Classics 2012 Winter Series Race 6 Aug 5 (Posted 3.8.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of the Classic 2012 Winter Series

Attached are the Entries, Handicaps and Sailing Instructions for Race 6 on Aug 5 of our 2012 Winter Series.

The race will be conducted for the Association by the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria. Racing evolutions, under control of the RYCV Race Director, David LeRoy, are scheduled to begin with the warning gun at 10:25 am. The RYCV race committee vessel “Thorsen” will be on station in the vicinity of the POMC Lateral channel Mark 76.

Although our last race was shortened and half the starters were recorded as DNF, some handicap changes have been made. Overall, the relationship of the Classics assigned handicaps compared to those in the book I keep based the Yachting Victoria Handicap formula for local racing is close, overall fleet average of 1%.

Some other news, 1st 2012 Regatta organising activity and 2nd a member subscription offer from the Classic Boat magazine people.

The 2012 Regatta publicity poster and program have been printed. They will be displayed on the Royals lawn deck notice board after the results of Race 6 are announced. A reduced file size digital copy of these documents will be sent out the Victoria members with the Race 6 post race comments. The Regatta poster will be sent to keel boat yacht clubs around the bay for notice board display.

Next up is the Classic Boat Magazine subscription offer.

The Association was approached by Chelsea Publishing, the relatively new publishers of Classic Boat Magazine, with a membership based printed subscription offer. This offer is part of Chelsea’s campaign to develop their Australian subscription base. The Association Exec. took this subscription offer up as a bonus to CYAA membership.

The Association will not be an offer intermediary. All communication and fee payments will be directly between those interested in taking the offer up and Classic Boat Magazine subscription managers.

The first round of the offer is going out to the Victoria membership only. Our national members will be notified shortly by email. For non email members the offer will be posted out with the membership subscription renewal notice.

The printed subscription offer is $74.00 for 12 issues. The lowest priced offer ever offered by the publishers, anywhere. The publishers claim this offer will remain at that level, come renewal time.

The digital subscription to Classic Boat is $46.00 for 12 issues. Close to the publishers current introductory offer, it remain at that fee for CYAA members.

I’ve taken out both print and digital subscriptions to see how the process worked. Both offers send sign up confirming emails. No problems with the print offer take up. I’m happy with digital magazine display on both desktop and android tablet.

I’ve attached the promotion offer story from the publishers. The CB cover images attached to promotion letter tell the story.

Those images tend to give the impression the Classic Boat Magazine is for the big end of town Classic Boating scene and UK orientated. From my experience that’s not the case. Articles in every issue have comments that reflect direct connections to our racing fleet. Recently there were big articles on the CYANZ Regatta and Rawhiti restoration. As I stated in the attached letter, the Classic Yacht construction photos and comments found inside many Classic Boat articles were invaluable to me during the rebuild of “Alwyn”

For the Association, the offer provides editorial access to medium that can publicize our Classic Fleet racing activity specific to the Classic Yacht racing world on a global scale. This access into Classic Boat is in addition to the Sail World web based general racing newsletter we occasionally use.

To reflect the Chelsea Publishing’s commitment to this offer, two digital subscriptions have been offered as spot prizes for our 2012 November Regatta.

Here’s the web site address for membership print offer take up

Link to start up the digital subscription take up.

The digital subscription option on this link will redirect you to the Zinia magazine web hosting site for sign up.

Next job!!

3 more sleeps to hit the line on Sunday at 10:30 on the dot.

Forecast, at this time of the week, appears favorable.


Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Entries and Handicaps

Sailing Instructions

CB letter CYAA Promotion offer


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