2012 Winter Series Results 2012/2013 Summer Series and Cup Regatta info (Posted 11.9.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of our now completed 2012 Winter Series.

The 2012 Winter Series Race 7.

Although we may have preferred the on water time for Race 7 to not have been as long the pay off was a great day on the water with our fleet sailing together. Images such as those of our classic beauties “Sayonara” and Acrosopire III” dueling with Tumlarens are rare.

For Greg Hynes with “Jan” and Clive Mulday in “Blackadder” the breeze wasn’t enough but there’s always next time. Our first turning Mark fleet leaders of “Zephyr” with Anne Batson and the boys on “Loama” that on shore Elwood breeze was missing in action. Andy Indrans with “Corio Vertue” was another solid competitor on the day. Analysing the fleets handicap based performance for Race 7 showed Kents Bacons crew “Renene”, “Loama” and “Zephyr” to be mid fleet performers. Looking over the results show’s there was a battle happening for Doug Jenkin to helm “Ettrick” to pip the “Kingurra” team with Ian Macfarlane on the helm.a 27 second   “Jean” with John Raff on the helm and Phil Edwards attending also put in a great down hill run between the RMYS F and A marks was 21 seconds away from giving Martin Ryans “Mercedes” a shake.

The usual tight racing was seen on Boambillee to bring her home second while Sayonara put in a welcome appearance to be in the first 3 Classics over the line.

For the rest of us, the weather man is on notice. Perform for the next series or else.

Classic thanks of the day go to our race management team. From Tom Leroy handling the multiple and variable pursuit start time sequences to Mal Botterill on the water handling the shortened course situation, the race went off with no dramas. The course was selected on the basis that the starting time breeze would persist. Looking at the fleet crowed around the RMYS F mark indicated a finish that could have been with a decent wind strength.

The results appeared in the Sun sports results on Monday. A little bit astray unfortunately. It doesn’t pay to run 3 databases on the one subject. All the skippers involved in the miscalculation were notified.

Results of the 2012 Winter Series Race 7 are available here.

Below is the link to pics of our Race 7 Fleet taken by Scott McDonald.



The 2012 Winter Series Results

It took the last race to find our best overall for the series and the results are in. With extra light winds prevailing Col Anderson kept the 1923 Charlie Peel designed and built “Acrospire III” sailing over a long dog leg down wind run to finish two boats in front of Charlie Salters Tumlare “Ellida” with Doug Jenkin helming the rebuilt “Tumlare “Ettrick” coming home third in the series. Congratulations to George Fischer and Michael Rhodes and their crew on “Boambillee” with their taking out of the “Marie Louise III” consistency trophy for their sailing performance over during the last two series.

The series overall points score, along with the Marie Louise III Consistency award, are available here.

So as our 2012 Winter Series slips away into the annals our classic yacht racing history on Port Phillip we have a new series Classic Yacht racing to keep us going. The 2012/2013 Summer Series.


The 2012/2013 Summer Series

The Cup Regatta and the 2012/2013 Summer Series Notices of race and entry forms are on our web site. To tell the world what the Classic Fleet are up to, a poster celebrating the Summer Series will be sent to our home yacht clubs.

To save a bit of time the Series notice of race and entry form are available here.

First race Oct 7, not long to go. The series handicapping, under control of that handicapper you all know and love, will follow on from those handicaps developed during the recent Winter Series. The weather!!  Who want’s to answer to what we have endured recently? Still we always live for the next race so it doesn’t matter.


The 2012 Cup Regatta

The NOR and Entry form for the Cup Regatta have been generated. There’s also an entry for the Cocktail reception. One feature of our cocktail reception is the staying on for dinner at Royals after the reception. Although Friday dinner at Royals is not a Cup Regatta program item, to assist Royals  catering let’s know on the cocktail reception entry form if you intend to do dinner and how many attending. All the Cup Regatta docs are on the Web site.


Our Pennant

The Flying Dutchman of Pennants has been put to rest. 25 of our Association pennants from Ivor Evans Flags have been sewn up. I’ll have them tomorrow. After sending this mail out, I‘ll run up an order form and have Scott McDonald post it on our Web site. $65.00 a pennant. 25 more on their way.

CYAA Pennant Order Form

Ron Seath from Ivor Evans tells me his order book is full till April. So if size variations are requested or we run out we may be able to squeeze in.


Membership Renewal.

The classics webmail site is reeling under the onslaught of renewals. Immediate work is needed on it. It’s storage capacity is taking a big hit. A small note about the fax phone number. A correction is required. It’s 9802 9255. It’s correct on the Summer Series and Regatta entry form. Doesn’t exist on the cocktail form. Must fix.

So for the moment that’s it.


Priority task

The priority right now is to submit out Summer Series entry. After such a great Winter Series fleet number, let’s see what happens with the numbers for our 2012/3 summer fleet.



To all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper


Winter Series Results

2012/13 Summer Series

Cup Regatta Info

CYAA Pennant Order Form


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