CYAA 2014 Winter Series Race 4 Aug 3 Results and Series aggregate status

Attached are the results of the Classics August 3 2014 Winter Series Race 4 plus the aggregate status for the  Series and the Marie Louise III Consistency Trophy.

After gale winds and no winds during the week Port Phillip provided the Classic fleet with a light wind full of holes that allowed our RYCV Race Director David Leroy to send the fleet off with a not so clean start for some. But after missing out on two races the fleet was anxious to get going, some on port and some on starboard. Tolerance by some was the word for a short while after the start.

An indicator of where the wind was in the early race  part of the race was to see our 1897 topsail cutter Sayonara glide through the fleet to almost join Kingurra for line honours with her high jackyard topsail working. Her helmsman, Dave Allen reported only the top third of the top sail was working but that’s where the wind was as she took out corrected time honours by a significant margin over the fleet.

image009                      Photo Mark Chew                     Sayonara with tops’l set and ready

Phil Aitkins and his crew also worked the light conditions to Trims favour and kept her with the fleet leaders throughout the race. Trim, second on corrected time by a decent margin, showed the fleet how to handle light conditions.

Marie Louise III also did well on the first beat by staying away from the tide outflow to be third around the first mark and then kept herself going through the light conditions. Being the last through the wind gate after rounding mark O and by staying as high as possible after rounding 77 for the final time, to avoid the tide and wind holes, she was the first to pick up the making breeze on the final leg to take out the third placing on corrected time.

Taking out the sail of the day was Renene. After ghosting through the light conditions and being overtaken by the fleet leaders, Kent Bacon and his crew reported she came home with a storming 8 knots to make up time on the fleet and bring in a fourth placing on corrected.

Anne Batson with Geoff Martin and Karen Batson had Zephyr, the green Tumlaren, going well after staying away from the tide outflow and picked off several yachts after rounding the first mark. With a tight beat after Mark O Zephyr held her fleet position and shot 77 in true Tumlare` style.But for a small course navigation detail the day would have been theirs.

image010Photo Mark Chew                                    Zephyr and her navigators

Kingurra did well to pick off Mercedes III after the first mark but was done in and lost time in the unavoidable wind holes. However she could be considered as the wind litmus test for the fleet when on the final run to the finish she dropped her spinnaker and went on a tight reach over by Webb Dock. Both Trim and Marie Louise III noted this action to their advantage.

Fair Winds II was going well and gaining on Mercedes III but both were done in by the lack of wind at the wrong time. Mercedes III with sails suddenly aback while going for the finish was not a pretty sight.

After the loss of wind at Mark O, drifting set in for Tandanya and the Tumlare`s Snow Goose, Ettrick Dingo and Avian.  Bungoona and Pastime II were also knocked about by this problem. Loama with Peter Denniston on the helm kept her in a good position to be ready for the making breeze.


image012Photo’s Mark Chew                  Avian & Snow Goose

While approaching the Mark O, Rod Fuller had Shamrock going like a dream.  A great sight watching Shamrock going so well and on the way to taking out the race. Then whamo, no wind.  With a combination of no wind and outgoing tide Shamrock was done in.

The same went for Michael McTavish with Serifa and Clive Moulday’s Blackadder.  That lack of wind doesn’t help but both are there when the breeze is up.

One event that was also noticed by the fleet was the sight of Acrospire III out with the fleet. A scratch crew was put together to bring her out for a sail in ideal Acrospire III conditions.

So with slightly a shortened course Melbourne’s Classic Yacht fleet had another day of sunny winter racing and are ready for the next race of the series on August 17. All up some tight corrected times under light conditions showed how tight the racing is with our Classic Yacht fleet.

Keep in mind to send off your completed Association membership renewal request from Anne Batson. I’ve attached a 2014/2015 new membership form to assist those skippers and crews bring in  people who want to be involved with the Association and it’s world class Classic Yacht racing.

There’s also an event of some note taking place at Docklands on August 30 to celebrate Melbourne’s birthday. It’s a Regatta style blessing of the fleet.

So till next race August 17 where the handicaps including Loama’s will be reviewed.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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