2014 Cup Regatta Press Release and other stories

News of the Classic’s 2014 Cup Regatta has hit the street. Take a look.


The press release image credit and story text could be improved but it gets the story out. It’s gone to Australia, NZ and the UK. For a better take of the PR sent to Sail world I’ve attached the pdf of the story. This pdf will go to the local keel boat yacht clubs. Pass it on to other groups as well. If members what a High Resolution copy of the poster in A3 size lets know.

Below is more Cup Regatta news and activity for our Association members. Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions and Course Documentation has been sent for installation on the Associations Web site. To be sure I’ll attach all the doco to this mail. I’ve also attached the current Docklands Marina Berth allocations. Some of the entrants have indicated they will be a no show at Docklands. I’m yet to confirm of the Tums Snow Goose and Dingo can make it up. In the morning Tums are towed down the river.

Any Cup Regatta Doco corrections deemed required let’s know.

October 26

2014 Cup Regatta Update

image002Cup Regatta Entries

This year the Cup Regatta will be the venue for a unique Classic Yacht racing event, the return of Sayonara Cup racing on Port Phillip. Don’t miss out on being part of this where Sayonara, Acrospire III and Frances return us to those days of the Golden era of Australia’s yacht racing on Port Phillip.

Still time for entries.

There will be $2500 of sponsor trophies being raced for at this Cup Regatta.

So get to it.

Here’s the To Do list for all our Classic skippers

  1. Enter the Regatta
  2. Advise numbers for Cocktail Party at Docklands on Friday evening, 6.30pm – 8.30pm
  3. Advise numbers for BBQ at RYCV on Monday afternoon.

Docklands Marina Berth allocations

Berth allocations will be submitted to the Melbourne City Management on Monday. The CYAA provide all the individual skipper contact details to allow the Marina management send out the Marina facilities access codes and the berthing terms and conditions. While the Marina will provide a work boat to assist with berthing help from other members will be the go. A berth allocation plan will be sent to all skippers intending to tie up at Docklands on Wednesday Oct 29.

Pens will be available from Friday or earlier by arrangement with the Marina. Some boats are arriving on Thursday.

All yachts are encouraged to FLAG UP: CYAA flag, buntings, Australian flag, NZ flag, corporate flag…Let’s show Docklands that we are having a Regatta

Inter Association Challenge:

The draw for the allocation of the 6 RYCV Sail Training Elliot 5.3 craft will take place during the Friday lunch time BBQ at the RYCV. All the planning for this event has been in the capable hands of Dave Allen.

Below are the teams for the Challenge to be the Cock team of the Associations where the Skipper receives the well appointed and lusted for Classic Gear Bag, hand made for the Cup Regatta by the New Zealand Sailmaker Bud Nalder.

Aust:       Dave Allen (Sayonara)

Peter Bowe (Mercedes III)

NZ:         Martin Robertson (CYANZ) Bruce Tantrum, John Duder

Gregory Schultz (CYANZ) Charles Clark, TBA

Coutas:   Joe Tuck, Matthew Fewster and Peter Denniston (Loama)

Tas. Classics    Justin Barr, Glenn Stewart and James Cowmeadow (Caraid)

Guineas Cup:

Coutas :                C97 (Jeff Richardson) and Gemfish (Phil Edwards/Nigel Abbott)

Classics:               Boambillee (George Fisscher and Michael Rhodes) Mercedes III (Martin Ryan)

If you are coming up on Friday afternoon, hang around and watch the Inter Association Challenge and the Guineas from 3pm to approximately 4.30pm, trying to keep away from the start line action is a hard call. In particular watch the action on the Race committee vessel. Starting 6 x 20 minute races within one hour, recording 10 finishes in a space of 1 minute for each of 6 races is the go.

Social Functions.

As previously noted let David McKenzie or the handicapper know your intentions to be on the scene of the social functions. We need your input to confirm catering plans.

To minimise function booking procedures all we ask for is prepayment for the group of the people skippers nominated on the 2014 Cup Regatta entry form. No names required, we’re all strong enough to introduce ourselves. Our Treasurer will be available to sort out the function entry payment for those attending with no pre booking. Make yourself known to David McKenzie.

If you can’t do the Regatta, make sure you come to the social events, support the CYAA, swap stories and have fun.

