2015/2016 CYAA Summer Series Race 6 Results and comments

Attached is a pdf that has the Race 6 comments. Too many pics for inclusion of pics in the mail out text body. A pdf had to be used.

Sorry for the publication of results and story delay. Next race I’ll work on having the preliminary and basic results promptly installed on the Classic Web Page to allow interested parties better access.

The post race 6 notes will be published in the RMYS E News newsletter as well. Maybe tonight.

All up race 6 was a good race. Everyone keeps learning more about their beloved Classic’s capabilities.

Our latest issue of the magazine has been posted. Issue 37 Anyone who feels they are missing out contact our secretary Ian Rose via the admin@classic-yacht.asn.au email address.

Next issue is being prepared for a July publication date. Stories and information about Classic Yachting world wide are welcome. Roger Dundas is the go to person with your story.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Race 6 Post race notes


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