CYAA News 16th November 2020

Classic yacht racing returns to Port Phillip

November 15th Posting

Quote from CYAA Pres. Martin Ryan: RMYS and CYAA make right early call. Fawkner Beacon recordings from 11:00 am show wind strength +25kn. with gusts at +33kn at all measure points.

Sad news for all. Race one is not happening . RMYS and CYAA have decided the wind and sea conditions forecast by the BoM for Sunday Nov 15 are not suitable for Classic Yacht racing. Race one is rescheduled to November 29 at RMYS.

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

November 13th Posting

Notes for the Summer Series Race One

November 12th posting

Race One QR codes for Personal registration and Boat sign on Can be laminated for use for all Summer Series races.

Links to the Race One Sailing Instructions and Entry+Handicaps Personal QR codes for contact tracing registration are included with each set of documentation.

Summer Series Race One notes dated November 9 are published here

Scan this QR code with your mobile phone QR app to enter the series

Series Entry process

Entry for the No entry fee 2020/2021 Summer Series of Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip using a QR code is now available. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone QR scan app to send off your entry to David McKenzie. Here’s the Series entry conditions you agree to when sending off your series mail. All we want is the your name and your boat’s name.

Race one SMS Sign on

Race one sailing instructions will be issued later in the week. RMYS are deemed the organising authority for Race one. A QR code will be issued to cover the required SMS sign on for each RMYS organised race. This SMS sign on will go to the RMYS race manager. It can be sent on the day prior to the race.

Covid-19 Contact tracing management

The CYAA will be the Covid-19 contact tracing manager reporting to the organising club for each race. A QR code based registration will be mandatory for all people sailing on each classic yacht. If non mobile phone carrying people are on board the Handicapper must be notified of their name and contact details. We all know the Covid-19 contact tracing rules so no need to explain why the mandatory registration requirement. QR codes for Contact tracing and SMS Sign on will be displayed in the SI’s and on the web site page later in the week. If you don’t have a printed copy of the QR code, the QR code can be scanned from another mobile phone.

Covid-19 non contact sport compliance.

Extracts from Vic Govt DHHS Nov 8 guidelines on Sport and exercise (Boating) – Victoria – Third Step

A sport is non-contact if participants can maintain a distance of 1.5 metres while playing. Where possible you should minimize the sharing of equipment. You must clean and disinfect shared equipment between users. To reduce the less than 1.5 metre distancing occasions RMYS Notice to Competitors Nov 7 applies to CYAA racing at RMYS.

If you are doing exercise or a physical activity where you are out of breath or puffing, such as cycling or running, you do not need to wear a face mask. You do have to carry a face mask with you so you can wear it before or after exercising, unless you have a lawful reason not to wear a mask. No face mask required for single handed or sailing with same household members. Max of 10 non same household members on a boat.

Other Race One Sailing Instructions news.

The new RMYS tower start using lights and digital display in now operational. Take a look at the how it works pdf. Note the course number board will be displayed in the tower window during the starting procedures. A radio based countdown will still happen using VHF Channel 72. No divisions for this series. Handicaps based on the 2019/2020 Summer Series race 7 will be used for Race one. We’ll be going for a three hour race time limit based on the actual start time.

RMYS Notice to Competitors will apply to CYAA racing at RMYS.

Here’s the link to the RMYS NTC for the tower start system and to the RMYS NTC requiring white sails only (no spinnaker) for compliance to the RMYS Covid-19 safe management plan. Courses will be selected from the RMYS Sailing Instructions described on page 23. No matter what the wind direction Course 9 looks good. We used features of this course in our recent Nov 2 race training sail.

Top 42 Australians publication news.

We continue to receive web based views of this CYAA publication from around the globe. Recent views were from Russia, France, Germany, Holland and across the US. Today, rave reviews of the book from various Hobsons Bay Yacht Club members was received. Remember to receive a copy you need to be a financial CYAA supporter, crew or boat owner member.

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper 9th November

Click on the link for the CYAA Notes for the 2020/2021 Summer Series and the Nov 1 & 2 Race training.

All quiet on Port Phillip as Boambillee trains her way up to keeping a loose cover on Mercedes III Nov 2

Click on the link to download the 2020/2021 Summer Series Notice of Race and Series entry form.

