CYAA 2012 Winter Series Race 5 Starters, Handicaps and Sailing Instruction for Race 5 June 24 and local Assoc news (Posted 21.6.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of the classic 2012 winter series,

Attached are the entry and handicaps plus the sailing instructions for Race 4 of the 2012 Winter Series.

Sunday’s race will be conducted for the Association by Royals with David LeRoy, race director.

The weather being forecast for Sunday doesn’t look good. We will be in touch with David LeRoy early Sunday for his decision on conducting the race. I’ll send a note to the skippers if his decision is to postpone the race to another day.

There’s been a big three week maintenance effort put into Martini by Ross Clark and his crew. As we know there always seems to be more backward steps than forwards steps with boat maintenance. Ross took several rather large backward steps. Not a problem for Ross. Martini looks a picture and is all set for Sunday. One item still to be completed, the memo to the handicapper. Maybe I can write one for him. Something about a request for a lower handicap as my workshop and push bikes are no longer on board with me and I’ll now have to cope with this lost in space feeling, that should do the job.

Our 2012 Melbourne Cup Regatta preparation activities are under way.

We’ve had pre-commitments from several skippers already. Serious moves are happening to bring our world class 8 metre fleet into the Regatta. Tim Phillips is bringing Storm Bay up. Helen Lovett is returning to defend Oneone’s 2011 Regatta overall takeout. Mark Bergin’s doing great things to bring about a significant Couta boat fleet presence. So far 12 Kiwi’s from the NZ Classic Yacht Association have committed. We have people coming from other states to sail with us.

The H28 Association has accepted the invitation to sail with us in the Regatta to help the Classics Association celebrate the 70th year of the H28.

By Regatta time the Tumlaren fleet should be strengthened by at least one more vessel.

Our Regatta cocktail reception venue at Royals for Friday Nov 2 has been booked. Pip Todd will be managing the function for us.

The race programme is not finalised. At this time there will be the Guineas race on the Friday plus some PR and press coverage activity for us arranged by Mark Bergin. There will be the usual two races on Sunday with the pursuit on Monday. The debate is about the Saturday race format. One or two. We are leaning towards two around the usual RMYS marks. This gives us some leeway to still have a Saturday race if the morning weather is a problem. Your Regatta committee is looking at ways to bring all the members home clubs into the Regatta programme.

By the time the Regatta comes around our 2012/2013 Summer Series will be running

Roger Dundas has completed the assembly of the articles for the latest issue of our Association’s flagship magazine. He has passed his hard work on to Mark Chew’s Blue Boat sales promotion company for formatting, then it’s off to the printers.

An order for 50 sewn Classic Yacht Association pennants has been submitted to local flag maker Ivor Evans. Same as those previously made for us by Ivor Evans, 22” long 11 “ on the hoist. They will run at about a bit over $50.00. We can easily order more if there’s a run on them. We ordered 4 x 7’6” pennants as well for flying on the Royals and HBYC signal mast when we race and for clubs when conducting races for us.

For those in the know the Vic State Gov’t Dept of Consumer affairs has some new Incorporated Associations legislation to take effect July 1. David McKenzie, our association administrator, has processes in hand to comply with these recent changes. The Consumer Affairs website has all the Incorporated Association legislation changes listed.

July 1 is also the start date for the new Vic Gov’t Dept. of Transport, Marine Safety regulations. What’s happening can be chased up on the DOT Marine Safety web site.

Another round of Association subscription renewal will be issued soon a bit earlier than previously to minimize the administration and membership burden required by the 3 sets of fees, Subs, regatta and summer series. Our race entry fees may have to increase, Royals have given us notice of their cost increases.

That’s all for now.

Hope we have some decent sailing conditions on Sunday


Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA Handicapper


Sailing Instructions (RYCV)

Entries and Handicaps (RYCV) Issue 1

Ivor Evans pennant with measurements

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