Classics 2012 WinterSeries Race 6 results and Series Points aggregate (Posted 21.8.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of the Classics 2012 Winter Series.

Attached are the results for Race 6 Aug 19 and series aggregate points status with a one race drop now included.

Often the term “Corinthian Sailing” is used when Classic Yacht racing is promoted and discussed. That term could be used to describe our fleet in yesterdays race. From the show case pre-race manoeuvres alongside Station Pier and Beaconsfield Parade to the extra tight over the finish line battle, competitive racing in the Classic Fleet is now a known feature of racing on Port Phillip.

With 22 starters and close racing, our fleet made the most of the starting breeze to make and round the first mark in good order, in spite of the strong Yarra River outflow. After race reports of near misses on rig take downs and being caught on port showed how unusually strong the river outflow was.

Those who sailed with the outflow when the breeze died came out on top. For once a later breeze build up favoured the fleets backmarkers allowing them come up for a robust finish. A great scene with several of our fleet all beating to the finish Unfortunately 3 of our fleet were done, in as  the breeze rebuild line didn’t reach them in time. Commiserations to the Clive Moulday team on  “Blackadder”, Greg Hynes on his Stella “Jan” by 600mtrs and Andy Indrans on “Corio Vertue” by 200mtrs.

Our Hobsons Bay YC race committee made an after race comment about the sight of our fleet beating their way to a tight finish, It’s a scene they always wait for.  Yesterday they weren’t disappointed.

Comments were received about watching ,”Marie Louise” after some sharp crew action to avoid being eaten up by the fast finishing Craig Brown team on “Cyan”, followed, by a wistful gap of 0.01 of a minute, by Bob Munro’s crew Tandanya. Then followed by Ross Clark and Michael Williams working “Martini” hard by 0.65 of a minute and then “Bungoona” being tight sailed by Cameron Dorough’s team.

The sail of the day went to “Acrospire”. Reaching off with the river outflow set after the St. Kilda mark, Col Anderson, put an extra mile into “Acrospire’s” course to keep her sailing. Unfortunately the river outflow, even out by the shipping channel, was too strong for her to hit the shortened course finish line in one beat. “Ettrick” with Doug Jenkin keeping her from losing sail power in the occasional choppy conditions, came home with enough time to take out the corrected time honours.

Congratulations to Doug for the corrected time win and to Col Anderson for bringing home “Acrospire” to take out line honours.

The moment of the day was seeing “Bungoona” towing of two engineless yachts back home against the river set, along with another unknown yacht from our fleet also bringing  two engineless craft home. The river outflow set was no problem, but still hard work, for “Bungoona’s” strong 40 horses. An excellent example of our fleet watching out for one another.

Published results of yesterdays race

The 2012 Winter Series final race, a pursuit start, is scheduled for Sept 9 with an after race get together on the Royals lawn.

Looking over the aggregate points status, with weather permitting, a tight race to take out the series aggregate will be on hand.

Our Cup Regatta, The Notice of Race will be out shortly. The Friday Nov 2 Cocktail reception, Nov 5 BBQ and entertainment details being sorted out.

A quick comment on the special Classic Boat Magazine subscription to members.

The August print issue has been received and the digital September issue has been available since Aug 15.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper.


Some pictures from Pastime II


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