CYAA Summer Series Race 2 Results and Cup Regatta forms


Attached are the results of the 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 2 along with the Series and Marie Louise III Consistency Aggregate status.

Results and series aggregate can be seen on the RYCV Web site at

Delayed Start

While shipping movement times are published, delays to these shipping movements aren’t forecast. Such was the situation on Sunday morning when Melbourne VTS requested the Race officer to postpone our start as delayed shipping movement were about to happen in the allocated course vicinity.

So after the car carrier passed the Race Committee vessel Thorsen and Spirit III finally departed Station Pier at moo cow speed while belching blue smoke, down went the AP to signal a 10:50 am start.

The start.

With Loama, Boambillee and Cyan still scrambling to make the line from the other side of the shipping channel to others approaching the start line from the on course side and Bungoona making a close to an over the line start, the 19 strong Classic fleet hit the line cleanly from both directions. The individual recall signal to sounded with a code X signal to remind all those on course side at the start to correctly clear the start line.

Back to her tight start reputation at the committee boat end was Mercedes III who powered away from the fleet with Cyan following. Fair Winds was also one of the fleet leaders after the start. Zephyr recovered from a delayed start by tacking over to the shipping channel to chase the Ann Street puff.

Sayonara with no top sail flying and Warringa were both working hard to recover from being pushed down the line. Boambillee with a slightly delayed start due her call to change from No 2 to No 1 head sail slowly made up ground on Pastime II to begin her chase of Fair Winds.

At the Top Mark by the shipping channel junction.

Mercedes III again showed the fleet she was hot with an on the button kite hoist, by then Frances, although under ragged, was reeling her in on the dead run to the turning mark by Station Pier. Fair Winds also had a smart kite set. We won’t talk about the next time though. Kites also popped on all the Tumlaren fleet and Martini. Trim also set a kite to begin her departure from Marie Loiuse III and Cyan.

The smartest looking kite of the day goes to the Russell Kennedy Lawyers sponsored day glo blue high shouldered kite made by North Sails, a Cup Regatta 2015 sponsor, sent up by Boambillee.  Boambillee’s new kite is another example of the acknowledgement of the reputation of Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip.

At the Station Pier turning Mark

Martini with her kite run, gave Marie Louise III a fright by being with her at the turning mark although ML III’s water line said that’s enough of that. Bungoona was doing well to be with this group. Being watched closely by the handicapper were the dynamic trio on Loama who had her working well and Akuna who continued to sail well. With Warringa the handicapper had already closed his eyes and moved into his sharpened pencil twitch mode.

The finish

Through the race a close on battle between Dingo and Marie Louise III never stopped till the finish line. Mercedes III and her high performance crew continued to hold off Frances to take out a well raced line honours. Pastime II although bested by 3rd over the line Boambillee held off Fair Winds by 13 seconds. Trim kept improving on her gap to the following fleet to finally be 7 minutes ahead of Zephyr. Marie Louise III pipped Dingo who was followed Ettrick with a broken spinnaker pole and then Cyan who gave Marie Louise III a big let off. Avian then followed by a minute  and led Snow Goose home  by 2 minutes  while Sayonara with no topsail followed.

A close 20 seconds separated Bungoona from Warringa who in turn lead Bluejacket home by 20 seconds. Home the came a slab lighter Loama after a hard sail. Unfortunately Akuna hit the finish line quite well but not on the right side of the mark. Next time says Chris Havre.


Corrected time went to Warringa who picked the wind shifts to be on the Naval Docks side of the course. Congratulations again go to Tim Boucaut and his hot shot wind picking crew. Warringa was followed by Blue Jacket who put a hard sail with hard kite sets and Bungoona who gave her yard stick Martini  a good work out.

All up another day of hard and enjoyable Classic Yacht racing on Port Phillip.

Received a note from Tim Boucaut. He’s looking for a wooden Spinnaker pole for Warringa. Anyone able to help Tim let the handicapper know. Length looks to be about 8 foot. Existing pole to long.

Sight of the day.

The sight of the day wasn’t recorded but seen. There was Loama a small Couta boat giving the 12 ton Sayonara a tow to the RYCV Marina. Cruelty to small animals wasn’t the case at all. Loama and the boys knew she’s the little boat that could.

Cup Regatta 2015

Our program booklet, an excellent production of work by Mark Chew was available for all to pick up. A copy will be on our Cup Regatta 2015 Web page soon after these notes go out.

We look to be under control for organising our after Saturday racing 2 hour soirée dockside at the RMYS marina.

Not long to go. Get those entries in soon and grab some tickets for our Cup Regatta 2015 Cocktail reception at the Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club. Cup Regatta 2015 entries and ticket forms are attached.

Call for Windward II Cup Regatta crew

A call was received from Jim Wood of Windward II. The offer to crew on board Windward II is out. Here’s the chance to race on board our 1926 Classic and one of the most notable Classics in Australia.  Let the handicapper know pronto .

Classics in other races.

A short note to inform that our handicappers Classic Alwyn, the 1923 Tasmanian A Classer, put in another top club fleet racing performance in the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club long distance from Williamstown to Portarlington with a 2nd on corrected time on Oct 17.

With an 8.1 knot speed across the line to a max 9 knot on a beam reach in 20 knots with full sail for a less than 3 hour journey back it was a full on day for a Classic Yacht in club racing. When your working the helm hard to make  the keel attached rudder stop the boat broaching while the noise of cresting southerly Port Phillip waves , with spray flying everywhere , with water streaming past at 8 knots only 12 inches away and the overhanging stern is lifted by the next wave , Classic Yacht racing comes alive.


Here’s a photo of Alwyn being prepared for racing 83 years ago. Except for the cabin and bulwarks no difference today

Yachtsmen Make Ready for Season’s Sailing Delights on the Derwent Estuary. Mr. N. Winzenberg’s yacht “Alwyn” shares the prevailing passion for reconditioning. Courtesy Illustrated Tasmanian Mail, 13 October 1932.

Next 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 3

Our Cup Regatta 2015 splits our Summer Series Racing. Race 3 will be conducted on November 15. Our fleet will start with a division of the RYCV Lipton Cup Fleet at 10:00am. The course is yet to be decided.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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