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2016 Winter Series and Maritime Festival action

This note was intended to be a reminder about the 2016 Winter Series entry and some comments about members attending recent Maritime festivals.

What was intended to be a small note grew into the attached pdf.

Festivals covered are the:-

CYANZ Trillian Trust Regatta

2016 Geelong Wooden Boat Festival

Paynesville Classic Boat Rally

Queenscliff Maritime Museum Festival

The 2016 Winter Series entry and the Sandringham YC Centenary Trophy race eventually receive a mention.

So have a look, Lot’s of pic’s. Thanks to Ross Clark of Martini for supplying many of them.

Members who have pic’s, send them in. They can be installed on the CYAA Instagram page.

As a gentle reminder new member and membership renewal forms are also attached.

One other small note. The handicapper has been on the receiving end of about 60 issues of the Seacraft Magazine from the late 40’s and 50’s era. Lot’s of old time racing stories about the Classic’s we are racing today. Things like George Low’s Tumlaren Snow Goose being completely flattened and recovering from a big sideways knock while racing under full spinnaker during an around the bay race. More stories like this have been found. Frances features big time. There’s a great story about Sayonara running over a Sydney Harbour swing mooring used by shipping. Collating these stories will be a saga in itself.


Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

March 31 2016 CYAA News

Membership Page

Winter Series Entry


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CYAA action in March 2016

2016 Geelong Wooden Boat Festival
To assist any CYAA people intending to travel to the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival this weekend, attached is the 2016 GWBF Vessel Entry list with the all CYAA Entries highlighted. A 2016 GWBF Passage Race Course LRmap of the RGYC Marina showing the intended vessel tie up locations is also included.

A special book will run on the Portarlington to Geelong passage race. It’s not often a Classic fleet with members from Port Phillip and Corio Bay yacht clubs  race with each other. CYAA assigned handicaps will be used to calculate results. FYI the passage race course has been attached

Anyone intending to visit RGYC should check out the 2016 GWBF web site for the program of events.program.

2016 Queenscliff Maritime Museum Festival

Attached is information received last week from the Queenscliff Maritime Museum people.about the March 18 Queenscliff festival. What a poster. Full of action and breeches bouy drama.

Looking over the QMM Friday Fishy Tales program you’ll see Jim Woods of Windward II is organised to present the story of his plans to recommission the ex cray boat MV Margaret Pearl. The voyage to bring the Margaret Pearl to Queenscliff for her restoration was a well prepared saga by Jim Woods and Tim Phillips. Roger Dundas was also in the mix of people that assisted with her voyage to Queenscliff. No doubt Margaret Pearl will be pushing Windward II aside with her CYAA Magazine story.

Marten Syme of Port Fairy will be presenting his Port Fairy Lifeboat restoration story. Marten has also completed an archival work on how the early settler immigration opened up Victoria .

Both Jim and Martens presentations will be worth the effort to get down to Queenscliff for this event.

As a plug Marten Syme is the dad of Gordon Syme who runs the highly regarded RYA accreditation operation in Melbourne.

2016 CYANZ Classic Yacht Regatta Auckland

Reports from our members who attended this Regatta indicate those who couldn’t make the event should organise themselves for next year. A top Classic Yacht racing event was the word. The CYAA Trans Tasman Trophy was bought home by Jenny Mackenzie.
2016 Paynesville Wooden Boat Festival

Rod Fuller reports the H28 Shamrock voyage from Williamstown to Lakes Entrance and over to Paynesville to take part in the Wooden Boat Festival was another great Shamrock voyage. Rod will be providing more details of his to the Paynesville festival.

Next festival on the Gippsland Lakes is at Metung. Our ex CYAA member Terry Grundy reports he has a fleet of some 10 Dragons in a ready to race condition. Thoughts on how bring a Dragon to Melbourne to race with the Classic Winter Series have been floated around.

So all the best for Saturday’s passage race and the after race CYAA knee’s up on Windward II. Looks like Sunday will be afloat around.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA Handicapper (Vic)

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Classic 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 8

Attached are the Race 8 results plus the Series aggregate and the Tumlaren aggregate along with the Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy status. The minor placing show some difference between the RYCV results and the CYAA results. This is due to CYAA results being calculated to two decimal points due to tight corrected times. RYCV and the CYAA are working together to resolve these differences.

Congratulations to Mercedes III for taking out the series. Only one point was the difference between Mercedes III and Frances. The stronger than forecast wind made the task of Frances to catch the fleet that much harder. The start times were based on an average on course time of 95 minutes. We have an 85 minute average for Race 8.


