2014/2015 CYAA Summer Series Race 1 next week and other news

2014/2015 Summer Series

1. One week to go. That’s all there is

As that never forgotten Classic songstress, Miss Peggy Lee, still asks us. “Is that all there is”. Take heed of her words and insight to the forgetful side of the human condition. Our 2014/2015 Summer Series is only one week away. That’s all the time available before the first race. To all our Classic Yacht skippers, do the right thing by your true friend and submit a 2014/2015 Summer Series entry. The handicaps for all our Classic fleet are all set to go and are looking for their entries.

2. Summer Series entry date.

The Summer Series Notice of Race and entry form have been attached to help skippers get to the task. Entries have to be received by Friday morning at the latest. The conducting club, HBYC, requires our race documentation by Friday morning for distribution to their race officials.





3. Sayonara cup holders Frances and Sayonara Competing

This 2014/2015 Summer Series will be big. Thanks to Peter Johns who engaged Ferdy Darly to revitalise Frances, the glamour queen of Australia’s International 8 metre racing fleet, and to the Sayonara Syndicate who have kept the most prestigious and important Australian Classic Yacht, Sayonara, in racing trim, we’ll will have 2 of Australia’s most prestigious International 8 Metres and Sayonara Cup winners, racing with us some time during the series. The first time these former Sayonara Cup holders will be racing against each other. Don’t forget our regular International 8 metre Cruiser Racer Marie Louise III will be in the mix of these International 8 metre classics.

4. Big chance for fame

Not only that but all entrants to the 2014/2015 Summer Series will be in there with them. Not as bystanders either but actively racing against them. This series will be to opportunity for each skipper in the series to knock off the most prestigious Classic Yachts in Australia.

5. A dark force descends on the Summer Series

No doubt with all this great theatre on the water that force of darkness, the handicapper, will have a foreboding presence in the wings.

6. Summer Series Race management

rmysThe next big 2014/2015 Summer Series item to announce is that to support the Associations RMYS based members and to extend the Classic Yacht racing experience around Port Phillip, Classic Yacht racing has returned to the Squadron. Since our 2013 Cup Regatta and through the agency of our RGYC based member, Bill Chittenden of Cardinal Puff, work has been on going with the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron Racing Administrator, Alicia Rae, to re-establish the CYAA racing presence at RMYS. Our first race at the Squadron will be Race 2 on Oct 19 at 10:30am and a second series race early in 2015. The CYAA pennant presentation and other conduct of race formalities with RMYS will take place next week. The courses to be raced over are described in the RMYS Sailing Instructions 2013-2016 Version 5 Every chance it will be course 7 or 8.


7. Look your best for race 1.

One other event of note to take place during Race 1 will be the presence of Mark Chew in the HBYC Chase boat. Mark will be taking images of Classic Yacht Racing as part of his preparation of the Classic Yachting on Port Phillip montage. This was the montage that was successfully auctioned off for the Association by Jeff Richardson of the Couta Boat C97 at the 2013 Cup Regatta social functions. For skippers unable to be on the water that day pass your favourite image of your Classic Yacht racing with the fleet to me.

8. A Summer Series wish

Once again we can only hope we have a full 8 race series. One small note the NoR attachment has now corrected the date for Race 3 to be November 16.

Submit those entries and prepare your Classic Yacht for her best when striking a pose for Mark.

2014 Cup Regatta

cupregAn International Classic Yachting Event

1. Cup Regatta Notice of Race and entry form

Attached is the 2014 Cup Regatta Notice of Race and entry form. The Regatta organisers have passed a vote of thanks to Jeff Richardson skipper of C97 for his assistance to prepare the Notice of Race.

2. Regatta invitational events

The Regatta starts on the Friday afternoon with two sets of 3x 20 mins races. One set for the Guineas Invitational and one set for Inter Association Trophy. Last year tight racing by all teams was the feature. Less than a minute separated the 6 Inter Association teams racing the RYCV Elliots. Bud Nalder the New Zealand sail maker is again sponsoring the Inter Association trophy with one of his hand made Classic Gear bags.

