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CYAA News 24th July 2020

One way to pass some of your Covid-19 lock down time is to check out the two links In the paragraph below.

Thanks to Manfred Speicher we have a story from the Herreshoff museum that goes back to the same day one hundred years ago. From Cam Smith we have a short UK Guardian Newspaper article and with pics that provides details on how Brunels Great Britian was relocated from the Falkland Islands back to Bristol, UK and her Covid-19 based future. Take a look at both links.

CYAA News 19th July 2020

Check out the revised CYAA Register page. Still in a build state but worth a look. Individual provenance pages waiting on owners/skippers and crews to fill with photo’s, info and stories on their classic. Yes, we know some classics, such as many Tumlarens, aren’t listed. Will fix asap. Here’s a link to look over. It’s the Mercedes III web site Link to the recently discovered 1967 Admirals Cup documentary. Mercedes III Balandra and Caprice of Huon won the 1967 challenge by a still standing record points margin.

To keep us focused on our world of Classic yachting, here’s some links to stories of Classic Yachts yesterday that are pertinent today. First up and sent to us by Manfred Spiecher who heads up Classic Yacht people in Perth, West Australia, we some history from the Hereshoff World There’s a Hereshoff Mobjack at SYC named Gypsy JAC. Thanks to Mark Chew we have a link to the restoration of the Hereshoff New York 40 MARILEE. To follow up, again from Manfred, we have an NZ America’s Cup promo that brings in yesterday’s Classic Yachts and their relevance in today’s AC world. To complete the circle that brings us back to our own situation in Melbourne today, Manfred sent us a link to the History of Quarantine. The story on the Glen Huntly in quarantine of Point Ormond, Melbourne, Vic. brings to life the 1848 world of Quarantine in Melbourne as a comparison of where we are today.

Andy’s Classic Boat Magazine Library
Corio Vertue

Classic Boat Magazine offer Here’s an opportunity for those who want to take their Classic Boat magazine therapy on the run. Andy Indrans, our CYAA Cup Regatta photographer and ex-owner of Corio Vertue, has informed his complete, bar three, collection of Classic Boat Magazines from 1989 to 2015 plus the CB index from Jan 1987 to Dec 2012 is available. Free to a good home. So when your being carted off to wherever you don’t want to be there’s nothing like being able to grab a few CB magazines to dream out the noise of reality. Let your handicapper know if interested in a drive to Taradale. The home of Andy’s CB Library.

July 9th Post Vic Gov’t Covid-19 Level 3 restrictions July 8 are in effect. Use links provided in side bar to access the latest general and sporting activity restriction notices from Vic Govt., Australian Sailing and the yacht clubs that conduct CYAA (Vic) racing.

July 1st 2020 Post Report on June 28 Social Distance training session. Click on the link to download the story. 5 pages of it. The report has links to allow better viewing of the all classic yachts that took part in the June 28 training session.

Some of the June 28 Port Phillip classic fleet in hard training mode off Melbourne’s Beaconsfield Parade foreshore
Cygnet the 21 foot restricted class built by the Wilson Brothers of Cygnet in 1925 was the feature classic on June 28

June 22 Post Be part of the CYAA syndicate that’s donating to the RYCV outdoor table project

Now is your chance to be a part of CYAA’s future presence at RYCV by donating towards their project to purchase stylish new hardwood picnic tables for the RYCV front lawn.

The CYAA are organising a syndicate to raise the $ 1100 required to be registered table donor. As CYAA are active users of RYCV outdoor facilities, we’re asking individual CYAA members for donations of $100 to make this table or tables donation syndication happen. Use this link to the Australian Sports Foundation donate to RYCV table project.

To date., June 22, we have $300 raised towards the $1,100.00 needed for the CYAA table naming recognition. Martin Ryan CYAA President June 22 2020

June 21 2020 Post Vic Govt. Covid-19 news release June 20.

Australian Sailing’s interpretation of the Vic Govt. 21st June restrictions is that from 11.59pm on 21 June: Excerpt of AS interpretations

  • Club organised racing and training for sailors 18 years old or under can resume with no limit on the number of participants (this includes double handed dinghies). Coaches and officials over 18 years old must adhere to the 1.5m distancing requirements. Gathering limits will not apply to participants and those reasonably necessary to conduct the training or competition (e.g. umpires, coaches).
  • Organised club racing and training for Adults 18 years and older can resume if 1.5m social distancing can be adhered to (Hiking/sitting shoulder to shoulder on the rail/ in the cockpit is NOT acceptable). Gathering limits will not apply to participants and those reasonably necessary to conduct the training or competition (e.g. umpires, coaches)
  • You can go sailing recreationally in a keel boat as long as you keep the 1.5m distancing if your crew does not live with you.

