CYAA 2014 Winter Series Race 3 Results and series status

Attached are the results of today’s pursuit race plus the status of the Series aggregate points and the Marie Louise III consistency trophy. Included with the pursuits race results  is an analysis of the today’s results used to obtain the ML III trophy points. This additional analysis is based on the actual on course time of each starter and uses the handicaps that would have been used if today’s race was not a pursuit race. Although not a true reflection of results from a mass start, these result’s, with the close corrected times groupings, will be part of the formula to allocate handicaps for the next race on July 20.

After the disappointment from the previous race where no wind conditions forced the postponement of Race 3 to be run on June 22, ideal 7-15 knot wind and sea conditions racing conditions was the word for the 22 Classic Yachts that started in yesterday’s pursuit start race.  A great result for Bob Munro and his hot shot team who crewed and helmed Tandanya to her decisive first home over the fleet. After a break from Classic Yacht, Tandanya hasn’t lost any of her previous race winning form to hold off Bungoona where Cameron Dorrough was hard at work till the end. The sight of Tandanya beating up to the Channel Mark 76 was the picture of the day. The one minute margin between these two finishers and their two minute margin over the rest of the fleet showed how well they both raced the lighter winds the early group starters had to handle.

Third home was Blackadder. While it could be said the sea and wind conditions were in Blackadder’s favour, Clive Moulday and his crew had extra task off making the extra distance Blackadder has to cover when working to windward beating than any other starter. This hard work paid off in spades. They were able to hold off the fast finishing Fair Winds II by 17 seconds and also put in the best corrected  time performance in the post-race analysis, again an indicator of how well she raced.

In addition to her fourth over the line other indicators to Fair Winds II race performance, under the helm of Mark Chew, was her placing at third for both her on course time and corrected time. With her support in bringing Scimitar home and her own pen docking efforts, the sail of the day must go to Fair Winds II.  Once again, Anne and Karen Batson, with a consistency noted by the handicapper, bought Zephyr home 40 seconds in front of a tight finishing group made up by Peter Lloyd’s Marie Louise III who over took Martini on the last leg to finish 7 seconds ahead of her. No doubt Martini with Michael Clark on the helm, with the better half of her crew missing, was not at full boil However they managed to hold off the fast charging Kingurra. Except for the last run, Kingurra was moving through the fleet all through the race particularly with an excellent one tack on the second beat to Channel Mark 76. She was the fastest Classic Yacht of the day with in on course time of 68 minutes and 6 seconds where the average on course time across the fleet was 87 minutes and 40 seconds.

A notable Loama crewing effort, after a suffice of liquid strength, by Joe Tuck and the boys was observed. No doubt it was this effort that bought, these mates since their kindergarten days, Joe Tuck, Peter Denniston and Matthew Fewster home a minute or so over the fast catching Boambillee. The George Fisscher and Michael Rhodes team put legs on Boambillee to reel the fleet in but a short stint of soft conditions did them in.


Avian and Boambillee

Another notable feature of the race was to have Rod Fullers H 28 Shamrock again racing with the fleet. On the runs Rod had Shamrock racing at her maximum and lost no ground to fleet. This hard work by Rod and his crew paid off with a one second take out of Peter McDonald’s Pastime II.

Avian came home next, driven hard with lee gunnel down water everywhere by those great men of Tumlare’ and tight mark rounding fame, Roger Dundas and Charlie Salter. No doubt, both will be receiving their dose on No Doz pills to help them “make it through night” the next race.

Martin Ryan and his top team worked hard on Mercedes III to bring her home with a second on elapsed on water time but to the observing handicapper was another victim to local soft conditions. Meaning, no soft handicap treatment next race.

Perhaps the need for soft treatment and a dose of the vapours must be given to Jim Hutchinson and Dingo. Two races in succession, Classic close calls have been Jim’s burden.

Another big event for this race was the return to the big picture with some in form racing by Kent Bacon and his crew on Renene. Her performance was another closely watched event by the handicapper as she held off Ettrick by 5 seconds.


Return of Renene

Closely watched events were also happening on Gordon Tait’s Ettrick. From Heidi’s had at work taking in the sheets after one particular tack, to 720’s after a Zephyr incident, the first ever in a Classic Race, to hard lee gunnel down in the gust’s, to what can happen next, take a look.


Among my souvenirs Heidi

Richard MacRae had Claire in top form in the conditions to hold of the Purcell family team on Scimitar. Today was the day where Scimitar was able to show how she can leave and return to her marina pen in engineless mode. Easily and a confidence learning curve is the word.

John Payne with his Swan crew made the race look a picture with her classic net boat looks and performance. Another Classic Yacht that didn’t lose ground on the runs.  Andy Indrans called out to the handicapper from Corio Vertue, “watch out I’ll be finishing the race” and finish he did.

Perhaps the big event of the day was the first ever time Classic Yacht racing appearance of Bluejacket by Doug Jenkin and his team. A great sight was seen by the fleet as Bluejacket sailed with the fleet with her flying and work jib in action. The handicapper didn’t do Bluejacket justice this race, so justice will be swift.

So that wraps up our Race 3. Next race, July 20. School holidays and inter-working with the ORCV Winter Series is now the go.

A couple of other comments is the notable performance by Richard Gates of Wanita in his Absolut and Graham Kelly of Kallara, on the helm of Eaglehawk in the HBYC Brass Monkey Series. Wanita will be leaving for Hobart soon.

One event that’s being supported by the CYAA is the celebration of the Norman Wright shipyard 105th year of operation. This is the shipyard where our Stradbroke II of Cup Regatta fame was designed and built. In a collaboration with our Queensland members the Association has put together a presentation on the Stradbroke II’s history to assist the Norman Wright shipyard with this event. This story will be posted on our Web site close to the event.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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