CYAA 2012 Winter Series Race 5 July 22 Entries, Handicaps and SI’s (Posted 19.7.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of the 2012 Classics Winter Series.

School holidays are gone so back to our winter racing.

Attached are the Entries, Handicaps and Sailing Instructions for Race 5 of our 2012 Winter Series.

Race 5 will be conducted by Hobson’s Bay YC with Race Director Tony Dawson and Bob Tanner on board the HBYC Race Committee Vessel “Privateer”

Some minor ACH changes for Race 5 will be noted. For the first time, in possibly a year, optimum wind and sea conditions in Race 4 allowed most starting yachts the opportunity to race to their capabilities. From these Race 4 results, apart from the first 3 placegetters, the ACH of other yachts has been modified slightly. Comparison between the book kept on each yacht’s performance based on the Yachting Victoria formula and the actual Race 5 allocated handicaps show an average 0.01%, 1 point in every hundred, variation. Not much, but still important numbers when it comes to corrected time calculations.

The YV based formula performance book is kept on all yachts in our fleet for use in our Cup Regatta and Geelong races. I can hear the screams, (of rage or delight?) already.

These Race 5 ACH numbers were run through the Race 4 elapsed times. On paper the fleet corrected times were far closer, 2.5 minutes between the first 8. Placing swapped between the two yachts at the top, middle and bottom of the Race 4 results.

So tight racing, in ideal conditions, will happen across our fleet. Skippers and crews are on notice.

Two additional entries have appeared on the start sheet. First up there’s Avian, after a big mast rebuild project by Roger Dundas. Second, Alwyn’s back, she makes a return to the Classic racing scene after her 3 year lay off for a structural re-strengthening. This race will be Alwyn’s warm up for the Cup Regatta. For Race 5, she’s been put up against Bob Munro’s Tandanya for a shoot out.

Results for Race 5 will be provided by email to the Association and Royals admin office after the race by HBYC. The provisional’s will also be on our web site, asap, courtesy Scott McDonald. Full results, with back calculated handicaps and series points status, will be published on the Associations Web site and the HBYC web site the following Monday, all being well.

No doubt the CYAA header change on the two attachments will be noticed. This small change is part of the ramp up for our Cup Regatta Nov 2 to 5.

By now the Associations flag ship, the CYAA bi-annual magazine, will have been received by our financial members. Comments, all positive, have been received regards the magazine quality articles and presentation and requests to pass on congratulations to Roger Dundas for his work. We all know the amount of serious work Roger has given the Association to present our magazine.

Thanks go to Clarissa Flockart, crew on Kingurra, for the two page article in the Royal Brighton Yacht Club magazine “Short Tacks”. The article gave RBYC members an insight to our Associations racing action. Clarissa has been crew for Ian Macfarlane for many years, her dad also sailed on her with Peter Jourbert, Kingurra’s designer, during her early racing years.

Scott McDonald has installed the article on our website. Go to this address to download the pdf of the article.

In a class of their own

So back to the water to hit the line on Sunday at 10:30 on the dot.


Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Entries and Handicaps

Sailing Instructions

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