Cup Regatta 2015 Pre Regatta Notes

Attached is the program of events in line to happen at the Cup Regatta 2015. Take a read. It will give an idea of what and when events will take place.

The big event of the Regatta will be the first time showing of the Tony Blake Perpetual Cup Regatta Trophy at the Cocktail reception. What will be more remarkable is the formula used to figure out who is awarded the first winner to be recorded on the honour board. Some remarkable door prizes as well are up with all attendees at the reception and Cup Regatta entrants also attending. Those attending the Presentation BBQ a chance to take something home. The selection process for some of those Sponsor trophies will keep the handicapper busy.

All the Sailing Instructions and Course details are ready for downloading from the CYAA Web Site Cup Regatta 2015 web page. There’s four sets of SI’s The general SI and 3 for specific event SI’s, The Guineas/InterDominion, the Saturday and Sunday Allocated courses and the Monday pursuit race.

15 courses have been set up to cover both allocated course and pursuit races. There’s a separate set of Course Descriptions and a single pdf that contains all the course maps. All courses have been reviewed by the RYCV Race Director. Although the current conditions forecast don’t indicate any weather fronts similar to what happened last year the Race Director retains the right use the courses from the RYCV Sailing Instructions if the wind conditions indicate 20 knot + winds.

The list of entrants and the allocated handicaps is also available on the Cup Regatta 2015 web site page. Any late entrants can be included with some trouble but a cut off will be Friday 10:00am.

So have a read of the attached pdf. Lot’s of links are embedded to give recognition to our Cup Regatta Sponsors and access to the Sponsors web site home page.

One item not covered in the pdf is on and off water photography of Cup Regatta 2015 action.

There will be an RYCV chase boat travelling with the Fleet in a Rescue vessel capacity. It will also be available for some CYAA member with the right gear to take candid shots of the Fleet in Full Regatta action. Same goes for those who seem to find the time to take photo’s while racing. Mark Chew is ready for receiving them for his CYAA Instagram site. Mark and I can set up a procedure to have your images posted.

Cup Regatta 2015!! It’s all about to happen.

With 4 mass start races in two days those start line attack skills will be in fine shape and ready for the next Summer Series race.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper



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