CYAA 2019 Winter Series

Click here for a full size rendition of the header image dated Boxing Day 1931. It’s part of the Phil Edwards documents his grandad collected when he sailed in Sonia. When available, we’ll post some pics of her being launched at the Royal Brioghton Yachts Club.

A story about the race 6 postponement is being worked on. The takeaway is we need a plan B to cover these situations. While we all are unhappy but understanding about the circumstances that led to the loss of a race, it’s still not acceptable, particularly after the expense and work we put in to keep our classic’s going.

CYAA Winter Series Race 6 has been postponed to 4th August Gale warning for today and Monday killed any hope of racing during the lighter wind conditions. Experience has shown high chance of strong wind bullets in the race area during the Sunday 10:00am to 13:00 drop off in wind strength.

Check out these links to the combined BoM + Met Eye forecast images published on July 19 Friday pm July 20 Saturday am July 20 Sat pm July 21 Sun am

6:30pm Saturday status of Race 6 go/no go decision.

Expect wind conditions to lighten by Sunday 10:00am morning. Decision to be based on Sunday morning BoM forecast. will send out an SMS message at 6:30am approx.

Forecasts for Sundays wind conditions at the upper end of Port Phillip are being monitored by RMYS Race Director and CYAA Handicapper. A status SMS will be sent out this evening approx 6:00pm. RMYS conduct of race rules are: Gale warning forecast 4 fours before the scheduled start requires automatic postponement.

The Race 5 story with some CYAA Member activity news plus the Race 6 Sailing Instructions and Race 6 Entries with allocated handicaps are now available

Here’s a link to the short Race 5 wrap up story provided to HBYC. Work preparing the Race 5 wrap up story that includes other CYAA news will be published soon.

A Couta Boat 2019 Cup Regatta primer will be published soon

Results for Race 5 Locker 57 Series Aggregate status Marie Louise III Consistency aggregate status

Race 5 sees 16 seconds seperate the first four corrected times placings. Tumlarens feature big in the Race 5 results.

Congratulations go to the Tumlaren Zephyr for her first on corrected time by 3 seconds over the Tumlaren Dingo who in turn held off the Laurent Giles Manuka Rere by 4 seconds and who in turn held off the Phillip Rhodes Fair Winds by 4 seconds.

Line honours by a country mile go that clean skin Fair Winds. Dingo took out the Tumlaren one design honours.

A conspicous fifth on corrected time by one minute forty two seconds was the 1923 Alwyn. A Hobart A Classer designed by Alf Blore, Race 5 was Alwyn’s first time race with the Classic’s for many a year. She is still a strong PHF performer in HBYC long distance races.

More Race 5 stories and results analysis to follow asap.

Alwyn, the 1923 Hobart A classer, in full flight after blasting through a 25 knot gust. Jedda in distant background.
Photo: Eamon Pizzey from Avian

Three RMYS Notice to Competitiors applicable to race 5


RMYS Notice to Competitors 22 May 2019 Mark F has been re-instated

RMYS Notice to Competitors 20 June 2019 Water Quality Mark adjacent to RMYS Mark C.

RMYS Mark G Substitute Mark 25 June 2019 Mark G in Maintenance. Replaced with Mark S

Hobsons Bay Yacht Club will be conducting Race 5 on July 7. Race 5 Sailing Instructions.

Race 5 Entry list with allocated handicaps V2 Last minute entry. Alwyn

Click here for the Race 5 pre race notes

Current Thursday BoM Met Eye forecast for Sunday 10:00am indicates 15 to 20 knot northerlies with slight seas and 50% chance of rain.

2019 Cup Regatta news.

Stop the presses. Pete Jerebek has wired in to inform The Geelong Flyer Baranne intends to take on the 2019 Cup Regatta fleet. Baranne is the Arthur Robb Princess class design that took on the 1965 Sydney to Hobart Fleet. Check out her pic in the 2019 Cup Regatta Intention to enter page

Some Race 4 news.

Here’s the link to the June 16 Race 4 pursuit start results including corrected times Links to the 2019 Winter Series aggregate including Tumlaren series aggregate and the Marie Louise III consistency aggregate after race 4.

Below are some Race 4 grab points

16 classics compete in Pursuit start Race 4… Acrospire III takes out first across the line… Sail of the day goes to Manuka Rere… Honourable sail of the day mention goes to Zephyr… Dingo pips Marie Louise III by one second… Pip Todd flying the Asymetrical kite on Marie Louise III was MLIII event of the day...

Looking for a Race 4 pic to replace the web site header image. Send it to the handicapper.

Below is the top pic of the race 4 fleet. Thanks go to the skipper of Mercedes III for his timely prompting to his crew to grab this image of Acrospire III as she passed them by. Pity those who didn’t see the real thing. Acrospire III racing with lee gunnel down under full sail. Say no more.

Acrospire III picking off the Race 4 fleet on her way to take out Race 4 Line Honours.
Photo David McKenzie, Mercedes III

Special congratulations goes to the 16 classics who started in the Race 4 fleet of the Classic’s 2019 Winter Series.

Congratulations to Col anderson and his team for bringing Acrospire III home for her Race 4 win. No doubt about it Race 4 conditions gave her the opportunity to show how she thrilled the 1920’s racing scene.

Sail of the day goes to Laurent Giles Trekka class Manuka Rere under the helm of Cam Smith. Holding off the fleet in those light conditions was no accident. It was concentration on her beating in the light wind conditions and her shy kite reaching management hat allowed to fleet to watch the smallest waterline classic of the Race 4 fleet show, the forerunner of the JOG racing scene, a Honourable mention goes to Zephyr. Her brilliant after the second rounding mark R4 had her in contention for line honours. Anne Batson, Kath Solly and Pete Jerebek had Zephyr at perfect pitch. All up across the fleet every classic was a winner.

A Race 4 story plus results with series aggregate and Marie Louis III consistency aggregates plus how the fleet performed on corrected elapsed time will be published later.


Sayonara and Acrospire III face off May 23 2010

The latest 2019 Cup Regatta Intention to enter list has 27 Classic’s listed. The intent to enter list will be closed off after the end of June. The call for entries will begin after the Notice of Race is posted in August.

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