CYAA 2016 Winter Series Race 2 May 15

RYCV and CYAA Logo Race 2

Attached on the Web site home page are the 2016 Winter Series Race 2 documents. A feature of this race will be new courses for Classic races conducted by the RYCV. These Race 2 documents are now on the CYAA Web site for download if required during the race. As night follows day the handicapper knows some skipper won’t bring them along. Trust your handicapper on this one

Also attached below is the pdf that has further details about race 2 plus the following info.

All the CYAA Magazines on now the Web site thanks to that great man Roger Dundas.

A story about Charlie Peel and the connection to the Sydney Wooden Boat people, Simon Sabudin and Tom Courtney and their Judith Pihl restoration. An extract from the CYAA 2008 presentation dinner is attached that shows how the CYAA recognises the work and contribution Charlie Peel has made to yachting in Australia.

A short comment about the Alwyn and her recent race from Williamstown to St. Leonards has been included to show what fun was had by Michael McTavish and Catherine North of Serifa

Race 2 pre race notes.



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