Windward II crewing opportunity on Sunday (19 May 2013)

4-Windward_II_Geelon_Week_2008Great news

We’ll have ‘Windward II’ with us this weekend.

To give our Classic Yacht fleet a great show of Classic Yachting at its best, her skipper, Jim Woods is looking for additional hands to run and trim her multiple head sails in the way they’re meant to be, slowly and evenly with their max chord in the right place. Being a Royals course we expect lots of short tacks on Sunday. An additional hand to help gybe and trim the main won’t hurt either. ‘Windward II’ looks for a tight and fast sets on the main sheet to put her into that go fast lee gunnel down slot on the windward beat that will have her ready for the next tack.

Boom goes the dynamite. Who’s ready for an on water and tight Classic Yacht racing experience on one of Australia’s most significant and historic Classic Yachts, ‘Windward II’.

Contact Jim at pronto for details on departure times, pfd’s etc.

Checkout the ‘Windward II’ story on the Australian Register of Historic Vessels.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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