3. Cup Regatta racing program

The Regatta racing program will be a passage race on the Saturday with an option for 2 races on the Sunday followed by a pursuit start on Monday. The results of all Cup Regatta races will determine the aggregate points score and winner of the Stradbroke II and Col Bandy Trophies.

4. Cup Regatta on shore activities

Arrangements are happening for the Friday Cocktail reception on the Friday and the after race Summer Series Commencement BBQ at the RYCV. The Cup Regatta entry form can be used to indicate your intentions to attend these functions.

5. Cup Regatta berthing arrangements at Docklands

The Regatta fleet will be berthed at Docklands courtesy of the Melbourne City Marina. A marina that allows great socialising between all the Regatta skippers and crews before and after racing.

6. Cup Regatta Cours d’Elegance

While berthed at Docklands and thanks to Karen Batson of Zephyr, the COOKIE Beer Hall, food and disco will be sponsoring the assessment by our CYANZ visitors of our Docklands Cup Regatta fleet for an example of what entrant best represents Classic Yacht racing in Victoria.

7. Cup Regatta. An International Classic Yacht racing event

Our Cup Regatta has moved up in the international world of Classic Yachting. We have a New Zealand team coming over to take on the Victorian Classic Yacht fleet. Under the management of Tony Blake, the members from the Classic Yacht Association of New Zealand have entered Mark Chews Fair Winds to compete with our local fleet.  Visiting CYANZ members will also compete for the Trans Tasman Trophy. The organisers of the CYANZ visit, Cameron Dorrough and Iain Valentine, will visit the dark vaults of time to retrieve the formula that determines the recipient  of this trophy

8. Cup Regatta and International 8 metre racing action

The Cup Regatta will see the Classic 8 metre yachts Frances and Sayonara being joined Col Andersons Acrospire III.  These 3 yachts will be complemented by the International 8 metre cruiser racer Marie Louise III.

9. Handicapper’s Cock of the Cup Regatta.

While the talk is 8 metres let’s not forget Cup Regatta fleet and their aspirations to knock off an 8 metre. An off the record analysis of the aggregate points score will be conducted to determine if there’s a Cock of the Cup Regatta. That is the boat that was the best performer over the 8 metre boats by handicap improvement. Leave the formula to figure this one out to the handicapper.

2014 RYCV Lipton Cup Regatta


1. And there’s more to come

For those members of the CYAA that want to continue with Regatta style racing after the Classic 2014 Cup Regatta there’s the Lipton Cup. Scheduled to run on November 15 and 16 the Regatta organising committee has made a special division for Classic Yacht entrants.

 image0102. Dual entry and handicap assignment opportunity

The Deal is, as well as a Classic Division open only to CYAA registered yachts, the Cruising Spinnaker or non spinnaker divisions are also open for entries from CYAA yachts with a single division entry fee. Entries are through the Lipton Regatta Top Yacht web site. Classics entering the Cruising division will receive a separate handicap to that of the Classic division. Classic division handicaps will be supplied by the CYAA and adjusted for the second race by the Lipton Regatta handicapper.

 3. The Classic Summer Series and Lipton Regatta combined

Now here’s the bigger deal. As we now know Race 3 of our Summer Series is scheduled for November 16, the second day of the Lipton Regatta. As well, HBYC, who are scheduled to conduct Summer Series Race 3 are also scheduled to start the Lipton Regatta cruising/classic division. What will happen is that as the Cruising and Classic Lipton divisions all in start together, the Classic Summer Series entrants that are non Lipton Regatta entrants will join in with the Lipton Regatta Cruising and Classic Divisions start. Classic Summer Series handicaps supplied by the CYAA will be applied to all the Classic Summer Series entrants.


For some Classic Yachts they could be racing with 3 separate handicaps in the one race. How about that.

4. Why the combination of fleets

This start set up for November 16  will allow the Classic Association to maintain their summer series schedule and allow ensure those CYAA members who are Summer Series entrants and who also wish to take part in the Lipton Regatta don’t miss out.