Cup Regatta Race Documentation.

All prepared and soon to be posted on the Web. Lot’s of it. The documentation consists of the first race entry list with handicaps, 4 sets of Sailing Instructions and a PDF with 9 course maps plus a poster prepared for us by Celia Dymond. Celia crews for Jim Hutchinson on the Tumlare Dingo.

The entry list and allocate handicaps have been prepared. This entry and handicap list will be issued later in the week due to possible late entries may be updated Every series we have last minute entries, why should this 2014 Cup Regatta be any different.

The Cup Regatta documentation will also be sent to the handicappers mail out list.

Cup Regatta courses

The courses have been prepared to allow all entrants to complete two races each day and for after race socialising at Docklands. As much windward work as possible has been squeezed in. The course locations stay at the top of the bay and are set up to keep the entire fleet in view during the race. All first race starts are scheduled for 10:00am and will involve a windward beat to a gate. The gate will be sailed through in the same direction as when starting. Either mark of the gate can be rounded to run down to the course proper. The colour of the gate marks is TBA. All finishes will be at the RYCV Marina. If sea conditions prevent morning racing then the first race will start at 1:30pm.

Interstate and International Visitors.

Caraid will be raced by Bobby Barrs family who are travelling up from Hobart. One of our Elliots will be crewed by the Caraid team. As former Dragon title holders they are working with Joe Tuck and the boys to represent the Couta Boat Association.

We have an 11 strong Kiwi team on the way. Under the skippering of Tony Blake some of this CYANZ team will pushing Fair Winds hard to take our Cup Regatta trophies from us. They are staying at Docklands for the Cup Regatta duration.

Jeff Richardson of the Couta Boat C97 has one of his Couta Boat mates from Perth flying in for the occasion.


One feature of the Classic Cup Regatta is the opportunity for sponsors to share with us a repeat of the racing action that took place on Port Phillip, 50 to 100 years ago on Port Phillip.

image004We have the Bud Nalder, Sailmaker from New Zealand donating  Classic Gear Bags for the best performer in Inter Association Invitational Team event. Dave Allen who took out for the 2013 Event will receive a specially made trophy from Bud Nalder this year.




Col Anderson operator of Doyle Sails loft  in Melbourne, owner of Acrospire III and our Classic Yacht sail specialist has put up Vouchers the best performing Classic Yacht as deemed by the handicapper.



ausailAus Sailmakers, a supporter of previous Cup Regattas, has also put up vouchers for Classic Yachts who put in notable Cup Regatta performances.



cookieKaren Batson, crews the Tumlare Zephyr with sister Anne is the Classics Restaurateur plus. Karen supports the 2014 Cup Regatta with a dinner for two at her electric restaurant Cookie for the Concours Trophy as judged by our CYANZ visitors.



taitGordon Tait, skipper of the Tumlare Ettrick, operates TAIT, a Melbourne high end outdoor furniture design and fabrication facility. Gordon has put up a contribution to assist with the conduct of the Regatta. Take a look madebytait.com.au

tinaAndy Doolan of Tina of Melbourne has put up the provision of Neverfail bottled water to assist the with the requirement for Classic Yacht to carry 10 litres of water while racing. A special note here is that Tina will be off ocean racing once again with the 2014 Sydney to Hobart fleet. This weekend she’ll be taking part in a qualifying race to Portland.

markcMark Chew of Fair Winds, has put together a collection of images of our Classic Yacht fleet skippers and crews in full race concentration mode. The collection had been collated into a poster  and framed. The poster will be on display at the Cup Regatta opening function ahead of a special that night. A repeat auction will be at Presentation BBQ on Monday at the RYCV. Last year Mark’s posters were auctioned off by Jeff Richardson  of C97 with great applause.

A special 2014 Sydney to Hobart note is required here. Mark is part of the team on the Cookson designed, A Cunning Plan, entered in this year’s S2H. He’ll be away for the Cup Regatta weekend doing the Portland S2H qualifying race.

Attached is a PR release that will go out to all Port Phillip Keel Boat Yacht Clubs and Sail World Australia to notify the world the Classic 2014 Cup Regatta is on.

It’s all go.


Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

2014 Cup Regatta action update Oct 26

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