CYAA News 30th November 2022

Click HERE to view a short video based image collation titled “AKALA and THE SEA” .
From 1962 onwards AKALA was a many times Sydney to Hobart competitor. The images are from her recent classic yacht racing experiences on Port Phillip.


CYAA Summer Series Race 4,
27th November 2022
Results HERE Series Score HERE
Congratulations to Pastime II for her first on corrected time win.
Race 4 Pre race notes
Race will start as scheduled. Warning signal 10:25am.
Click HERE to download the RMYS Course descriptions for CYAA races and QR codes for CYAA Boat racing sign on and Race 4 results.
Click HERE to view the RMYS Sailing Instructions 2022-2023, includes descriptions of all RMYS courses.
RMYS Squadron Sunday Pursuit start race starts at 11:00am.

QR Code for Race 4 Boat Racing with PoB Sign on
QR Code for Race 4 results





News Release 10th November

The 2022 Cup Regatta is over it’s back to our Summer Series racing

Race 3 will start as scheduled. 10:30am 13th Nov. off the RMYS race control tower.
Click HERE for Race three entries. New race three entry JEDDA

Some 2022 Cup Regatta photos
Click HERE to check out a 2022 Cup Regatta photo montage as seen from Tandanya.
Click HERE for the youtube version with slides and music.

2022 Cup Regatta 31st Oct. racing abandoned due to Gale warning

2022 Cup Regatta Tony Blake Trophy Points 31st Oct
Congratulations to Jim Hutchinson and his Tumlaren Dingo.
Click HERE to download the points allocations

2022 Cup Regatta Col Bandy Trophy Points 31st Oct
Congratulations to Pete Bannerman and his Tumlaren Zephyr
Click HERE to download the points allocations.
Click HERE to view a full size image of the Tony Blake and Col Bandy trophy presentation.

Steve and Ming Lafferty receive the Trans Tasman Trophy

Trophy Steve and Ming Lafferty of the CYANZ

The Ferdi Darley Handicapper Trophy. |
Awarded to Ross Clark and his Martini crew for their incident management procedures.

Click HERE to view the SWS photos by Mark Chew of the Cup Regatta Day one action. Races one and two

Click HERE to checkout the 2022 Cup Regatta story posted on Sail World

Click HERE to check out 2022 Cup Regatta notes 28th Oct

Cup Regatta Notice to competitors 28th OCT

Click HERE to view and download the Cup Regatta Notice to Competitors issued 28th Oct. Division three scheduled time amendment.
2022 Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions Click HERE to view and download the Amended Sailing Instructions, 28th Oct.



Cup Regatta Documents via Team App.

For the 2022 Cup Regatta, we will again be using the Team App product as our primary communication tool.

TeamApp is a phone based app used by sporting clubs to facilitate

TeamApp will allow you to quickly access sailing documents such as the
Sailing Instructions, courses and Racing Rules of Sailing at the touch
of a button. Receive CYAA news and updates, view results, view and post
photos, and generate banter. In addition you can access functionality
such as Bay Winds, and the BOM Forecast.

Click HERE for download & Team App installation instructions.

Summer Series Race two Results HERE Race 2 notes HERE. Notes include a link to a 4 minute video record of the race two start.

Click HERE for latest 2022/2023 Summer Series Race two post race story with photos . Updated 18/10/2022.
Click HERE for the latest 2022 Cup Regatta News and QR Codes 15/10/2022
Click HERE for latest Tumlaren Yvonne news 15/10/2022
Click HERE for Sydney Classic Yacht racing news
2022 Sydney to Hobart Classic Yacht Regatta 15/10/2022

Click on image to view the 2022 Cup Regatta Program of events

12th Oct 2022 Cup Regatta Mail out

Program of 2022 Cup Regatta events

Use this link to enter the 2022 Cup Regatta

Use this link to book 2022 Cup Regatta event tickets

Click on image to download the 2022 Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions

2022 Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions. Issued 12th October.
Now available for download

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