CYAA News 7th October 2022

Click on image to download the 2022 Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions

2022 Cup Regatta Instructions. Issued 7th October.
Now available for download

Summer Series Race one results. Race abandoned. no wind.
Checkout the Race one story that includes recent 2022 Cup Regatta news HERE

1924 at RStKYC R10 is Yeulba
Scan QR code or CLICK HERE for 2022/2023 Summer Series Boat racing sign on
Scan QR code or CLICK HERE for 2022/2023 Summer Series entries and results
Acrospire III 1924 at RStKYC
Avian 96

It’s all happening for the Classic’s 2022/2023 Summer Series.

2022/2023 Summer Series Sailing Instructions Here

Here’s the link to enter the CYAA (Vic) 2022/2023 Summer Series.

Here’s the link to check out the Summer Series Race One entries.
Race one scheduled for 2nd Oct, start time 1030 am

Still plenty of time, two days to be exact, to get that entry in.

Status at 15 Sept 6:30 pm
Top Yacht entry for 2022/2023 Summer Series and Cup Regatta.
Still waiting on RMYS to be notified by Top Yacht that entries can be submitted for these events.
An entries now open message will be sent out whenever Top Yacht complete the event preparation work

Click on Summer Series poster image for full size view

2022 Cup Regatta Notice of Race Here

2022/2023 Summer Series
Notice of Race HERE
Note: As at 12:30 16th Sept the Top Yacht entry links in these two NoR’s are yet to be activated.

Copy of 12th Sept mail out to CYAA (Vic) Members

2022 Cup Regatta 29th – 31st Oct
Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions Issued 7th Oct 2022 HERE

Click on 2022 Cup Regatta for full size image
Aunty Jack keeps her clear wind to stay with the S&S 42 Cyan

Aunty Jack and Race 9 news
Eventually some news about the last race of our 2022 Winter Series will be published.
One of the many Race 9 features was the first time for many years we had the JOG yacht, built to the Laurent Giles Sopranino design in the 1950’s, Aunty Jack with us. Today we received news from the Cowes (UK ) Classic Boat Museum, where the original Sopranino is displayed, asking us to contribute items of news about how Aunty Jack is going and her importance to our Classic fleet on Port Phillip. Click HERE for more of the Sopranino story.

Sopranino on display at the Cowes (UK) Classic Boat Museum

Other news received from the Cowes Classic Boat Museum was their celebration to commerate 50 years of Uffa Fox. Click HERE to take a look at these UF50 celebrations.

Click on image to access the Notice of Race

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia
Sydney to Hobart Classic Yacht Regatta
Sydney Harbour
Friday 9th – 11th December 2022

Notice of Race and entry now available




Pre race notes for CYAA (ViC) 2022 Winter Series race 9 on Port Phillip

Breaking News Aug 25 11:30am
Change to the Race 9 on water start line location. Now at RMYS tower.
No changes to allocated race 9 start times

The pursuit start Race 9 will be conducted by the RMYS using the RMYS tower. The start times will be displayed in minutes after the race start from the RMYS Tower using a high intensity LED display. A sound signal will be made at one minute intervals after the race ahs started at 10:00am.

Last race of the 2022 Winter Series.
Race 9 starters and allocated pursuit race start times now posted. First boat off at 10:00am. Race conducted by RYCV. Start line in waters between Kerferd Road Pier and St. Kilda Breakwater.
Post winter series knees up and other celebarations at RMYS Olympic Bar.

Click on the image to check out the race 8 story

The CYAA 2022 Winter Series Race eight story is now available. Click HERE to check it out . It’s a full on story full of brilliant classic yacht racing images on Port Phillip. Use the flipbook full page option.

Scenes from Race 8. More to come
Another day of brilliant classic yacht racing on Port Phillip in 20 – 25 knots with 30 knot gusts. Makes up for the two lost races.

