Kingurra’s voyage to Sydney.


Kingurra all tied up in Sydney Monday Nov 28 7:00pm


Dan at the helm on a 15 to 20kn NE breeze. Kingurra doing 6.5 kn and now <100nm to go to Sydney heads on our course, but still on the nose, so we will sail a lot more than that. Hoping for a late Monday arrival.

Kevin, on the off watch catching up on some reading.

Tony reading the Kingurra chapter of the Fatal Storm.

Motor sailing into a gentle N breeze of around 8kn. On the upside, batteries are getting a long charge. We are now 20nm north of Montague Island. Motor sailed pretty much all night. Fantastic phosphorescence last night with a propeller trail, wash glow and playing with pouring sea water from bucket to bucket and watching the glowing little critters.

We are heading in to Eden in about 3 hours time to drop one crew member, shower and continue on into thw NE breeze. It is a headwind, but at 15kn and relatively flat sea it is quite manageable. More soon,


Motor sailing in blue sky and calm conditions. We were following the Far Supplier during the night and found them in the morning at the Marlin rig. Almost 5pm now and still motoring in calm conditions. 40nm from NZ star break.


Friday Afternoon tea. Last night we were under completely clear star filled sky watching tremendous lightening storm over the eastern ranges. Seen around 200 dolphins in 3 large packs today. Fisrt two early this morning. Third pack an hour or so ago. Saw 5 or 6 leaping out of the water at a time. Tail slaps and lots of play around the bow. Fantastic day to be cruising to Sydney







Same rig (Marlin) in Friday morning

Kingurra Bass Strait Sunrise Friday 6:08 am

Kingurra Half way to Cape Schanke


Kingurra off Wilsons Promontory



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