2011-2012 Summer Series Race 3 Comments and Results (Posted 21.2.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of the Classics 2012 Summer Series.

Below are the Feb 19 race results plus the 2012 Summer Series points status.

Lack of wind and the 1 hour race start delay meant nothing. We were on the water at last and those lazy, crazy days of summer were with us again. After the race comments received from Boambillee reflected those of the fleet. Let’s keep sailing.

Blinders of starts and performances were the order of the day,

Our Tum fleet sailed as though the clock was turned back to the 50’ and 60’s. Dingo with Jim Hutchinson and Avian with Charlie Salter(Ellida) and Roger Dundas on the foredeck have put the Classic fleet on notice, this is the start of performances to come. Zephyr ,helmed by Anne Batson, also worked the wind and sea conditions to their favour. Our Tums, while known as serious light wind performers also take on and successfully race in 45 knot bay winds and seas.

Other closely watched racing performances were put in by that light wind phenomena, Kent Bacon’s Renene, the Martini team of Ross Clark and Michael Williams and especially by the colourful team on Craig Brown’s Cyan. Her elapsed time over Marie Louise was startling.

The most notable performance of the day was the fleet’s start. The HBYC race director requested his comments be passed to the fleet. After all the flag signals our race committee used to manage the multiple division start delays, watching the Classic fleet cleanly hit the start line on the button of 11:30 am was an impressive and rewarding sight.

The best news of the day was all our fleet of starters recorded a finish time. Thanks to the race committee foresight to shorten the race, our entire fleet squeeked across the finish with 1.15 minutes to spare.

A notable inclusion in the Race 3 fleet was the welcome return of the Amanda with Merella Curtis and Boyd Young. A strong performer within the Couta Boat Fleet, the Amanda took out the 2011 Portsea Cup and circumnavigated Tasmania in 2005.

Cyan’s race performance capped off a big weekend for her. Lead by her previous owner, Bill Manning from Sydney, a 50 strong team of Cyans Melbourne supporters, on the Royals lawn last Saturday afternoon, acknowledged 5 years of Craig Browns custodianship. The spirit of Australia’s Classic yachting, with Craig and his team of Cyan supporters could not be better shown.

A not forgotten big moment for Cyan under Bill Manning custodianship, was taking out the Best Yacht at Show second in the inaugural August 2001 Sydney Classic Yacht Association Concours event.

So on with our next race, a pursuit, from Royals on March 4. There will by some appropriate, but not too large, handicap changes made after Sundays race. When the March 4 group start times are generated the handicap used to calculate the start times will be published.

One extra item for March 4 race. I’m looking for spaces. We have 5 potential Association members from Beechworth North East. They are a team of Classic Yacht enthusiasts, with sailing experience. They want closer involvement with the Classic Yacht racing scene on a regular basis. We are always crying for regular crew. This is a not to pass up opportunity. Let me know early.

The Geelong Wooden Boat Festival. March 10 and 11

Entry activity is building.

The table for 10 I booked for the Sunday Dinner with Larry Pardy after dinner speaker is almost full.

Any more takers for this dinner who want the use the rare opportunity to catch up with other association members let’s know. We can arrange a couple more tables. So far there are 78 takers for 150 places.

Don’t forget the Association will have an onshore presence at this festival. We have one taker, Rod Fuller of Shamrock, to help out with our on shore presence. More would be welcome. The plan is to keep this presentation simple.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA Handicapper


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