Race 8 classic fleet revels in the 20 knot conditions on Port Phillip. Missing is the fleet leader Kingurra

The 1936 Tumlaren Avian fights to cover the 1962
Sydney Hobart veteran Akala
Kingurra‘s factotem plus Frank Capurso revels while on a tight beat to the RMYS G Mark at 6.5 knots with an apparent 30 knot wind. Overall about 25 knots north westerly wind on Port Phillip.
From the deck of Mercedes III. Sirocco, Wanita and Cyan are seen chasing Kingurra to the RMYS G Mark after start of race 8. Mercedes III sailed through the lee of these boats to close up on Kingurra.


Click HERE to check out the Race 8 results.
Click on images for full size view

New Race 8 entry. Tandanya. Race 8 will start as scheduled 10:30am Sunday 14th August. Posted 8:00pm 13th Aug.
Australian Sailing Racing Rules flag signals. HERE

Click HERE for the 2022 Winter Series Race 7 abandoned story and two stories that show what the Port Phillip weather is capable of.

Cover page of the Race 7 story

Click HERE to check out the latest Camper and Nicholsons News Letter No 10.

Virginie Heriot on board Ailèe
Marion Carstairs “first-class helmswoman”, winning almost every race in class in East Cowes in the 1920s.

Two Very Important Ladies



Race 7 Abandoned 30 knots at the RMYS Tower. 9:45am

Race is on news at 9:30pm 30 July

Your Race Officer will be starting 2022 Winter Series race 7 at 10:30am tomorrow (31st July). The intended course will be RMYS Course 63.

Entries and allocated handicaps HERE (Top Yacht Web site).
CYAA Web site HERE

2022 Winter Series Race 7 @ RMYS.
Check out the Top Yacht Race 7 abandonment and Series aggregate score HERE

2022 Winter Series Race 6 (Abandoned) Story HERE

Click HERE for the story on how the 500 ton Engage Marine Harbour Tug Diamantina saved the 60,000 ton disabled freighter Portland Bay from the cliffs of the NSW coast in hazardous sea conditions during a storm on 4th/5th July 2022.

CYAA News 17th July 2022

CYAA 2022 Winter Series Race 6 Abandoned.
Conditions forecast for Port Phillip Sunday by BoM deemed unsuitable for classic yacht racing
Next race Race 7 31st July 2022 @ RMYS.

Forecast for Sunday 17th July on Port Phillip bu BoM at 4:40pm Saturday
Northerly 20 to 30 knots turning westerly in the early afternoon. Squally gusts up to 45 knots possible in the afternoon.

CYAA 2022 Winter Series Race Five story with photos HERE

CYAA 2022 Winter Series on Port Phillip Race six
17th July 2022 10:30am.
Entries and allocated handicaps now available

CYAA News 6th July
CYAA 2022 Winter Series on Port Phillip Race 5
Race five results now available

Check out the Classic’s 2022 Winter Series Race 4 19th June story Lot’s of fleet photo.
RMYS have requested copies of one photo to include in their photo competition. It’s a winner for sure.

CYAA 2022 Winter Series on Port Phillip 19th June
Race 4 results and Series aggregate status

Ailee and Sonia II.
Both yachts were owned by famous yachtswomen 
Ailee by Virginie Heriot and Sonia II by Marion Carstairs

Camper and Nicholson Newsletter No 9






June 17 2022
CYAA 2022 Winter Series Race 4 19th June information.

Click on these links for the 2022 Winter Series Sailing instructions and the Race four entry list which provides the allocated start times for each entrant. This race will be conducted from the RYCV race committee boat in vicinity of Kerford Road Pier waters. Scheduled warning signal 0955hrs.