The post race comments are in the pdf. It’s full of pics supplied to the Classics by the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. Tim Boucaut of Warringa and Sam of RMYS  did all the on water running around on the RMYS Rescue boat.

RMYS have mounted the Race 8 post race story on their Web site news page.

Thanks to the four yacht clubs that conducted the races for us. Each Club made a special effort to keep our Classic Yacht Association racing.a major yachting event on Port Phillip. This series saw the return of Classic Yacht racing to the Sandringham Yacht Club thanks to the efforts of Phil Atkins.

Thanks to all our members who entered the series and keep their Classic yacht in full racing trim. Thanks to all the skippers and crews who make Classic yacht racing a major event on Port Phillip.

Now we have an 8 week break before the 2016 Winter Series Race 1 on May 1. In between  there’s the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival, the Queenscliff Maritime Weekend and the CYANZ Regatta in Auckland New Zealand. I left the Pre race Race 8 comments about these events in the post race notes as a reminder.

Regarding the photos. 630+ photos were supplied. They are now grouped in order of the competing boats in race 8. The file size of each image is 3.5 meg, suitable for printing. Some are fuzzy due to movement. So if members want them I can send them by “we transfer” Still working on ways to have them all mounted somewhere. The Dropbox upload/download process took over 24 hours.

One pic I couldn’t squeeze into the pdf was the photo of CYAA Member Rob Kalkman’s netboat Enterprize This was the boat with the tan sails that was seen checking the Race 8 fleet out on Sunday .


Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Race 8 Post race notes

Results Page

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CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 8 (Pursuit)

Attached are the Race 8 Group Start Times and associated Sailing Instructions.

The scheduled race start time for group 1 is 10:30am at the RMYS Race Control Tower with a finish at the RYCV Marina Finish Line.

The aggregate points score for the Summer Series is tight. Lot’s of analysis of past performances was done to figure out the start times for the final race. Let’s see if the handicapper can predict what all the great minds this side of creation cannot.

The group start times are based on an average fleet on course time of 95 minutes.

One feature of the Race 8 will be a combined Tumlaren group of 7 vessels off at 10:44.  Corrected time results for this group will be part of the race 8 results. Yes, there are Race 8 handicaps. These handicaps are used to develop Race 8 group start times and scoring for the Marie Louise III consistency trophy aggregate. The ML III Trophy covers both 2016 Summer and Winter Series.

Joining the Classic Summer Series fleet for our last race of the 2015/2016 Summer Series will be the winner of the 2015 Winter Series Kingurra.

Current forecast for Sunday indicate light conditions. Sea and wind conditions at the time will determine if the shorten course signal will be used.

Post Series BBQ at RYCV

Our Tumlaren people, headed up by Roger Dundas of Avian, will be putting in their after race leisure time behind the BBQ. Sausages from Rogers best butcher, plus onions, sauces and rolls will be available for a small $5.00 fee.

Big Bay Swim

Note the 2016 Big Bay Swim from Port Melbourne to Williamstown is being conducted on Sunday Feb 28 starting at 10:00am . The course will take the same route as in previous years, starting at the Sandridge Lifesaving Club in Port Melbourne and following a line across the bay to Nelson Place in Williamstown.

Swimmers may be in the vicinity of the RYCV Marina Finish line when the Race 8 fleet approaching the finish. Although there is no Notice to Mariners declared exclusion zone and most swimmers will be gone by 11:00am keep a tight lookout when approaching the finish line. You never know.

2016 Big Bay Swim Route Start time 10:00am Feb 28

2016 Big Bay Swim Route
Start time 10:00am Feb 28

Converging fleets at RYCV Marina

What’s also important to note is that the Bay Bay Swim event has required RYCV to delay the start time of the RYCV Tripe and Onions pursuit race.

This race is now scheduled to start from the RYCV Marina at 12:30pm. There’s a possibility of an approaching vessel issue in the vicinity between Channel mark 20 to the RYCV Marina finish line. Remember Port to Port passing is the go.

Bluebird State title racing will be conducted by RYCV at 11:00am on Feb 28 as well. The course for this series may use the RYCV Marina O Mark. RYCV Race Committee vessel will be on station for this event.

Life goes on the way it does

The 2016 Winter Series Notice of Race and Series entry form are now available for download from the Classic’s Web site.

Race dates have been allocated to fit between the important days of our lives such as Mother Day, Queens Birthday, Term 2 School Holidays, ORCV Winter Series and club racing events.


