2012 Classic Yacht Winter Series Race 6 (Aug 19) SI’s and entries (Posted 16.8.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of the Classics 2012 Winter Series

Attached are the Sailing Instructions, Entries and their allocated handicap for Race 6, Aug 19.

Sundays race is designated as Race 6.

The previous Race 6 on Aug 5 was postponed.

Wind speed exceeding the Sailing Instruction 25 knot limit was being experienced at 7:30am, Aug 5 and forecast to remain at that strength at the northern end of the bay.

Race 6 (Aug 19) will be conducted by the Race Director of Hobsons Bay Yacht Club, Tony Dawson and assisted by Bob Tanner.

The race committee vessel “Privateer” will be on station, with an attendant rescue boat, in the vicinity the Port Melbourne Channel lateral No. 74.

Provisional race results will be published on our web site by Scott McDonald asap on receipt from HBYC.

An error was published regarding the date of the Classics last 2012 Series race, it’s scheduled for Sept 9, a pursuit with a BarB and series wind up get together after race.

The weather being forecast for Sunday looks favourable for us. Similar words were said before the Aug 5 race and look what happened.

I’ll save the latest Regatta organising activity stories for Monday, it’s all happening.

No Roger Dundas this race, he’s sailing from Noumea to Aust with Mark Chew on “Fairwinds II”

FYI our racing activity is closely followed by UK Classic Yacht people.

The Port Phillip waters we race on have been the locale for many historical, exotic and tragic events.

A report on one such exotic event is attached for some idle time reading.

So, it’s hit the line time at 10:30am on the dot next Sunday.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Sailing Instructions

Entries and Handicaps

Slocums shark

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