Sort out that entry form pronto. No fee no excuse. To celebrate the restart of our Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip, the series entry fee has been waived. That’s right. No entry fee means no excuse for not entering. Remember our shortened Summer Series is a now a warm up series for our two stage Cup Regatta next February and March.

To have our Classic’s back to top racing form is the word from the handicapper. Get those Summer Series entries in pronto.

First Summer Series race, 15th November at RMYS.

The new RMYS light based race starting system now operational at RMYS. Click on the link to download the operational details.

November 1 Melbourne’s Classic fleet Race Training Sail on Port Phillip

Here’s the latest news for training race 1 on Sunday Morning. Don’t forget all the Covid-19 compliance requirements for social distancing under non contact sport conditions. Social distancing for 90% of the time. Face masks for all if non family household members on board. Wipe downs for common used equipment.

We’ll operate under pursuit race start conditions using an olde world running start. To keep the fleet in sight of one another, we’ll sail along the beach to Mark G to give a decent length beat to Mark C then a shy run back to RMYS A then around once more using the same course. Given the forecast of 10 knot conditions, this course should have us at the RMYS Marina by approx 12 noon for our lunch break.

The start times for Training Race 1 and start time interval for Training Race 2 are based on the group start times used for our last pursuit race we had for the 2019/2020 Summer Series on March. For Mondays Training Race 3, use the same start times and Course as Training Race 1.

Here’s the link to download the Training Race 1 Nov 1 10:00am start times and course details.

For any boat that isn’t on the start list pick what you think is a reasonable start time. For all starters record your time of day finish time and pass them on to the handicapper. It’s all academic as most boats will be dirty. Still all this is an opportunity to sort your forgotten ways out. For boats that want to time trial themselves in all three races, note down your Mark Rounding times to evaluate your race by race performance.

2020/2021 Summer Series Races.

Under the current Covid-19 restrictions, we’re looking at getting 4 races in. First race November 15 at RMYS. Race 2 on November 29. Race documentation will be available soon. RMYS have implemented a light and digital display based race starting system. Here’s the explanatory PDF of the RMYS Start system you can download.

Oct 30 Sunset Port Melbourne Ferry Terminal towards Williamstown

Tuesday Oct 27 1:45 pm

Unless there’s a re-interpretation to the recent changes to the Melbourne Covid-19 regulations, the CYAA  Port Phillip classic fleet can resume on water race training activity. 
The plan is to emulate a sailing plan on dates that should have been our 2020 Cup Regatta.  We’ll skip Saturday.So Sunday,November 1 and Monday November 2 it is. Venue will be the waters off St. Kilda breakwater.  Sunday will see two pursuit style starts to commence your race training activity, followed by one pursuit style start on Monday.

First up CYAA members on board non Classic yachts are welcome to join in on both days.
The plan details for Sunday are:

1.  A pursuit style start at 10:30 or earlier if you wish. Use the RMYS A, F, C and D as rounding marks.
2. BYO Lunch on board while tied up to the RMYS marina public berth area from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.3. A post lunch pursuit style start at 2:00pm with Div 3, then Tums at 2:05pm and Div at 2:10pm. 4. Same course as the morning, then homeward bound.5. If you want to keep the handicapper happy, yes,yes,yes!! Record and submit your mark  rounding times.
Plan details for Monday. Same place, St. Kilda, one start at 10:30am around the same marks as Sunday. Twice around to be sure & then homeward bound.
Summer Series racing resumption Plans for a couple of races this year and dependent on the clubs resuming racing. We do have race dates booked with these clubs for Summer Series racing. 
2021 Cup Regatta Plans for 2021 Cup Regatta racing in Feb and with the Geelong Passage race in March are still active.

2020/2021 Membership application and renewal forms here

Remember to fill out a pdf form you have to down load the form first. Then fill it out and then save it before sending off by email to the CYAA Treasurer.

Monday Oct 26 9:30pm

Some hot off the press Covid-19 News for the Port Phillip classic fleet.

With today’s relaxation in the Covid-19 regulations , we’re looking at having a time trial based sail on either this coming Saturday or Sunday. Most likely venue will be in the RMYS area with a sail around some marks then a lunch on the RMYS Marina.

