2018 Cup Regatta

2018 Cup Regatta Results and Col Bandy Perpetual Trophy status after Race 2
Tony Blake Perpetual Trophy Aggregate Status after Race 2


2018 Cup Regatta Notice to Competitors Issue 2 Posted on RYCV Notice Board Nov 3 0800hrs
2018 Cup Regatta Notice #2  Nov 2 5:00pm
RMYS will be conducting a club race starting at 2:00pm Sat Nov 3. Club rounding marks will used.
Parks Victoria Notice to Mariners 301(T) – 2018. The isolated danger mark that normally sits off St Kilda, north of RMYS D Mark  is currently on St Kilda beach next to the pier.
2018 Cup Regatta Notice #1 Nov 2 12 noon
“CYAA and RYCV Race director have discussed the current BOM Forecast  for strong wind strength conditions on  Port Phillip for Saturday Nov 3.
The current BoM forecast for strong wind conditions for Saturday indicate the local forecats wind strength to moderate overnight . Based on the predicted westerly wind strength of 19 knots by BoM Met Eye for Hobsons Bay on Saturday 2018 Cup Regatta racing will proceed as scheduled. Briefing at 0845.
CYAA and RYCV Race Director will monitor BoM Port Phillip forecasts for any changes that will be adverse to Cup Regatta racing on Saturday.”
Cup Regatta Race 1 Entries and allocated handicaps. Handicaps for Races 2 to 4 will be based on the previous race Changed Handicap Calculation. Race 5 Group start time allocations will be based on the race 4 results. for a race of 90 minutes average fleet duration

Tony Blake Perpetual Trophy Aggregate Status Before Race 1

Take a look at the pre launch status of the 2018 Cup Regatta

Last notes prior to launch of 2018 Cup Regatta

2018 Cup Regatta Program. Program only version

A five page edition of the 2018 Cup Regatta event program has been posted

Click here for the official 28 page full version.  Contains all Cup Regatta sailing Instructions and course descriptions and maps. This program book is now posted.  Hard copies will be presented to skippers at the Cup Regatta dinner and at the Saturday 0845 pre-race briefing.

To know more about the race schedule and course of the Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Championship event take a look at the Sailing Instructions for this event

Cup Regatta mail out Oct 23

2018 Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions now posted

2018 Cup Regatta Entries and allocated handicaps for Race 1

2018 Cup Regatta Notice of Race

Entry form for racing and social event booking 

Tony Blake Perpetual Trophy Aggregate status after Summer Series Race 2


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