2011-2012 Summer Series Race 3 Feb 19 Entries, Handicaps and Sailing Instructions (Posted 16.2.12)

Dear Skippers and Crews of the Vic Classic Fleet.

Our 2011/2012 Summer Series of races restart this Sunday, Feb 19.

This race will be conducted for the Association by Hobsons Bay Yacht Club Race Director Tony Dawson. The race will be conducted from the HBYC launch “Privateer”

Attached are the documents that carry the Entry list, assigned Handicaps and Sailing Instructions.

The long term weather forecast for Sunday is predicting light winds. At least we will be on the water, for once. Two races completed out of 5 attempts. Not good for our dreams of lee gunnel down.

On Sunday HBYC are also conducting a two handed race, starting at 11:00 am. If we have a very light wind issue, keep in mind the times of day for the Classic start sequence may change.

If the wind strength at 10:25 am on Sunday morning is deemed by the race committee to be too light for a Classics race start, a postponement AP flag with the Classic Pennant will be flown. If the wind is still deemed to be still too light for a Classic start but sufficient for a two handed race start, the HBYC two handed race will be started at 10:55am, with the AP over the Classics Pennant still flying. If the wind at 10:55 is deemed to be too light for any start, the Classic Pennant will be removed and the AP flag alone will remain hoisted.

Refer to the Race Signals section in the Racing Rules of Sailing Blue Book for the appropriate sound signals that will occur during these race control signalling sequences.

The HBYC race committee will determine the time interval between the two handed and classic start.

The Classics race 5 minute countdown starts when the Classics Pennant is hoisted.

The HBYC race committee will provide a race control status using VHF Channel 73.

The Classic Fleet finish line will be laid in the same location as the start line.

There’s an important change to the penalty turn requirements in our sailing instructions. If a penalty turn is required for exoneration from a protestable incident. The exoneration penalty is a one turn only. Penalty turns are to be logged and executed as soon as safely possible after the incident.

New Zealand Classic Yacht Regatta

Our team of members that participated in the NZ Classic Yacht Regatta report the event lived up to their sailing and social expectations. NZ classic yachting preparing for a days racing in the Auckland Viaduct marina was a spectacle. Classic yacht racing is alive and well in New Zealand. Visuals taken in daily were the line up of NZ built super yachts in the Auckland viaduct marina plus the Team NZ AC45 fleet with their helmet wearing teams, preparing for race training.

David Mackenzie, who sailed on some the oldest and grandest of the NZ Classic fleet, took out the Trans Tasman Trophy.

Our Association members presence was noted by the NZ Classic Yacht Association organisers and race committee as an important Regatta highlight.

Links to the videos and stills taken during the Regatta will appear shortly on our web site.

Some NZ visit side events our team took part in were a half day visit to the Traditional Boat Building School managed by Steve Cranch, a 5 hour visit to the Auckland Maritime Museum, the sight of the J boat Endeavour loaded on to a submersible ship transporter after an 18 month refit.

On water recreational and commercial activity on the Waitemata Harbour suggests we should not under value our Port Phillip Bay.

Regards to all and let’s have some decent sailing weather for once.

Peter Costolloe

CYAA Handicapper

Sailing Instructions

Entries and Handicaps

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