From 11.59pm on 12 July (dependant on government confirmation):

  • Adults over 18 years old may resume training without adhering to the 1.5m social distancing requirements. Gathering limits will not apply to participants and those reasonably required to conduct the training (i.e race officials, coaches etc.

A June 22 post on recent Classic yacht events in Sydney from Phillip Brown

Whilst Victorian sailors are restricted to training sailing in Sydney there have now been held 2 combined clubs winter races on the Harbour. First was restricted with no spinnakers but released for the races thereafter. Unfortunately both days were  “winter drifters” in sunshine but they have succeeded in getting us back on the water at least pretending to have a race. Phillip mentions the Lord Howe Island Post Office visiting voyagers log book is in pre-publishing stage. use this link to inform Phillip of your order intentions. Phillips  book order form.

June 18 Post

Report on June 14 CYAA (Vic) fleet on water Social Distance training sail.

Next SD training day June 28 Venue, RMYS Tower start line

Mercedes III have scheduled June 28 as their next SD training t the RMYS Tower start Line. A start will be based on four divisions. Slower division off at 10:30am, then 10:35 for Tumlaresn then faster Classics off at 10:40 and non CYAA Moderns of at 10:45 am. The course determined and announced by Mark Chew on No Mans Land using VHF channel 69 at 10.15am. We will use the slower/faster allocations as per race 7 of the recent Summer Series. Contact the CYAA (Vic) handicapper of your intentions to take up the opportunity to prepare for racing under the Covid-19 sport participation restrictions.

While the world of Classic yachts is continually evolving have a look at two items received in todays mail. The latest Blog from our member Mark Chew and the latest ENews from the Paynesville Maritime Museum. The CYAA is a supporter of the Paynesville Maritime Museum.

Sunday June 14 Time to break the ice and be part of the Covid-14 on water training opportunity.

Join in the Classics Covid-19 on water social distance training opportunity. Check out how your on water ability to comply the Covid-19 SD restrictions shapes up.

Click on MIII course map to copy or save

Share the waters of Hobsons Bay with our Classic Yachts, Mercedes III, Boambillee, Mistral IX, Zephyr, Alwyn and Tandanya in company with Peter Bowe’s, Nagani and Mark Chew on Sal Beckinsdale No Mans Land. Training start times between 10:15 am and 10:25 am still available.

June 5 News Check out the June 5 news letter. the main item covered is the on water Social distancing training opportunity . This news letter item is also covered in the June 2 post as seen below.

June 2 Post A CYAA (Vic) recommended social distancing training sail. Scheduled for June 14

Mercedes III Click here for the Mercedes III construction story

Received word from Mercedes III they have organised an on Port Phillip waters social distance training session on June 14.
Here’s the word from MIII.
Mlll will be sailing on June 14 with 4 or 5 crew and will be joined by Nagani, Bowie’s boat, with 3,4 or 5 crew. Objective is to practise sailing with SD. Nagami and Mercedes III will be going through RYCV start at 10.29 and 10.30am respectivley. They intend to sail a course that has channel mark 20 to port, R4 to starboard then mark 19a to starboard, mark 20 to starboard and then RYCV marina finish line. This should give practice to Windward and downwind. If not, might add a leg.

Boats taking up the Mercedes III invite to practice sailing under Covis-19 social distancing restrictions will be allocated start times based on one minute intervals that lead up to 10:28 am. Remember this invite by MIII is not a race
, it’s an opportunity to gain experience sailing with Covid-19 social distancing restrictions . Notify the handicapper of your intentions. On the day, log who is on board and maintain the availability of a hand sanitiser that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. Use of face masks while not a Vic. Govt.mandatory compliance requirement is at the discretion of the skipper. Use the VHF channel 69 for any on water communication.

RYCV manager, Michael Nuemann, is on board with the CYAA and their SD training session. He has requested CYAA members
keep in mind due to the government restrictions the change rooms and showers are closed and there’s not to be groups of more than 10 gathering at the club. Also the grass and deck are not BYO, so any alcohol must be consumed on you own yacht.

FYI use this link to inform yourself of the current Vic Govt. Dept of Health and Human Services guidelines for participation in recreational sailing activities and the staying safe to slow the Covid-19 spread guidelines.

For wider publicity, this SD Training session note will go out in a much overdue news letter.

June 1 Post Additional info on Akala and her S2H record included

May 29 2020

News from Akala, 1965 S2H entries Akala, Baranne, Athena and Balandra.

