Amendment to Sailing Instructions for the Classic’s 2013/2014 Summer Series Race 6.

Date of amendment Feb 14 2014

With the forecast sea and wind conditions for Sunday the allocated course for Race 6 will involve the use of the RMYS D mark. As RMYS are conducting the Jennifer Goldsmith  trophy race starting at 11:00am that will use the RMYS D mark, the Classic’s have requested HBYC lay an alternative floating rounding mark approx. 100metres to the northwest of the RMYS D Mark. This floating rounding mark will be yellow in colour with a horizontal black band.

To cover all possible course allocations I’ve amended the use of RMYS Mark A as well.

Discussions with HBYC will be conducted to determine if these course changes will be permanent.

Attached are the amended 2013/2014 Summer Series Course descriptions.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Race Handicapper

Amendment to 2013_2014 CYAA Summer Series Courses Feb 14 2014

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