Click HERE Race 3 comments and photos published 6th June

Click HERE for the latest race results and Winter Series Aggregate score

Race Three abandoned at 11:45am. Click on link to check out Winter Series results and Winter Series score after race 3

No wind. It was close to a dead heat to be first across the start line between the Tum Sirocco and Acrospire III. Race adjucicator in the Race Control tower, Tone Hoppe, gave it to Acrospire III. Race abandoned just when Acrospire III had a glow up to lead the bunched up fleet to be first to the top mark with Fairwinds not far behind. In their own small breeze windows,Ettrick was the first boat to pop a kite. She was quickly follwed by Avian and Dingo. It looked like they had a chance to follow Fairwinds and be ahead of Kingurra around the to mark mark. Two Tum under kites approaching each other were a race feature at the time the Race Officer said enough. Thanks to all those 16 boats of the Classic fleet that competed in Race 3. Cyan was sadly missed the street talk was a problem after leaving her marina pen. A photo album of Jan
Williamson photos from Mercedes III will follow.

Race 4 19th June next Winter Series race.
This race will be a pursuit start conducted by the RYCV. The race start line will be in waters adjacent to the Kerford Road pier. More details including start times later.

CYAA 2022 Winter Series Race 3 notes available here
Entrants for Race 3
RMYS NTC for Classics (Race start time)

Click here for the Race 2 and Great Vet stories

Click here for the CYAA Winter Series Race 2 and Sydney CYCA Great Veterans race stories and photos posted 26th May

CYCA Great Veterans race on Sydney Harbour 14th May 2022

Fidelis racing to her
2022 Great Vets trophy win.
Photo Andrea Francolini
Click on image for full size view
Akala during her RMYS Mid Week Mariners racing. Making up for her dissapointment in missing the classic race last Sunday

Congratulations to Nigel Stoke and his Fidelis crew for their taking home the 2022 Great Vets trophy by 54 seconds over Love and War. Nicole Shrimpton with her crew on the Ernie Digby designed 8 metre Defiance took out the third podium placing.
Click on this link for a full report and ressults of the event.

.Click here to go the the CYAA Sydney news for more Great Vets news



The 30 Sq. Metre skerry cruiser Pastime II and her crew enjoying the Race 2 conditions
Zephyr on the way to her first time rounding of RMYS G Mark

2022 Winter Series Race 2 Results Congratulations to the Folkboat Seabird. Three corrected time seconds over Kingurra shows how well Seabird went.

Todays Classic’s winter series race two
will be conducted as scheduled.
10:30am start

All welcome to our post race two social on the RMYS Marina. Approx 12 noon.

Link to the 2022 Winter Series Race 2 entries. This link can be used for view Race 2 results.

Link to 2022 Winter Series SI’s applicable to race 2

Link to the 2022 Winter Series Race one post race notes

Casual Entries for all 2022 Winter Series races 2 – 9 accepted

2022 Winter Series Race 1 results


Check out the 2022 Winter Series Race one notes and pic page for real time race news and pics on Sunday 1st May.
RMYS Live Cam site. (watch the start of classic race one live. 10:30am)

Camper and Nicholsons April 20 22 News letter No 8
Charles Nicholson after the First World War

CYAA 2022 Winter Series Race one. Pre race notes

CYAA 2022 Winter Series on Port Phillip waters
First Race Sunday 1st May 10:30am.
Time to sort out your entry
2022 Winter Series entries and results on this link
CYAA 2022 Winter Series Sailing Instructions now available
The Classic’s post RMYS race tradition continues.
After race BYO get togethers on the RMYS Marina.

2022 Winter Series Notice of Race is now available
Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron is the organiser of our 2022 Winter Series.
Series entry using the RMYS Top Yacht Entry system is now open.

Click here for more information

Sydney Great Veterans Race on Sydney Harbour 14th May 2022 Click here for more news.

Check out the nine digitised Yachting Monthly magazines from the 1930’s.

Akala with David McNeice on the helm.
13th April 2022 RMYS Mid-Week Mariner series










Two Classics on our for boats for sale list. Marie Louise III and a new listing for Ventura owned by our member Jonathon Crockett. Check out the links.

Sydney Amateurs Gaffers day 16th October 2022 news

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