Admirals Cup 50th Anniversary Regatta Status Dec 27

Regatta wrap up video. Kingurra in full race mode on Sydney harbour is terrific. Makes all the work to have Kingurra participate in this Regatta worthwhile. This Robert Baker image of Kingurra on Sydney Harbour, at her powerful best,  made the cover page of the Jan 2018 issue of Afloat magazine.

VIDEO: Admiral’s Cup 50th Regatta

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Mercedes III on Sydney Harbour Photo SpotaYacht

Pics of Admirals Cup Regatta from Nicole Shrimpton







Regatta report by Phil Brown

Our 3 day regatta was a success but was marred by a collision at start of the first race by Rob Brown (AC crewman in 1979 on Impetuous when Australia also won the Admirals Cup) steering Impetuous coming into the start on Port (idiot move) planning to tack to cross the line but delaying doing so until too late and crashing into the next Starboard boat – which was Caprice of Huon, putting him onto Port so he hit the next Starboard boat which was Ragamuffin. Fortunately Ragamuffin just managed not to go over onto Port as well otherwise there would have been more mayhem and damage to more boats. A crewman on Impetuous was sent to hospital with a badly cut and broken leg after the mainsheet track broke loose in the collision and pinned his leg. Not an auspicious start for the regatta. It blew over 30 Kn from the NE that day so some exciting spinnaker rides were had by most back from the top mark at Manly. On Anitra V we blew up our spinnaker sheet/brace clip with a loud bang during an exciting ride in 28 Kn square running down the Harbour and were left only with ropes with eye spliced ends – no metal remnants. I understand Mercedes III had some interesting gear failures too. On the Saturday coastal race to Long Reef the fleet had to contend with a large wind hole outside North Head and a nasty seaway put up by the previous day’s big breeze whilst trying to beat North. Norman Rydge (82 yrs) steering his old boat Lorita Maria was heard to comment that they must have moved Long Reef further up the coast – he could not remember it being so far North! The breeze did fill in well from NE and blew 25+Kn in the afternoon. The Sunday race was started at Noon in no wind but eventually turned into a brisk Nor’easter to give a two kite run race which was finished early at Shark Island cutting out the last two legs of shy kite run and beat to the finish line. Despite various the difficulties the sailing participants all seem to have had a good weekend regatta.

The Friday evening dinner was a great success with 265 people seated and 6 out of the original 25 Australian team crew members from 1967 boats at the dinner. From the 1967 crew of Balandra Anthony Crighton Brown (son of Sir Robert CB owner of Balandra) who travelled from London, Peter Doran who also travelled from London, Bruce Gould and Peter Hemery who are active RSYS members and live in Sydney. From Caprice of Huon we had  Doug Patterson and John Wigan but unfortunately none of the originals from Mercedes III. Scott Kaufman (son of Ted Kaufman owner of Mercedes III) came from New York and steered Mercedes III in the Regatta. Some of the other notable attendees are in their nineties – Gordon Ingate, Mick York and Bill Psaltis all of whom were in the 1965 AC Team. The sons of the original team boat owners – Anthony Crighton Brown, Scott Kaufman and the Reynolds brother (sons of Gordon Reynolds who had chartered Caprice of Huon from Gordon Ingate for the 1967 series) to loud applause jointly carried into the room the “Guest of Honour” which was the original Admirals Cup looking magnificent in it’s gold plated splendour and just the week before brought to Australia by the current Commodore of the CYCA.

Race 2 Results Points score after Race 1 and Race 2. Race 3 Pursuit start time allocations

Say what you want. This is what counts. The  real results as authenticated on the Admirals Cup Trophy on display at the RSYS.


A snap of the ACAR “Red Hot Go” awarded to Kingurra

Kingurra team all aboard at RSYS prior to the pursuit start race at SASC










Race 3 report from Martin Ryan

Race 3 , Sunday . Pursuit start from midday .
A reach for 10 minutes , some with/without spinnakers . Didn’t seem to make a difference . Then off to Manly in umpteen different breezes . The small boats got the best of it . So this long beat was followed by a run in a building breeze . M lll hadn’t passed or been passed . Next leg on the w]ind where Sagacious and a couple of other backmarkers passed us . A run to the finish with Mercedes lV , Love & War ,  Salacia ll and Mercedes ll were neck and neck . Some great photos to come .
Presentation at Sasc after a bbq . Cyaa acknowledged for its support . Great photos of participants , and 67 participants prominent .

Expect a portfolio of photos .
See Spot a yacht , Admirals Cup 50th…………

Bucketing in Sydney today , so timing is everything .

Race 2 report from Martin Ryan

A 10.30am start in the Harbour with breeze gusting to 20 k , and all but 2 starters carrying a no. 3 , expecting the breeze to build outside . One of the 2 had a reef and the other was Kingurra .

Mercedes lll started right on the committee boat , the favoured end , on starboard , with no pesky tumlarens calling up or barging . A perfect start , Scott , rolling over the top of the two leeward boats within 100 metres . Tacking towards the heads was straightforward . M lll was mid fleet with Kingurra 4 boats back , having started mid line . Local knowledge critical . M lll kept close to the south head with the four boats to windward going up and down in the same spot . A loooooong beat in very lumpy seas . Wind varied between 12 and 20k and each time we discussed changing the headdie , it would build . Only sail change in the fleet was shaking out the reef . After more than 2 hours of beating , M lll rounded the first mark about 10 boat lengths ahead of Kingurra .

An exciting ride under spinnaker towards the Heads , with Kingurra mostly a boat length to windward . Some polite exchanges from our back end to keep clear , yes , they were polite .

