Classic 2014 Summer Series Race 2 Entrants, handicaps and SI’s

Attached are the CYAA 2014/2014 Summer Series Race entrants and allocated Handicaps for Race 2 on Sunday November 16.

The race will be conducted for the Classic’s by the RYCV. The Classic’s race will be a combined start with the Lipton Cup Regatta Cruising division fleet.

This combined Classic/Lipton fleet race has been set up to allow CYAA yachts compete in both the Lipton Cup Regatta and the Classics Summer Series Race 2.

liptonTo celebrate the Classics 2014/2015 Summer Series Fleet racing with the 2014 Lipton Cup Regatta fleet the Col Bandy “Lipton Cup Trophy” will be awarded to the best performing Classic Yacht on corrected time in Race 2.

The Association has been in close communication and co-ordination with the RYCV Race Director to manage the combined start of the Classics and the Lipton Cup Regatta Cruising Divisions.


Please note the changes to the usual Classic’s Summer Series Sailing Instructions.

  1. The Sunday race start area is to the east of Port of Melbourne Channel Pile 11.
  2. The Sunday scheduled warning signal for the combined Classics and Cruising divisions is set for 1005 hrs.
  3. There are 2 Lipton Cup divisions ahead of the Classics and Cruising divisions. 0955 hrs warning for Divisions A&B. 1000 hrs warning for Divisions C&D including Sports boats and Trailables.
  4. The Classic and Cruising divisions E&F scheduled 1005 hrs warning signal time is dependent on no prior division general recalls.
  5. Keep away from the start area till the Classic & Cruising warning is signaled.
  6. Both the Classic Pennant and the Lipton Cruising Division Class Flag, code flag “U” will be flown as the combined start warning signals from the RYCV Thorsen Race committee vessel.
  7. Keep a listening watch on VHF Channel 69 for possible changes to warning signal times.
  8. One course only of 11.4 miles that includes two gates. A course map based on northerly wind is attached to the Sailing Instructions.
  9. The gate 1.25 miles windward of the start line is set up to keep prior divisions away from subsequent starting divisions. In practice keep a good lookout.
  10. Lipton Divisions A & B course is to the windward gate and then R2 to Outer Anchorage then P3. Divisions C & D have a similar course to the Classic and Cruising divisions.
  11. To assist Classic’s Race 2 starters, a map of the Cruising division course with a prevailing north wind has been provided with the SI’s. Note: the location of the start gate is wind direction dependent.
  12. The RYCV Race Director has warned of a possible shortened course for possible light wind strength reasons.
  13. Time limit of 1500 hours for first yacht to finish and 1600 hours for all yachts to finish.

The combined fleet of the Classic and Cruising divisions will number approx. 50 yachts. A list of Lipton Cup Regatta entrants is attached.

The Lipton Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions for divisions E & F are also included.

We have 3 additional starters with the Race 2 Classic Fleet. Frances with Peter Johns on the helm after her Cup Regatta best overall performance.  Leigh Norgates  Avalon a William Atkins Eric Junior design is again racing with us . Clive Moulday has Blackadder also back racing with us after her winning performance in the recent Winter Series.

Big day this Sunday. It’s all go. The RYCV car park will be full.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Summer Series Race 2 November 16 Sailing Instructions

Summer Series Race 2 November 16 Entries and Handicaps

2014 Lipton Cup Regatta Entrants

2014 Lipton Cup Regatta Cruising division SI

2014 Lipton Cup Regatta Cruising division SI Long course


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