Classic 2012 Winter Series Race 2 May 20 Sailing Instructions and Entries with Handicaps (Posted 17.5.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of the Classics 2012 Winter Series.

Attached are the Sailing Instructions and the list of Entries and their Allocated Handicaps for Race 2 on May 20.

The race will be conducted for the Association by the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria with David LeRoy, RYCV Race Director.

Racing evolutions begin at 10:30am.

Adjustments to allocated handicaps of several yachts have occurred. The changes were made to start a process where all starters will have a fair chance to take out the corrected time result.

The Classics “local” ACH calculation process, that averages yachts last 5 BCH results, is close to the procedure used by Yachting Victoria. The BCH calculation process indicates trends in the racing performance of each yacht and their skippers and crews generally over a range of sailing conditions. Because our fleet covers a wide range of performance capabilities, a small amount of discretion outside the YV formula has to be used.

Generating yacht handicaps is an inexact science. We all work hard to maintain our Classics in racing trim. No one enjoys racing, knowing how hard they work on their boat, the assigned handicap is not a fair reflection of their boats capability. The fleet handicapper, who you all know and love, will endeavour to sustain this fairy tale.

The Association will now acknowledge the Skipper and crew of the yacht that takes out the corrected time result of each race in this and future series with a suitable 750 ml liquid trophy.

A story of our Race 1, with some images, was published on the Sail World news web site and published in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Here’s the link to see what was sent out.—Cyan-takes-the-silver/96978

So it’s all ready to happen, next Sunday morning at 10:30 am

Regards and hard sailing to all.

Peter Costolloe

CYAA Handicapper

Entries and Handicaps

Sailing Instructions

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