Classics Summer Series Race 2 Results and Points status (Posted 22.10.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of the Classics 2012/2013 Summer Series

Attached are the results of Race 2 plus aggregated the Series and “Marie Louise III” Consistency points score. This race was the inaugural Anchorage Marina Classic Yacht Challenge.

Must be brief but after a shaky start and a serious near miss, as the fleet went through the HBYC two handed start line, the race evolved into picking the right location to tack in the 3 windward beats.

“Bungoona”, under the helm of Cameron Dorrough, was finally given the wind conditions to let her underwater design profile work. She looked a picture, steaming, under a hard windward beat with lee gunnel down. Taking it to “Mercedes III” and “Pastime II”, by Joe Tuck and the boys on “Loama”, during the running start and the first windward beat was another standout feature of the race.

Being caught out by the end of race wind conditions, the final results don’t give credit to other performances, such as “Avian” and “Serifa”, till her gear problem. “Pastime II” almost knocked off “Mercedes III” for line honours. “Marie Louise III” again sailed to her optimum performance. The fluky wind at the finish didn’t help “Wanita” who , when close to the finish, had “Marie Louise III”. Another noted performance was that by “Jan”. Except for a stuffed up start, she took on the wind conditions to sail close to her optimum capabilities that would have put her mid fleet on corrected time.

After her recovery from a headsail sheet problem “Cyan” picked up big time. At one time she looked a danger to “Marie Louise III”, but for fluky winds. The same fluky wind story applied to both “Martini” and “Zephyr”.

Hard crew work on “Sayonara” paid off to keep her sailing higher than normal in the gusty conditions. We must look softly over her handicap.

The day was finished off with a great turn out by Association Skippers and Crews for the after race session over at the Anchorage Marine where Cameron Dorrough was presented with the winners plaque, by owner Scot O’Hare, to recognise the sail of the day by “Bungoona”. Congratulations to Cameron and his crew who bought “Bungoona” home. A great day for “Bungoona”. Some images of the trophy presentation to Cameron will be posted separately on the Web site

That’s it for the Summers Series till November 25.

Now for the Cup Regatta.

The entries officially close off next Wednesday. To those intending to join in, let’s know. We have 14 Kiwis coming over to race with us and big Tasmanian contingent coming up to take on the locals with Bob Barr’s “Caraid”. Carl Defina’s team from Sandringham has also prepared “Anitra” to challenge the fleet. An interstate team coming down from Sydney are all set to put “Sayonara” to the test.

With the Regatta welcome Cocktail function on Friday pm Nov 2, we can handle last minute show ups but it will play hell with the catering aspect. Let’s know your intentions sooner than later, especially if there are plans to stay on for the ala carte dinner. The Royals dining room has been reserved by the Association for the Friday Cocktail and Dinner. Name tags will be provided at the door for the complimentary cocktail reception bar service.

Sailing Instructions for the Regatta will be generated next week. They’ll be emailed to entrants and posted on our Cup Regatta web site page. First event, the Guineas on Friday pm, we will have “Mercedes III” and “Pastime II” defending the honour of the Association against the Couta Boat Association. Going by the Race 2 performance, the Couta people will need to sail well to knock off our team. Visitor tie up space will be provided by Royals. As a courtesy let me know your intentions as Royals yard people would like to know ahead of your showing up, to look after you.

That’s it for the moment

Oh! One last item. Your handicapper, who you all know and love, was persuaded to submit an entry into a writing competition. The subject was about an eleven year old at Luna Park. Stuffed if I know how, but the judges, when awarding the entry as the story of the competition, said that on first sighting me, they knew who wrote that story. If anyone is interested, I’ll have Scott McDonald put it on our Web site for a couple of days.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper


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