Additional info re Anchorage Marina Classic Yacht Challenge Trophy (Posted 19.10.12)

One item not mentioned in the mail out for Race 2 were details of The Anchorage Marina trophy.

Met with Scott O’Hare this morning to obtain the following info.

In addition to having the winning yacht name inscribed on the Trophy a recognition plate for the winning yacht will be provided plus a dinner for two voucher at the Anchorage Marina restaurant will be presented.

The Anchorage people invite skippers to bring their yachts into the marina for a short duration tie up for an after race function where complimentary drinks and food will be provided.

The Anchorage Marina would like the trophy to a long term offer.

I’ve attached a copy of a promotion poster provided to The Anchorage. It’s a low bit rate copy of the image hence the quality is a bit dodgy.





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