2013 CYAA Winter Series Race 2 May 19

Attached are the entries, handicaps and Sailing Instructions for Race 2 of our 2013 Winter Series. Race 2 will be conducted by RYCV under the control of Race director, David LeRoy.

Race 2 Sailing Instructions Amendment.

After a discussion with the RYCV Race Director an amendment to the item 8 wording in the Sailing Instructions, Race Duration time, has been made. This change is on trial as a measure to help all our Classic Yacht fleet complete the race over the assigned course.

While there’s no change to the time limit for the first boat to finish, still 120 minutes, the race director will set a course that should bring the first boat home after approximately 90 minutes of racing. This means that in light conditions the race director will shorten the course earlier and give the remainder of the starting fleet 110 minutes to finish in lieu of previous 80 minutes. Analysing the Associations race results from the last 3 series of races shows 90 minutes is not far from first on elapsed time of these previous race results. Race duration of 90 minutes is also used in the group start formula for our pursuit races.

Item 8 has also been reworded to formalize the procedure that a DNF boat will be awarded points equal to the number of starters + 1. The normal rules quote DNF’s to be awarded points based on the number of entrants plus +1. This process of awarding started number points instead of series entry number points, is the process used by the Association to acknowledge the effort made by Classic Yachts to prepare for and start the race, but for whatever reason cannot complete the assigned course.


Looking over the handicaps, most yachts have small or no adjustments made for Race 2. These Race 2 allocated handicaps were run against the elapsed times for Race 1.  Only a tightening up of the already tight corrected times occurred with no corrected time placing changes.

Assigned handicaps for our Classic Yacht racing are based on the Yachting Victoria system. This YV process uses a calculated handicap, based on the last race performance, using 2/3rds of the last race allocated handicap and 1/3 of the last race back calculated handicap. It’s at the discretion of the handicapper to use this calculated handicap for the following race. The handicapper is also required to maintain and is allowed to use the average back calculated handicap of each Classic Yacht based on the last five races that has entered in the series. This allows the handicapper to not have to assign to a yacht, that puts shocker of a lower end performance, a lower handicap for the next race. Never mind yachts that put in an out of character upper end performance. They get it in the neck.

2014 Geelong Wooden Boat Festival

There’s also a low resolution attachment from the 2014 Geelong Wooden Boat Festival organisers. Has information about what is going to happen. The information sheet will also be attached to our web site. A Classic Yacht Association dialog has been started with the organisers on the subject of permitting Association members with open cockpit yachts, i.e. Tum’s and Couta’s, to enter the Festivals Portarlington to Geelong race.

Fife Regatta on Clyde, Scotland.

For members interested in Fife designed Classic Yachts, our Website has a link to a Fife only Regatta on the Clyde in Scotland. Your association has been in contact with the Regatta organisers informing them of our Fife family here. Bobby Barr has also alerted the Fife Regatta organisers that ‘Caraid’ is alive and well and ready for racing. A link to this Fife Regatta website will appear on our web site.

Classic Yacht Magazine activity.

Roger Dundas is actively taking in articles for the next issue. Articles or photos that feature stories of sailing or saving Classic Yachts of yesteryear or about people associated with notable events of any description are always welcome. Our magazine is treated as a document of record. It’s archived by Government and museum bodies, It’s used as a credible reference source by marine historians. Any story or documents that a member has the opinion that the information is important and needs to be preserved for posterity then our Magazine is the place for that story.

Till 10:30 am Sunday when we come alive again.

Remember no brain fades and no barging.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Sailing Instructions Race 2 May 19 (RYCV)

Entries and Handicaps (RYCV) May 14 Issue 1

2014 GWBF Press Release May 12 2013


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