This Oct 26 notice will be updated on Oct 27. CYAA Vic skippers will be sent an email on what is being considered to restart our classic sailing and on water social distance training.

CYAA News for 5th October 2020 is now published.

Click here for a copy in book style presentation Click here for a copy in pdf style presentation. Both presentations support the links to download a photo or to download the book style presentation of the Centenary Yachting Regatta programme or the Sorrento Regatta/Cup story.

Don’t forget to send off a response to the handicapper regarding your intention to enter request. Remember, individual entries to all Cup Regatta races is supported. Saying yes to the intending to enter request doesn’t commit you to an actual entry

Click here or the latest CYAA (Vic) event schedule, subject to Covid-19 Restrictions

To CYAA (Vic) Member’s

It’s time.

Time to dust off those plans back to sailing plans.

Member’s plans to restart their Classic Yacht sailing will be announced here.

Classic Yacht Magazine Issue 43 Sept 2020

Yes, we have another CYAA magazine issue to talk about. Issue 43. It features the project known as Mark Chew’s Forty Two Australian Wooden Sailing Boat’s. About eight weeks ago, each day for six weeks (forty two days), Mark Chew listed an Australian wooden sailing boat on the CYAA Instagram site. The criteria for a boat to be listed is described by Mark in the magazine foreword. These forty two daily Instagram listings became a national then a global phenomena. The project finished up mid August, 2020.

The Forty Two Australians project is now a document of record in a coffee table quality magazine format produced by the CYAA. Use of ARHV records was willingly granted with the notable help of the Curator of the Australian Historic Vessels Register, David Payne. David’s support of this project is recognized by the CYAA. Many boats listed by Mark have New Zealand origin’s. CYAA Magazine Issue 43 was published with intent to sustain the strong relationship between the members of the Australian and New Zealand Classic Yacht Associations.

A mail out to CYAA members is all set to go. Make sure your membership is current to receive a collectible copy.

Click here for the pdf copy
Click here for the flipbook version

CYAA (Vic) 2020 Cup Regatta

Yes it will happen in 2021

Over two weekends and new format.

SSCBC Sorrento Cup Re-activation.

The Classic’s have taken up the SSCBC invite to be there.

CYAA (Vic) event activity for remaining of 2020 and into 2021.

August 15th 2020

What Classic Yacht Mark Chew has selected to lead his Instagram gallery of

42 notable Australian Classic Yachts.

Number One and here she is Kathleen Gillett HV000042

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Kathleen-Gillett.jpg
Kathleen Gillett (Courtsey ARHV)

Check out Marks Instagram site for the applause on his decision

Sayonara is number two. HV000367

Sayonara on Sydney Harbour probably 1920’s (Courtsey ARHV)

August 15th 2020

AWBF 2021 Cancellation Notice

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AWBF-logo.bmp

Click on logo for AWBF Twitter feed

August 13th 2020

CYAA Web site links to our members Instagram sites

Mark Chew’s classic.yacht.australia Instagram site 

Charlie Salter’s Instagram site

Fast links to popular CYAA web site pages

CYAA Boat Register June 2020   Blue Box Archives  CYAA Magazine Archives  Seacraft Magazines. Alan Villiers stories

Mobile Users: Scroll down the page for links to current Covid-19 notifications

CYAA News 24th July 2020

One way to pass some of your Covid-19 lock down time is to check out the two links In the paragraph below.

Thanks to Manfred Speicher we have a story from the Herreshoff museum that goes back to the same day one hundred years ago. From Cam Smith we have a short UK Guardian Newspaper article and with pics that provides details on how Brunels Great Britian was relocated from the Falkland Islands back to Bristol, UK and her Covid-19 based future. Take a look at both links.

CYAA News 19th July 2020

Check out the CYAA Boat Register page. Still in a build state but worth a look. Individual provenance pages waiting on owners/skippers and crews to fill with photo’s, info and stories on their classic. Yes, we know some classics, such as many Tumlarens, aren’t listed. Will fix asap. Here’s a link to look over. It’s the Mercedes III web site Link to the recently discovered 1967 Admirals Cup documentary. Mercedes III Balandra and Caprice of Huon won the 1967 challenge by a still standing record points margin.


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