2014 Winter Series. Race 6 Pursuit Race group start times and Sailing Instructions

Attached are the Group start times and Sailing Instructions for the final race of our 2014 Winter Series.

The pursuit start race is scheduled to start at 10:30am at the RYCV Marina start box and will be conducted for the Association by Dave Williams of the RYCV.

The group start times have been calculated using the handicaps developed after Race 5 and a crystal ball forecast mid fleet race duration of 95 minutes.

With only 6 races held over the 2014 winter series the aggregate points score is compiled with no worst score drops.  The forecast light winds will see the series decided by some tight racing drama throughout the fleet.

Although we avoid racing on significant days of the year the Association has to fit in with the calendar our race conducting clubs.  That’s why we are conducting the last race of the series on Fathers Day. Considering the family obligations of those Association members who need to leave immediately after this Sundays race, we will hold over our end of our 2014 Winter Series  CYAA  sponsored BBQ and trophy presentation till the first race of the 2014/2015 Summer Series BBQ,  October 5. Our regular after race get together with an optional BBQ is still on.

Also attached is the documentation announcing our 2014/2015 Summer Series of races and the series entry form.

Two new features of this entry form are the return to racing being conducted for us by the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron and the requirement for all entrants to have their vessel details listed on the Top Yacht data base.  The requirement will eventually extend to crew details. This Top Yacht requirement is the start of a process to bring the Association’s racing conduct procedures into line with our members home club race conduct and results management procedures.  The Association will still manage the race handicap calculation process.

On a social note, members including Roger Dundas, Avian, and Phil Atkins, Trim, attended the Royal Society of Victoria lecture on the life and achievements of Matthew Flinders. Streets and buildings plus the name for this continent, Australia, are a continuing reminder what he achieved for us.

The Association also had a noted presence at the recent City of Melbourne Regatta to celebrate the first landing of settlers in Melbourne.

That’s all till Sunday at 10 :30.

Regards  to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

2014_2015 Summer Series NOTICE OF RACE

2014_2015 CYAA Summer Series Entry Form (PDF)

2014_2015 CYAA Summer Series Entry Form (DOCX)

2014 Winter Series Race 6 (Pursuit) Sept 7 Group Start Times

2014 Winter Series Race 6 Sept 7 2014 (Pursuit) Sailing Instructions (RYCV)

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