10 Days to Departure

What a great day yesterday was. Exactly what Classic Yacht Racing should be about.

(Gordon Tait)

Having sailed our last race of the summer yesterday morning we spent the afternoon loading up Fair Winds with all the gear for a slow and steady circumnavigation of Tasmania. The trip is unofficially titled “The Fishing and Expensive Whiskey Cruise to Hobart” and so one of the first items on board is the Cray Pot very kindly leant by Tim Phillips at The Wooden Boat Shop. By the time this is strapped down the dingy is on board and the life raft loaded on the lovely expanses of teak deck space that we have enjoyed since getting back from New Caledonia start to disappear again.  Add the dodger and Philip Rhodes would be sad to see how we transform his beautiful lines into a cargo boat.

There is still a fair amount to sort out, and the provisioning to be done. How much we rely on the skills of the fishermen on board is a bit of a question.  Based on past experience we will be conservative in this regard….Crew of Six with only four sea berths is going to be cosy but I can’t wait!





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