2016 Geelong Wooden Boat Festival

To date we have 19 CYAA Classic’s attending with members from all the Port Phillip Yacht Clubs and Corio Yacht Clubs. We’ll have Ron Caddy bringing Athena down from Mornington YC. Athena, with the unforgettable Marty and Anne Bryan, was always raced hard in previous CYAA Cup Regattas. From the Royal Geelong Yacht Club we’ll have Bill Chittenden and Cardinal Puff plus Michael Shanahan and Lucienne with usThe Lucienne story featured in a recent CYAA Magazine. Our Melbourne fleet are looking forward to racing in company with Athena, Cardinal Puff and Lucienne.

The 2016 GWBF passage race will see the Tumlarens racing once again as a division in Corio Bay waters as they did in  the 1930’s to the 1960’s.

An  after race get together on Jim Woods Windward II is planned for. Jim’s bringing  guitars for our CYAA Musicians and singers who were kicked out of choirs. Your handicapper will set up shop on Windward II to calculate how the Classic fleet as a group performed in the passage race.  Jim passes on the news he’s off to Port Davey today with Tim Phillips and Storm Bay to give his crayfish based cholesterol a severe bashing.

Panerai British Classic Week 16th-23rd July 2016 at Cowes

It’s all go.

The take up by CYAA and CYANZ Members to be part of this Regatta has overwhelmed Martin Ryan. Urgent enquires to obtain a fourth Classic Yacht are happening.

CYANZ Classic Yacht Regatta March 4-6

Again CYAA members are set to go and take part in Regatta racing on Auckland’s  Waitemata Harbour.

Still room for one more. Martin Ryan is the CYAA organiser.

No more from the handicapper.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA Handicapper (Vic)

Race 8 February 28 (Pursuit) Sailing Instructions (RMYS_RYCV) V1

Race 8 Pursuit Feb 28 Group Start Times

2016 Winter Series NOTICE OF RACE

2016 Winter Series Entry form 25_2

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CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 7 Results

Attached is a pdf with the Classic’s Summer Series race 7 comments and pics.

Next race Feb 28 Pursuit from RMYS at 10:30.

Final for the 2015/2016 Summer Series then it’s off to the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival.  First event the Passage Race March 12 from Geelong.

Race 7 Post race notes

Results Page

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CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 7 Entries, Handicaps and Sailing Instructions

CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 7 February 14

Port Phillip

Attached are the entries and allocated handicaps for the CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series. The race will be conducted for the CYAA by the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club. The HBYC Race committee vessel will be Privateer.

Most handicaps have been fine tuned to reflect their average performance based on 5 items after the last 5 races. Let’s see what corrected time results and stories Race 7 brings us. Your handicapper will also be on board the Privateer to give advice on the HBYC Race committee’s course selection.

We’ll have our regular visitor from the British Classic Yacht Club, Tim Blackman, with us on Sunday. Tim has organised himself to race on Mercedes III. Tim will be full of news on the 2016 Cowes Regatta where our CYAA and CYANZ members have formed a 3 boat team. The organiser, BCYC, is already cranking up their PR machine to let the world know about this Regatta challenge. Still time for one more team member to Cowes 2016. Martin Ryan’s the go to person. Martin’s also the man for late minute deciders wishing to take part in the CYANZ Trillian Trust Classic Yacht Regatta in Auckland March 4-6

Regards to all. Sunday Feb 14 10:30 am is waiting. Race hard, race safe.
Peter Costolloe CYAA Handicapper (Vic)

A note was received from Rod Fuller this week requesting that news of his intentions to soon place his H28 Shamrock on the market. The attached pdf has full details of Shamrock and Rod’s Mobile contact number.

Shamrock HBYC 2012

​We all know Shamrock. She’s a poster quality representative for the H28 class and would have to be the best prepared H28 for both Port Phillip sailing/racing and ocean voyaging. Her next ocean voyage will be to the Gippsland Lakes to take part in the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally on March 5. One of her previous voyages was to Hobart for an Australian Wooden Boat Festival. Shamrock is powered by a Volvo MD 20 that will push her through an adverse Queenscliff Cut current with no problems. Structurally she’s in great shape. The handicapper can vouch for her maintenance over many years by Ian Currie, Shipwright at the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club.

Provenance, forget it, no boat can beat the provenance of a Jock Sturrock boat. Jock put a pile of go fast subtleties into Shamrock during the years when H28 fleet racing on Port Phillip was serious business. Throughout her sailing life Shamrock has never been wanting for care by all her previous owners.

A web site promotion of Shamrock will go up on our Web site.

This is a chance for our members to play a role in keeping one of our stalwart Classic Yachts racing on Port Phillip.

