2012 Winter Series Race 7 Sailing Instructions and Entrants Group Start times (Posted 6.9.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of the Classics 2012 Winter Series.

Attached are the Sept 9 Race 7 Sailing Instructions and Group start times.Our last race of this 2012 Winter Series. A pursuit race starting at 10:30 from the Royals Marina.

The start times for Sunday’s race were calculated on the basis to bring the fleet home in a massed finish. We know that never happens.  We can put as many known’s as we like into our calculations unfortunately that variable known as, the weather on the day, trashes all the calculations. That’s the challenge of racing and why we race our Classics. It’s all about our boats and there’s always next time.

One note to keep in mind that in a pursuit race, overtaking other boats may happen. Sometimes, in the excitement, a rush of blood to the head prevents clear thinking. When any overtaking is about to happen, keep in mind the requirements of racing rules 11, 12, 14 and 15. I’ve recently completed jury work on a protest involving these rules. Ugly is the word.

Now to resolve an issue. On Sunday, we need a capable volunteer to work with Mal Botterill on the Rescue RIB. The rescue RIB is an on water requirement the Association must comply with so Royals can conduct our race down to the RMYS F and A marks. Without this on water rescue capability, Sundays race will be 7 miles around the Hobsons Bay Channel marks. Working on this RIB is the only time to be up close and personal to our fleet while racing. It’s exciting and a photo/video opportunity plus. For those who wish to help let me know by mail asap.

The end of series race get together will happen post race on the Royals lawn. The Association will provide sausages with the usual fixings to complement the Royals salads. Association members who wish to provide for themselves, no problems. During the BBQ, the Series results will be tabulated to find and present awards to the overall leaders of the Series.

The trophies for presentation are the Rusty Shackle for best overall performance in the 2012 Winter Series and the Marie Louise III “Classic Reflections” Consistency Trophy.

This Winter Series has been our best ever. Great entrants and occasionally some great racing. Our racing weather has been better than our last summer series, but after two races with a 50% fleet DNF and one lost due to wind at gale strength we still need a small improvement from this area.

So it’s on to our next series. Notices of race and entry forms for both the 2012/2013 Summer Series and the Cup Regatta will go out on Monday. The Regatta documentation release was delayed a little to firm up the entry and cocktail reception fee aspect. No change from last year. $100 entry and $20 pp cocktail.

So forget all that for the moment. This Sunday is what it’s all about.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper


Pursuit Group Start Times

Pursuit Sailing Instructions RYCV

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