CYAA 2102/2013 Summer Series Race 1 Results and notes (Posted 9.10.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of the Classics 2012/2013 Summer Series.

Attached are the final results for Race 1 plus the first of the series points score aggregate and Marie-Louise III Consistency Trophy” points aggregate.

The 17 knot wind and slightly choppy sea conditions turned on for Race 1 gave the 16 starters, in our first race of the season, the opportunity to race their yachts in the manner they were designed for. From a spot on start at speed by Col Andersons “Acrospire III” with his 10 crew, the fleet, headed off to the first mark down the bay with lee gunwale down and full sail with slightly sprung sheets. That is, except for the yacht with a varnished cabin roof, in celebration of Seniors week.

After 90 minutes of Corinthian racing, the results show many duels were the order of the race. Martin Ryan and his “senior moments team ”Mercedes III” held off Peter McDonald skippering “Pastime” by 32 seconds, Peter Lloyd with his gun crew on Marie Louise III” took out Craig Brown and his spinnaker braveheart team on “Cyan” by only 9 seconds. John Raff’s net boat “Jean” sailing well with 5 on board came in 45 second behind these two. “Scimitar” came in not long after Damian Purcell made up time  for the dog leg course she sailed in sympathy for “Mercedes III”. Doug Jenkin dipped “Ettrick” under Charlie Salter’s “Ellida” in the last moments to come out 15 seconds ahead. A fast finishing “Serifa” skippered by Michael MacTavish was 15 seconds behind  these two Tumlare’s while Roger Dundas bought his Tumlare “Avian in by a mere minute behind this group. “Zephyr” the cruiser Tumlare helmed by Anne Batson with sister Karen trimming hard held off  Joe Tuck and the boy’s on “Loama” by 42 seconds. They in turn held off Ross Clark a fast finishing “Martini” by 5 seconds after her delayed start.

To complete the score card, Cameron Dorrough bringing up “Bungoona” and “Jan” with Greg Hynes working her hard, our final finishers, beat the drop in wind strength by just minutes. Sad to the withdrawal, of Bil Johnstone’s soon to be listed Registered Historic Vessel “Lily Guy”. 1and a 1/2 up was deemed not the go on the day.

Corrected time full points went to Joe Tuck and the boys on “Loama” who took advantage of every possible surf on the run to St Kilda, followed up by Greg Hynes who gave “Jan” a never before work out, with a third on corrected time and also taking line honours, came Col Andersons and the heavies on “Acrospire III”.

With her lighter weight standing rig and crew of heavies below “Acrospire III” now able to take on and beat 17 knot Southerly wind and sea conditions, the fleet has been put on notice for a repeat performance of last series take out. A photo of her racing on Sunday will be installed on the web site to show what we are up against.

The corrected time results show a spread of 1.85 minutes between 4th and 13th placings. Indicative of what can happen when ideal racing conditions are present. The first 3 will take a handicap hit but nothing dramatic until next race, we look to be going into the Regatta with a set of handicaps that don’t allow for crewing or tactical (Skipper) errors.

So all up, Race 1 was the type of race weather conditions we hope will stay with us for the season. Maybe a book should be run on this point.

A couple of general notes.

First up. As mentioned over at Royals last Sunday, after the results were announced ,we will be making a change to our racing calendar. The race 5, scheduled for 2013 Feb 10 has been put back to 2013 Feb 17. This is to allow members to take part in the Classic Yacht Association of New Zealand and to reciprocate for the 14 of their members coming over for our Regatta. The re-schedule will also to allow members take in the Australian Wooden Boat Festival action down in Hobart. Moving the race to an earlier date was not possible either.

Second note is we have a sponsor for our second race. “Anchorage Marine” from The Strand. Some more on that before our next race. This sponsorship is part of the 121st celebrations by the “Anchorage” of their time when known as “Parsons” and last run by the redoubtable “Olive Parsons”. In days gone by this was a place where diesel was sold from a wharf located pump, your yacht had to be classed as a road tax exempt vehicle. How about that. Scott O’Hare from the Anchorage is aware of the after race situation with us but would appreciate a turn up of our members for the presentation of “The Anchorage Perpetual Trophy”. Tie up facilities will be available.

Keep in mind, days pass very fast now so do something soon with the Regatta entry and sort out your Friday pm Regatta Cocktail Session show up plans. Our Guineas Trophy race between “Mercedes III” and “Boambillee” and the two gun Couta Boats kicks of the Regatta on Friday pm Nov 2.

That’s all for now


Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper


Results and Series Points

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