Kingurra Gybed just in front and our limited foredeck crew , I was in front of the mast , took a tad longer , tightening the run in . Compound that with some gear failure , clearing south head became exciting . I didn’t get the insurance policy out , rather the prayer book . All good , we settled the boat but with some stresses which we had not experienced before .

Kingurra finished some minutes before us .

A quick wash and glass at RSYS whilst a couple of crew had a snooze and then a motor to CYCA pond for show . By then it was bucketing so the bbq was under cover . Another great night , and Sir James there until stumps .

Kingurra Race stories

Race 1. We got 3rd in the first race but retired after it was pointed out we missed a mark. We sailed well and would have dropped to 5th if we had sailed the extra 200m to the correct mark.

Race 2. 14th done in by sloppy seas outside Sydney heads.

Race 3.  Started in a little wind which dropped out in the middle of the harbor. It was apursuit and all the bigger boats caught up but the smaller boats in front kept the breeze, I think… so we ended up 2nd last today. Cheers Ian

Kingurra’s race 2 battle with Too Impetuous.

A story on their finish with Too Impetuous 16 seconds ahead of Kingurra as seen through the eyes of AIS. 

Kingurra leads too Impetuous Race 2

Too close to call

Too Impetuous fights back 1:40pm

Kingurra passes Too Impetuous 1:35 pm

Kingurra closing in on Too Impetuous 1:30pm

Kingurra still a chance to take Too Impetuous 1:25pm

Kingurra chasing the fleet leaders 1:10pm

Race 2 fleet status with AIS approx 1:00pm



























Click on the Nigel Sharp photo for the full size image of Mercedes III on Sydney Harbour with her full of imagery spinnaker. No race 1 results available. Today Race 2 , the Caprice of Huon Trophy, a short ocean race conducted by CYCA. Social function is an after race BBQ at CYCA.

Race 3, the Mercedes III Trophy will be an inshore pursuit start race conducted by the Sydney Amateurs

Race 1 Balandra Trophy report from Martin Ryan
Race 1 : 20 to 25 knot north easterly in the Harbour . A cluster of yachts on the wind on the line on starboard . News from the bar was that Impetuous on port hit Caprice of Huon on starboard forcing her on to port and in to other starboarders . Caprice had daylight through some planks , retired and no more Regatta .
Mercedes lll . We were 20 metres to leeward of this and just laid the buoy on starboard . Received plenty of dirty wind for first few hundred metres . We settled with boat enjoying the conditions , no particular gains or losses from our bets . Long beat into manly we rounded one place behind Vittoria . A good spinnaker run with new no. 2 . Next beat we made up three places but with seconds between us . Could not have improved on that . Call from the back was “no spinnaker” so we goose winged the no. 3 jib . Lost 2 places to other goose winged , lighter boats .
Kingurra started close to the boat end in clear air and to windward of mix up . Looked great standing up straight with a number 3 . Should have placed well . On cyaa handicap system they would have beaten us comprehensively .
The star guest of the Regatta dinner was the Admirals Cup itself which arrived 2 weeks ago with a great letter from Eddie at RORC.
Race 1 start line collision collision between Caprice of Huon and Impetuous.
Below is a note from the ACAR Committee to the SASC Club Captain regarding the collision between Caprice of Huon and Impetuous
I am obliged to report to you, in your role as Club Captain, a start-line incident in the first race of the Admiral’s Cup Regatta on Friday 1 December.
There was port-and-starboard collision in which Caprice of Huon was damaged and forced to retire. The other yacht, Impetuous, also retired. There was a major injury to one crewman caused by consequent on-board disarray.
Everyone involved acted in accordance with established procedure. The SASC Race Officers made a complete and contemporaneous log of the radio communications. The skipper of the yacht on which the injury occurred took proper and immediate steps to deliver the crewman to professional medical care.
The Regatta Committee has advised the skippers of the yachts involved that they are required to make a full report to the relevant maritime authority.
David Salter
Admiral’s Cup Anniversary Regatta Committee


For pics of Mercedes III relaunch on Weds at Woolwich Marina Click on link.

Mercedes III Thurs Nov 30 11:30pm

Regatta briefing held at 6pm at SASC . Approx. 50 attendees , including Patron Jim Hardy who is sailing in the Regatta .
M lll crew met at RSYS at 3.30pm . Scott Kaufman ,skipper , Carl Ryves , Mike Fletcher , Peter Dorman (Balandra 1967) and our crew . Ant Chrichton -Brown arrived tonight and we leave dock at 11am for 1pm start . M lll requires 1 hour work beforehand .
Kingurra had 2 senior crew at briefing with Ian expected late tonight .
Look for initial article in The Australian tomorrow .
Nigel Sharp of Classic Boat m,agazineis on rib tomorrow so expect some photos .

Mercedes Tues Nov 29 10;06 pm

Mercedes III arrived early Tuesday . Daniel and I got to Woolwich around midday . She was fine and no one hit the mast . Her bow had been lowered as pulpit breached maximum height . Mark Anderson came out of retirement to drive the truck on short notice as all other drivers committed .
Woolwich dock photos will be amazing , contrasting Wild Oats and M lll . Will try to get you a daily note , you’re not impressed , I think I said the same for Cowes . Should be able to send photos taken by ……someone’s phone !
Will advise of some special support when announced . Pretty special .
Good night

Kingurra Tues Nov 29 9:05pm

Kingurra is on a swing mooring that belongs to RSYS approx 200m  NNE of the club..

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