to Cowes to make up for the loss of their Cowes race training session.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

CYAA 2016 Winter Series Race 1

Inline image 1

CYAA (Vic) 2016 Winter Series Race 1 May 1


Been a long time between Classic Yacht racing.

Sorry for the delayed mail. Much liaising work needed today.

Notes covering the conduct of Race 1 are in the attached pre race notes pdf.

Items covered are:

1. Attachment of the Race 1 Sailing Instructions and Entry list
2. Procedure to notify skippers if the current BoM forecast for Sunday that says the wind conditions will be over the wind speed limit for Classic Yacht Racing.
3. The Tony Blake Trophy

4. Short Vic Classic Fleet news and comments

5. A note from Doug Jenkin

6. Administration of the CYAA Web Site.

7. Paynesville Maritime Museum and the CYAA

8. Valkyrie and the Sandringham Yacht Club

9. Cowes Week story

Regards to all
Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

2016 Winter Series and Maritime Festival action

This note was intended to be a reminder about the 2016 Winter Series entry and some comments about members attending recent Maritime festivals.

What was intended to be a small note grew into the attached pdf.

Festivals covered are the:-

CYANZ Trillian Trust Regatta

2016 Geelong Wooden Boat Festival

Paynesville Classic Boat Rally

Queenscliff Maritime Museum Festival

The 2016 Winter Series entry and the Sandringham YC Centenary Trophy race eventually receive a mention.

So have a look, Lot’s of pic’s. Thanks to Ross Clark of Martini for supplying many of them.

Members who have pic’s, send them in. They can be installed on the CYAA Instagram page.

As a gentle reminder new member and membership renewal forms are also attached.

One other small note. The handicapper has been on the receiving end of about 60 issues of the Seacraft Magazine from the late 40’s and 50’s era. Lot’s of old time racing stories about the Classic’s we are racing today. Things like George Low’s Tumlaren Snow Goose being completely flattened and recovering from a big sideways knock while racing under full spinnaker during an around the bay race. More stories like this have been found. Frances features big time. There’s a great story about Sayonara running over a Sydney Harbour swing mooring used by shipping. Collating these stories will be a saga in itself.


Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

March 31 2016 CYAA News

Membership Page

Winter Series Entry


CYAA action in March 2016

2016 Geelong Wooden Boat Festival
To assist any CYAA people intending to travel to the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival this weekend, attached is the 2016 GWBF Vessel Entry list with the all CYAA Entries highlighted. A 2016 GWBF Passage Race Course LRmap of the RGYC Marina showing the intended vessel tie up locations is also included.

A special book will run on the Portarlington to Geelong passage race. It’s not often a Classic fleet with members from Port Phillip and Corio Bay yacht clubs  race with each other. CYAA assigned handicaps will be used to calculate results. FYI the passage race course has been attached

Anyone intending to visit RGYC should check out the 2016 GWBF web site for the program of events.program.

2016 Queenscliff Maritime Museum Festival

Attached is information received last week from the Queenscliff Maritime Museum people.about the March 18 Queenscliff festival. What a poster. Full of action and breeches bouy drama.

Looking over the QMM Friday Fishy Tales program you’ll see Jim Woods of Windward II is organised to present the story of his plans to recommission the ex cray boat MV Margaret Pearl. The voyage to bring the Margaret Pearl to Queenscliff for her restoration was a well prepared saga by Jim Woods and Tim Phillips. Roger Dundas was also in the mix of people that assisted with her voyage to Queenscliff. No doubt Margaret Pearl will be pushing Windward II aside with her CYAA Magazine story.

Marten Syme of Port Fairy will be presenting his Port Fairy Lifeboat restoration story. Marten has also completed an archival work on how the early settler immigration opened up Victoria .

Both Jim and Martens presentations will be worth the effort to get down to Queenscliff for this event.

As a plug Marten Syme is the dad of Gordon Syme who runs the highly regarded RYA accreditation operation in Melbourne.

2016 CYANZ Classic Yacht Regatta Auckland

Reports from our members who attended this Regatta indicate those who couldn’t make the event should organise themselves for next year. A top Classic Yacht racing event was the word. The CYAA Trans Tasman Trophy was bought home by Jenny Mackenzie.
2016 Paynesville Wooden Boat Festival

Rod Fuller reports the H28 Shamrock voyage from Williamstown to Lakes Entrance and over to Paynesville to take part in the Wooden Boat Festival was another great Shamrock voyage. Rod will be providing more details of his to the Paynesville festival.

Next festival on the Gippsland Lakes is at Metung. Our ex CYAA member Terry Grundy reports he has a fleet of some 10 Dragons in a ready to race condition. Thoughts on how bring a Dragon to Melbourne to race with the Classic Winter Series have been floated around.

So all the best for Saturday’s passage race and the after race CYAA knee’s up on Windward II. Looks like Sunday will be afloat around.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA Handicapper (Vic)

Classic 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 8

Attached are the Race 8 results plus the Series aggregate and the Tumlaren aggregate along with the Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy status. The minor placing show some difference between the RYCV results and the CYAA results. This is due to CYAA results being calculated to two decimal points due to tight corrected times. RYCV and the CYAA are working together to resolve these differences.

Congratulations to Mercedes III for taking out the series. Only one point was the difference between Mercedes III and Frances. The stronger than forecast wind made the task of Frances to catch the fleet that much harder. The start times were based on an average on course time of 95 minutes. We have an 85 minute average for Race 8.


The post race comments are in the pdf. It’s full of pics supplied to the Classics by the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. Tim Boucaut of Warringa and Sam of RMYS  did all the on water running around on the RMYS Rescue boat.

RMYS have mounted the Race 8 post race story on their Web site news page.

Thanks to the four yacht clubs that conducted the races for us. Each Club made a special effort to keep our Classic Yacht Association racing.a major yachting event on Port Phillip. This series saw the return of Classic Yacht racing to the Sandringham Yacht Club thanks to the efforts of Phil Atkins.

Thanks to all our members who entered the series and keep their Classic yacht in full racing trim. Thanks to all the skippers and crews who make Classic yacht racing a major event on Port Phillip.

Now we have an 8 week break before the 2016 Winter Series Race 1 on May 1. In between  there’s the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival, the Queenscliff Maritime Weekend and the CYANZ Regatta in Auckland New Zealand. I left the Pre race Race 8 comments about these events in the post race notes as a reminder.

Regarding the photos. 630+ photos were supplied. They are now grouped in order of the competing boats in race 8. The file size of each image is 3.5 meg, suitable for printing. Some are fuzzy due to movement. So if members want them I can send them by “we transfer” Still working on ways to have them all mounted somewhere. The Dropbox upload/download process took over 24 hours.

One pic I couldn’t squeeze into the pdf was the photo of CYAA Member Rob Kalkman’s netboat Enterprize This was the boat with the tan sails that was seen checking the Race 8 fleet out on Sunday .


Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Race 8 Post race notes

Results Page