Akala finishing her 1963 S2H race
Akala recently slipped at Sandringham

Received news from David McNeice the Melbourne classic fleets Arthur Robb designed Princess Class Akala, from RMYS,is about to receive a new mast and boom plus the associated standing and running rigging. Akala competed in the 1963 and 1965 Sydney to Hobart races.  June 1. More Akala S2H participation stories. On Akala’s participation in the Sydney Hobart, the CYCA website shows that she participated  in 6 of them: years 1964 to 1970 other than the 1968 race. She retired from the 1967 race. Of the 5 she completed, her best elapsed time (uncorrected) was 4 days, 17 hours. Her best handicap placing was 14th in the 1966 race.

The 1965 race saw the recently Tasmanian built (1965) Laurent and Giles designed Baranne competing.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Baranne-in-Hobart-1024x768.jpg
Baranne at Hobart
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Athena_1-637x1024.png
Athena on her way to Geelong 2018

Baranne is now raced in the Melbourne classic fleet by Pete Jerabeck. Who knows but maybe one of our Cup Regatta’s will see these two classic’s again competing in a Cup Regatta. The 1965 S2H race also saw two more of our Classic fleet competing. Athena,

Balandra with restoration almost done

now skippered by Ron Caddy at Mornington and Balandra now under restoration by Jamie Saunders in Hobart. The 1965 race saw the Italian Navy crewed Corsaro II racing. Crew injuries caused her to withdraw.

Australian Register of Historic Vessels news

It’s congratulations time to Michael Mactavish. News has been received that our Jack Savage designed Serifa was recently listed on the Register of Historic Vessels This is big step for Serifa and with it goes more recognition for the contribution to Australians Maritime heritage by her builder Jack Savage of Williamstowns. Serifa competed in the 1966 Sydney to Hobart. Her then owner, Bernie Case still keeps a keen eye on her performances with the Port Phillip Classic Fleet. Bernie was part of the 1965 Athena crew.

Presently there are 32 ARHV listed vessels with 20 actively racing out of a national fleet total of 82 vessels.

2020 CYAA Winter Series

Note the 2020 CYAA Winter Series on Port Phillip has been amended to three races only . If Race One, scheduled for July 19, cannot be conducted, the series will be officially abandoned.

2020 CYAA Winter Series

Note the 2020 CYAA Winter Series on Port Phillip has been amended to three races only . If Race One, scheduled for July 19, cannot be conducted, the series will be officially abandoned.

CYAA Classic Yacht Racing on Port Phillip 1998

WINGS on Port Phillip 1998

One of the prints found in the Blue box archives. The 30 square metre Wings as she raced with the Port Phillip Classic Fleet in 1998. This photo was used on the cover page of CYAA Magazine Issue 8 Sept. 1999. to support a Tom Stevenson article on Classic Yachting in Sydney. After a 2014 restoration, Wings is now sailing on Sydney’s Pittwater. Click on the link to download a copy of the all the photo’s found in the Blue Box archives. they feature action shots of Acrospire III, Sayonara and Waitangi. It’s a 6 meg file with 65 images. The 8 Wings photos are listed as item 7/1-8.

May 21 2020

Logbook of Lord Howe Island Visitors 1969 – 1980

Anitra V Phillip Brown Skipper

Our New South Wales CYAA Rep, Phillip Brown, skipper of Anitra V, has organised the printing of the very fragile original Visitors Logbook from Lord Howe Island. This book is the only record of yacht visits to the Lord Howe between 1969 and 1980. The Logbook was kept by the Postmistress Hazel Payton. It was a tradition that all visiting yachtsmen recorded their visit to the island in the Post Office Logbook, including crew names and home port of the yacht. The tradition was not kept going by the next Postmaster so there is no similar continuing record for the last 40 years. That fact makes this book somewhat special as a glimpse of an era of yachts sailing to Lord Howe Island.

The book is an interesting history of yachts, their skippers and crews, and covers a period of increasing number of visits by sailors to Lord Howe Island in that 11 year period. Prior to commencement of the Gosford to LHI Yacht Race in 1974 there were not many yachts calling in at the island lagoon. However the introduction of the race brought many more boats to the island, including some famous racing yachts of the 1970’s. Copies of the 50 page book @ $30.00 each can be ordered from Phillip at

Click on the link for a description by Phillip of of what’s in the Lord Howe Island Voyages book. To order a copy from Phillip use this form.

May 19 2020

Below are two 1950 Seacraft magazine stories . The recently restored New Zealand Classic Ariki, now a feature classic at the NZ Classic Regatta’s and the 30 Square meter Teal that our friends at the Perth based Swan River Resto Group are researching.

March 18 2020

“Purposeful” For a respite from our COVIV-19 issues take a look at the latest posting from our member Mark Chews insights on the creativity of humanity. To receive Marks latest posting email him at

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