CYAA News 17th Jan to 5th April 2021

For news and information about the 2021 Tumlaren sate Championship event scheduled for 10th 7 11th April at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron visit the 2021 Tumlaren Cahmpionship page.
Latest 2021 Championship news 5th April

Click here to view and download the CYAA 2021 and 2022 event schedule for Classic Yacht racing in Vic and NSW.

CYAA Cup Regatta passage race wrap up news 22nd March.

It’s all done. All starters reported a brilliant classic yacht sail after a very slow start. 80% of the fleet had to motor to reach the wind to make the brilliant and well attended 6:00pm Topsy D Passage race dinner.

Congratulations to Boambillee, Akala, Martini and Seabird for their patience to sail the Topsy D passage race course.

Close to 50 Classic Yacht people at the RGYC Topsy D Passage Race Dinner.
RGYC Vice Commodore presenting the Boambillee team with the RGYC Best Overall Topsy D Passage Race trophy. RGYC Commodore Stuart Dickson (Right.) joins the Boambillee crew for this presentation.

It was Trophy clean up time for George Fisscher and Michael Rhodes and their Boambille crew.

Boambillee took out the Topsy D trophies for division one line & corrected time honours and overall best on corrected time for the Topsy D Passage race .

In addition the performance of Boambillee throughout the 2020 rescheduled Cup Regatta earned her the Col Bandy trophy for the best performing boat of the 2020 Cup Regatta. To add some icing to the Boambillee trophy cake. RGYC Commodore Stuart Dickson awarded the Concours dËlegance trophy for best looking classic yacht with the best dressed crew to Boambillee.

The Division 3 Line honours and best on corrected time went to David McNeice and Akala. Her shadowing of Boambillee through the passage race was notable.

The Tony Blake trophy for the best performing classic yacht over prior twelve months to Martini by one point over Boambillee.

The handicapper’s trophy for the most notable classic yacht performance of the passage race went to Evan Bieske and his Folkboat Seabird.

The return sail to Melbourne with 20 know on the nose through the Hopetoun Channel and betong was not without drama. We should have some news on this event later this week.

All up the 2020 Cup Regatta passage race was a brilliant way to finish up our Covid-19 delayed 2020 Cup Regatta. The Royal Geelong Yacht club are all set to host future CYAA passage races. Being the first Cup Regatta race has been an event the CYAA will use this occasion to sustain their presence on the Port Phillip yacht racing scene.

Finally a serious big thanks must go to Bill Chittenden of Vic Sail for his support of the Classic’s at Geelong and the Vic Sail full sponsorship of the Classic’s Topsy D passage race dinner at RGYC. Let’s not forget the support the classic received form the RGYC Commodore and Vice Commodore, Stuart Dickson and Roger Bennett. Their support was critical to make the passage race event happen and finally thanks to the Digby family for their support by providing the four magnificent trophies for RGYC to use as perpetual trophies for Classic Yachting at RGYC. From the classic’s its “We’re in for Geelongs 2022 Wooden Boat Festival.

To give an idea of wind strength throughout the race here’s some tracking images of Boambillee and Akala.

These four tracker images of Boambillee and Akala show how long they had to wait for the forecast wind to arrive

CYAA Cup Regatta passage race news 18th March

Cup Regatta Race 5 March 20 Topsy D Passage Race Sailing Instructions Amendment 1

The passage race start has been changed to an all division start at 9:00am. Here’s the Cup Regatta passage race entries and their allocated handicaps.

Some sad late news. Our Tums and Couta Boats cannot compete in this passage race. Under Australian Sailing Racing Rules, Cat 7 boats cannot compete in events conducted on the open waters of Port Phillip, irrespective of effective rescue boat. All’s not lost, the Tumlaren fleet have their State Title event in two weeks time.

For Classic Yacht supporters here’s the Tack Tracker links to follow the 20th March Race 5 fleet as they race down to Geelong and the classic’s return 21st March sail back to their home clubs. an alternative option to access these tracker maps is to go the the tack tracker web site home page and click on the CYAA Cup Regatta image. Access to both race tracker maps will be displayed

Race 5 pre race notes 5th March

2020 Cup Regatta Race 5, 20th March 2021
Topsy D Passage Race Sailing Instructions specific for Race 5 now published in short form, 8 pages. Only Race 5 course maps with description and division start times included.
QR codes for skipper boat racing +PoB sign on/off and personal sign on/off on front page of Race 5 SI’s.
All participating skippers are reminded to sort out their Race 5 Tacktracker Smartphone App tracker registration assignment to the CYAA.
Sunday return sail 21st March, will be set up as a tacktracker event.

The RGYC post race presentation dinner has been put aside. No time for post race on boat social catchup’s. RGYC restaurant people will put on a CYAA special. It’s a come as you are Fishermans Basket at $30.00 per person.

