CYAA News 21st October 2021

Tumlaren’s YVONNE & AVIAN use their RMYS championship pennants and trophies from 1974 and 1978 to say Happy 25th CYAA. Photo Roger Dundas
Mercedes III looking forward to CYAA’s next 25 years Photo Jane Williamson
Mercedes III celebrating the CYAA 25th anniversary on the CYAA home waters of Port Phillip. 20th Oct 2021. Photo Jane Williamson










10/11/12 December 2021

1st in Division One 2020 S2H Classic Yacht Regatta

Use this link to check out the latest (20th OCT) Sydney to Hobart Classic Yacht Regatta News 10/11/12 December 2021. Dinner places available to CYAA visitors are limited for Covid-19 reasons. A not to be missed classic yachting event.

Note: Our 15th Cup Regatta on Port Phillip is scheduled for 19th/20th & 21st of Feburary.

19th October 2021



Get those entries in.

Use this link to sort out your Summer Series on Port Phillip series entry fee.
Use this link to sort out the listing of your boat into the Top Yacht Event Register for the Summer Series Results management. Eventually the clubs conducting Classic Yacht racing will require a race by race sign on compliance. Take a look at this link from HBYC or use your own home club directions on how to use the Top Yacht crew declaration process.

9th October
Camper and Nicholsons October 2021 Newsletter

8th October 2021

For those CYAA Members intending to use go sailing on Port Phillip on October 10th and 24th please be aware of the Special Covid-19 restrictions announcement for Classic Sailing on Port Phillip

Relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions by Vic Gov Dept of Health will allow recreational sailing for fully vacinated peopel to resume. Sailing is permitted under certain conditions. We draw your attention to the current requirements which are spelt out on Australian Sailing Vic website.

Please note the special RYCV Notice Issued 8th October 2021
A confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) attended RYCV on Tuesday
5th October 2021 and 3rd October. Click HERE to see the full notice from RYCV.

6th October 2021
Akala’s Cockpit restoration by Richard Blake has been completed. A picture of perfection

Dual manual bilge pump with antisyphon locks

2nd October 2021
Latest CYAA news 4th Oct 2021 PDF version Flipbook version

Almost done Brilliant rebuild by shipwright Richard Blake



2nd October news on the Akala cockpit rebuild



.Sept 27 2021

Here’s the link to the Top Yacht 2021/2022 Summer Series entry. This is Top Yacht entry listing a no fee payment process. click on the following link to 2021/2022 Summer Series Entry form for CYAA entry fee payment details. We have stayed with a direct EFT based payment to CYAA. The Top Yacht process is a credit card only system.

22nd Sept 2021 Note Hot news: Our 2021 Cup Regatta scheduled for Oct/Nov has been rescheduled to 20th Feb 2022.

Sydney Hobart Classic Yacht Regatta December 2021

Notice of Race released

The participation invite to CYAA members by our Sydney CYAA Members.

Our Sydney CYAA members are the organisers of this event. It will be conducted by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. An invite by our Sydney CYAA members has been put out to our interstate CYAA members from Victoria and Queensland to organise themselves into finding ways to join up and celebrate this classic yacht regatta with them. It’s opportunity plus time to get yourself on board one of these great Classic Yacht veterans of Sydney to Hobart racing.

Check in with our CYAA President, Martin Ryan to have yourself a reserved seat in a brilliant Classic Yachting event on Sydney Harbour .

For more event information start out by checking over the recently published Notice of Race from the CYCA

AKALA the Arthur Robb Princess Class from Royal Melbourne.
Cockpit and deck beam rebuild project

Shipwright Richard Blake and his work so far to rebuild Akala’s cockpit
Preparing for calking Sept 23 2021


2nd Sept 2021

2021/2022 Summer Series and 2021 Winter Series wrap up Notes

2021/2022 Summer Series and 2021 Cup Regatta entrants.
Please take note of the following comments below.

The CYAA requires each boat entered in each of these events to be listed on the Top Yacht entry system. There are seperate Top Yacht (TES) links for the 2021/2022 Summer Series and the 2021 Cup Regatta. Both events are no fee event entry.

These Top Yacht (TES) listing each CYAA events are required for to allow skippers to comply to conducting yacht club’s requirement for a Racing PoB sign on and crew declaration requirements and for crew personal contact details for each CYAA race they conduct.

2021/2022 Summer Series Entry form for CYAA entry fee payment details.
No entry fee for the Cup Regatta.The no fee listing on the Top Yacht TES is all that’s required to enter the 2021 Cup Regatta.

27th August 2021

Some sailing product recycling news

Richard Downey’s Sail Bags
Sail bag for Avian

Don’t forget the project by Richard Downey of Port Melbourne Paint and Wall Paper to repurpose those worn out sails into excellent sail bags for Christmas presents. To grag a bag or four from Richard call him at 03 9645 4081 or email him at

Here’s a Chris Havre promotion (Acrospire III crew) to repurpose those out of survey PFD 1’s into personal carry bags. contact Chris at for further details.

Akala in RMYS Yard for cockpit rebuild Sept 2



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