Entries and Handicaps (HBYC)

Sailing Instructions (HBYC) V1 Feb 10


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2015/2016 CYAA Summer Series Race 6 Results and comments

Attached is a pdf that has the Race 6 comments. Too many pics for inclusion of pics in the mail out text body. A pdf had to be used.

Sorry for the publication of results and story delay. Next race I’ll work on having the preliminary and basic results promptly installed on the Classic Web Page to allow interested parties better access.

The post race 6 notes will be published in the RMYS E News newsletter as well. Maybe tonight.

All up race 6 was a good race. Everyone keeps learning more about their beloved Classic’s capabilities.

Our latest issue of the magazine has been posted. Issue 37 Anyone who feels they are missing out contact our secretary Ian Rose via the email address.

Next issue is being prepared for a July publication date. Stories and information about Classic Yachting world wide are welcome. Roger Dundas is the go to person with your story.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Race 6 Post race notes


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2015/2016 Summer Series Race 6

Preliminary results listed on Results page. Full results plus series status for fleet and Tumlarens plus the Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy to follow soon.

Story and lots of pics to follow. The start, mess at Mark D and individual finishes will feature.

Big day for Akuna. Congratulations to Chris Havre and his crew for bringing Akuna home to her first corrected time Classic win. Frances came home in front of a fast catching Mercedes III to take out line honours. Sayonara put on another show of Classic Yachting for her 3rd placing. Bungoona revelled in the 15-20 knot northerlies. Cyan put on a reaching leg show to come steaming home.

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CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 6 and other events

CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 6 January 31

The 6 week break from Classic Yacht racing has finished. Jan 31 will see the Classic Fleet race at RMYS.

Race 6 Documentation

Attached are the Race 6 Sailing Instructions and allocated handicaps.

Race 6 will be conducted for the Association by the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. Start time is 1030 hours.

Some small handicap changes made to reflect only the corrected times of Race 5. Hard luck stories, overheard during the excellent end of year BBQ put on by the Tumlaren people were severely discounted during the Race 6 handicap calculations.

The Classic Yacht Association of New Zealand classic Yacht Regatta March 4 – 6

Martin Ryan is co-ordinating with the CYANZ.

CYAA Members intending to visit Auckland for this Regatta contact Martin Ryan at  Racing will be conducted by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

Classic Yacht Racing activity on Port Phillip Jan 2016

RGYC Festival of Sails Classic Division

Jim Woods with Windward II who took out line honours in each race

Ron Caddy had Athena from Mornington YC racing and Bill Chittenden’s  Cardinal Puff sailed well in the slog of a passage race.

SYC Australia Day Round the Stix Trophy Jan 23

Four Classic’s raced in the Classic Division Phil Atkins with Trim took out 1st on corrected time.  Greg Clark came in second with Christela. Ex Brisbane member John Devers. A  South West front told Chris Havre with Akuna and J P Marquet  with Faylene no more racing today.

CYAA Membership Status

A review of the current membership financial status was conducted during the mail out of the latest CYAA Magazine. 50 out of 150 members are financial. How about that? It’s all about the boats, so sort this detail out pronto.

Regards to all. Peter Costolloe CYAA Handicapper (Vic)

CYAA 2016 Racing Calendar

The next 3 Summer Series races. Jan 31, Feb 14 and Feb 28. 2016

The 2016 Winter Series begins May 1

In between we have the following events to keep our Classic Yachts busy

March 4-6 CYANZ Regatta in Auckland.

Martin Ryan is co-ordinating. CYAA members with intentions to participate contact Martin at  Racing will be conducted by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

March 6 Sandringham Yacht Club Tumble Home Series

A 2 race series. Race 1 was incorporated into the Classic’s  Summer Series. March 6 is race 2 at 10:00am

March 12-14 Geelong Wooden Boat Festival

Use the GWBS Web Site to access the Top Yacht web site event entry submission. There’s a substantial number of Classic already entered. The Notice of race for the Portarlington to Geelong passage has been attached.

March 18-20 Queenscliff Maritime Weekend.

Entry details soon. Classic yachts and Couta boats racing against one another are a feature of this Regatta

April 16 Sandringham Yacht Club Centenary Regatta.

CYAA Members are encouraged to enter this annual event. Ideal race pre- Winter Series race for a skipper/crew tune up session.

2015_2016 Summer Series Race 6 Jan 31 Entries and Handicaps (RMYS) 2

2015_2016 Summer Series Race 6 Jan 31 Sailing Instructions (RMYS) V1 25_01

2016 GWBF NoR Amd 1

2016 GWBF NoR

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