Feb 26 Notes

Check out this link to a 2020 Cup Regatta story that features in the Thursday 23rd Feb issue on the Sailing Wooden Ships web site . Embedded in the story is a link to a must watch video of some Cup Regatta Division One classics that competed in the first race of the 2020 Cup Regatta. This story was produced by Mark Chew for the Sailing Wooden ship Web Site. The Video is Courtesy of Archie Chew.

Feb 23 Notes

Results of this weekend Cup Regatta racing can be seen HERE. Cup Regatta notes for HBYC News

Flipbook link to 2020 Cup Regatta Day one photos from the race committee boat and Mark Chew.

Feb 20 Sailworld promotes the 2020 Cup Regatta

Link to the Pre 2020 Cup Regatta notes of Feb 17. Latest (17th Feb) Vic Govt. Covid -19 restrictions for outdoor sport can be seen here.

2020 Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions and Race One entry list with allocated divisions and Handicaps now posted. Flip book version of 2020 Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions now online. QR codes for personal and boat racing sign on and sign off embedded in these Sailing instructions.

13th Feb 2020

The five day Covid-19 pandemic lock down for Victoria as announced on Feb 12 by Vic. Dep.t of Health requires the Summer Series Race 3 scheduled for 14th Feb be postponed to on another day.

12th Feb 2020

CYAA 2020/2021 Summer Series Race 3 Pursuit Start Click on the link to see the Race 3 Pre-Race notes and latest 2020 Cup Regatta news All the images in the notes have links to a separate and sometimes larger image.

11th Feb 2020

CYAA 2020/2021 Summer Series Race 3 Pursuit Start scheduled for 14th Feb 2021. Start and finish line is at the RYCV marina. Race 3 Sailing Instructions and the Entry list with allocated group start times are now available. Click on the licks to view and download each document.

QR codes for Race 3 sign on and off

Mandatory sign on and off’s are required for all crews and skippers competing in Race 3. The QR codes for all personal on each competing boat to sign on and off and the individual skipper sign on to inform the RYCV Race committee the boat is racing and the number of PoB and to sign off after your boat ties up at her home club is on each document. Remember these sign on/off’s are mandatory and will be monitored by the RYCV Race committee. Our last race, race 2, we had 52 personal crew and skipper sign on’s. It’s good to see these contact trace sign on requests are treated seriously.

2nd Feb 2021

Latest 2020 Cup Regatta News.
Updated 2020 Cup Regatta entry form to include booking details for the 2020 Cup Regatta Presentation Dinner at RGYC on Sat 20th March at 7:00pm
● Commemorative flags for all entries, every race division line honours & best corrected time including overall winner of each race on corrected time.
●Points from the overall corrected time results count for the Tony Blake Trophy.

Results of CYAA 2020/2021 Summer Series Race 2 on Port Phillip conducted by RMYS.

Congratulations to Ettrick for taking out first on corrected times over Pastime IIwith only moments to spare. line honours congratulations go to Boambillee. Congratulations to the Port Phillip Classic flet Another fine day of racing.

In our fleet of 14 plus two intending to start Marie Louise III and Zephyr) we had 52 people on the water. Special thanks goes to Marie Louise III for rendering assistance to Zephyr in her moment of difficulty. An excellent example of showing how classic boats can provide effective on water rescue assistance.

Check out those corrected times. It’s down to 3 decimal points to decide placings.

Special mention goes to Dave Wiltons Tumlaren Zest and our newest member Lester wise with his Couta boat Christine for their fleet checkout sail.

Nest race Feb 14. a pursuit start.More of that soon. Cup Regatta fEb 20/21. More info on how to set up your Tack Tracker account to purchase a tracker right and then sign over to the CYAA.

Jan 29

CYAA 2020/2021 Summer Series Race 2 at RMYS

Here’s a link to the Race 2 Pre race notes that include some 2020 Cup Regatta notes

Jan 26

CYAA 2020/2021 Summer Series Race 2 at RMYS Jan 31st

Race 2 Jan 31 Sailing Instructions along with Race 2 entry list and allocated handicaps now posted. Late entries can be accepted. Remember as part of our Covid-19 recovery, the series has been declared a no entry fee. Both race documents carry QR codes for the mandatory skipper and crew sign on and sign off and for each boat skipper to notify, by SMS, the RMYS Race Officer their boat is racing with a persons on board (PoB) count.

Take a look at the Renene boat register page. Kent Bacon recently sent over a file from Sandringham Yacht club archives. It’s a story on Renene’s Sydney to Hobart adventures .

Jan 24

Click on link for the latest 2020 Cup Regatta news Social function news and gallery of Intents to enter posted 17th Jan 10:00am. Tumlaren Ettrick intends to enter. Photos added to Tony Blake Perpetual Trophy status page.

Take a look at this short video from the Dec 13 CYAA Pursuit race on Port Phillip. It shows the 8 metre Cruiser/Racer Marie Louise III passing the Arthur Robb designed Akala shortly after the start

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