CYAA(Vic) Ted Kaufman sailpast and 2013/2014 Summer Series Race 6 Results

To the Pipes of David McKenzie our fleet of the day headed up by Mercedes III and supported by Boambillee and Tina of Melbourne lead the Classic Yacht Association’s  recognition  of the contribution by Ted Kaufman to Australia’s yachting,  in particular his leadership that bought about the winning of the ocean racing team to win the Admiral’s Cup for the first time and the emergence of Australia as a premier ocean yacht racing nation.

A note of thanks goes to all the yacht clubs that assisted the Association in their recognition of Ted Kaufman’s contribution to Australian yachting by the short duration lowering of their clubs ensign. A note of appreciation from the Association goes to Andy Doolan and his crew who bought Tina of Melbourne over from the RMYS in difficult sea conditions and to Sayonara along with all those Classic Yachts who came out to assist with the Associations sailpast. Thank you.

Attached are Sunday Feb 16 Race 6 results plus the series aggregate and Marie Louise III consistency trophy status.

Our race yesterday was a close run affair as the HBYC Race committee considered that sea conditions were past our proscribed limit for racing, not so. We had two freshly painted classic yachts on hand to race. Bungoona, all ready after Mike Hurrell had worked on her through the recent heat and Martini also all fresh and ready after the recent heat that had Doug Hem using all sorts of covers to create a Coolgardi to keep her from cooking in the heat. That concrete boat yard pavement in hot conditions is a killer on wooden hulls.

After a short race start delay, due to a rounding mark placing problem and in 2 metre seas, the fleet of 12 starters reached into the start line at 11:10am. 4 of us were blown over the line with all that was smartly resolved, the fleet settled down to a maximum hull speed battle over the 7.0 nautical mile course.

Mercedes III showed her Admiral’s cup winning pedigree by continually increasing the distance between her and the fleet to take line honours in 62 minutes of racing and was accorded the sail of the day. Her performance in the bays rough sea conditions showed off her Ted Kaufman pedigree and why she was the top ocean racing yacht of the country.

With the wind well above 20 knots this was the day when our fleet could compete on equal terms. Boambillee and Marie Louise III  duelled all the way around course with the lead changing a couple of time with Boambillee coming out on top. Trim was a magnificent sight, charging through the fleet to make up for lost time at the start and pick off the well sailed Serifa. Not to be by 2.5 minutes. Sadly we had to apply an additional 10% to Serifa’s recorded elapsed time.

In rough sea conditions and the wind spilling in the gusts the Tums showed the fleet why they handle Port Phillip conditions so well. A sight to see as only a minute separated Avian, Dingo and Zephyr as they passed over the finish line. Snow Goose fought hard to catch them, but not to be. While all the Tums going at it, Bungoona was working hard to chase down Martini, again not to be, Martini held off Bungoona by 20 seconds over  the line.

Corio Vertue was noted for her persistence to make the finish line and was accorded the sail of the day by the race committee. The sea conditions for the race were the first time Corio Vertue could have the recent work. Andy Indrans put into her tested in preparation for her passage sail to Hobart to take part in the 2015 Hobart Wooden boat Festival.

The only sad sight of the day was to see Cyan all set to go but stranded by adversity.  She was sadly missed by the fleet.

When the corrected time results arrived from the Hobson’s Bay Yacht Club and were announced they showed all that hard work from Bungoona, both on the hard and on the water, paid off.  Great result to have Bungoona take out corrected time honours for the race with Marie Louise III and Dingo close by. A feature of this race was the tight corrected times across the fleet . A 2.4 second spread between the 2nd  and 11th placing. The placing for 3rd and 4th had to go to 3 decimal points for a decision. Given the right sea conditions, our fleet looks to be evenly handicapped. Consistent racing is what bring this about.

Next race will be Race 7 on March 2, the final of the 2013/2014 Summer Series. A pursuit race starting from the RYCV marina. Start sheet is ready.

With March coming along the Geelong wooden Boat Festival, March 9, is the event with a large number of Classic Yachts from the Association attending. Following on will be the Queens cliff Maritime Festival Regatta on March 29.

With a break in racing over April our 2014 Winter Series is scheduled to start May 2. A Notice of Race and entry form will soon be issued.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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