Classic Race 5 Revised start sheet

A short note about some additional Race 5 details to the Skippers and Crews of the Classics 2013 Summer Series.

The Hobsons Bay Yacht Club race committee vessel will the Alegria II. Bob Tanners yacht. HBYC race committee are conducting two club events that start and finish in the same time frame as our race. A committee vessel dedicated to our race will reduce the chance of race start delay problems.

Alegria II will be in the usual position around Port Melb. Channel Lateral 74. Prior to going on station she’ll be flying the large Classic Pennant and monitoring VHF chan. 73 for a call if you cannot find her.

We have an additional starter for Race 5, Kingurra. A revised start sheet, attached, has been issued.

Feedback has already been received about the race dates and longer race comments in the previous email. Suggestions made so far have been a race in January with a social theme and as a Festival of Sails warm up plus a 5-6 hour race. We could have a long and short course for this, it’s an opportunity for skippers and crews to race on other members Classics. In between our 2013 Summer and Winter series Hobsons Bay Yacht club have a race to St Leonards , May 11. They take entries from RYCV for this race. They would run a Classic trophy division. That comment applies to any of their races. The same idea could apply to RYCV. No comments yet received about an additional race in December.

Comments on the above suggestions or other Classic race format ideas welcome.

Keep in mind the Queenscliff Regatta March 23/24. This is another opportunity to race on other members Classic yachts in far different conditions to what we usually sail in at the top of the bay.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA Handicapper

Race 5 Entries and Handicaps (Revised)

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