5. Organisation of the fleet combination and race start time

This race start arrangement for Nov 16 has been set up for the Classics by the RYCV Race director David LeRoy. One small point is that the race will start at 10:00am and be a longer course that the usual Classic Sunday races.

CYAA Magazine Issue 35

1. It’s in the mail

Issue 35 is now in the hands of the postman. All financial members of the CYAA will receive their copy on Monday. As much as I would like to provide a story of what’s inside it won’t happen. I remember in my early CYAA membership days the anticipation as to what made up the magazine contents. I’m sure this is a similar story for many CYAA members. So no Issue 35 content details or page one images. It’s in the mail

2. CYAA Magazine Production Team and it’s story

What can be said about Issue 35 is the effort the Magazine team put into in. Roger Dundas, skipper of Avian, who has collected and prepared content  for many CYAA magazines knew that although off set printing produced a high quality product. Print run volume flexibility was needed. Not an offset printing feature. Conversion of pre print images to Pantone© colours was a nightmare. Jennifer Cook, Roger’s forward hand on Avian,  drove the change to the digital printing of our magazine. As well as print run count control the magazine is now digitally templated using Adobe InDesign. This means we now have the big preparation time saver due to automation of the magazine pre print processes and transfer of image to print in true colour. One additional benefit of this improved magazine digitization process is that presentation of content for proof editing by our CYAA member and Cambridge university accredited proof reader, Roz Edmond, is far less erratic.  Without the work of Roz, our magazine would not be accepted as a document of record by the State Library of NSW, also a CYAA member.

3. Call for content

Content for issue 36 is being prepared. Now’s the time for members to submit articles or share their stories on subjects in whatever form that are connected to the world of Classic Yachting either in Australia or global.

4. Magazine posting in the CYAA Web site

CYAA Magazine issues 33 and 34 are to be cleaned up using the Indesign template and installed on our web site.

CYAA Queensland

CYAA Top of the Regatta’s Trophy

Our Q’ld operative Gred Doolan skipper of Amity class Sandpiper is setting up a scoring system to award a CYAA trophy using the results of the 3 Regattas conducted by the members home clubs.

CYAA New South Wales

Royal Motor Yacht Club  Classic Yacht Regatta on Pittwarer

Through the efforts of Nicole Shrimpton skipper of the Ernie Diigby International 8 metre Defiance to re-activate the Association’s presence in NSW, the Association is assisting Rob Brown of the  Royal Motor Boat Club to conduct the Classic Yacht Regatta at Pittwater in March 2015.



Alma Doepel 111th Celebration and restoration fund raising night.


1. What’s it about

Below is a copy of the publicity the Association from the Maritime Heritage of Victoria people.

Classic members are being asked to help out with needed financial assistance to keep the Alma Doepel rebuild going.

2. The event

The dinner and presentation is scheduled for Friday October 3. Half the function fee goes to RYCV for the meal. The other half to the Alma. During the evening there will be other fund raising events, marine paintings for example.

3. Intentions to attend

The CYAA encourages their members to assist with this Alma fund raiser. Any member that intends to take up the offer let’s know. With sufficient numbers, 10 maximum, as we can do a CYAA table.The RSVP has been extended a couple of days for the CYAA people.

4. The CYAA connection

As well as the CYAA now having, through the support of Peter Johns, Frances back in racing condition, a legacy of Captain Michael Wood who also saved the Alma, the CYAA racing activity will be promoted to organisations unaware of the importance of the CYAA activity to retain a fleet of actively raced Australia Maritime Heritage vessels.


No more for now. Next week will be the pre race notes for the first race of our 2014/2015 Summer Series. Cheers to all and keep the words as told to us by Miss Peggy Lee in mind and submit your Summer Series entry

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

2014_2015 CYAA Summer Series Entry Form Sept 9

2014_2015 Summer Series NOTICE OF RACE

2014 Cup Regatta Entry Form

2014 Cup Regatta Notice of Race Sept 26_2

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