Tumlare Sirocco is Back

A vote of congratulations from all the Classic fleet must go to Charlie Salter and Sirocco.
After 12 months of a chrysalis life style inside Ferdi Darly’s shed, the Tumlaren we knew as Ellida under the helm of Dave Allen, has emerged in a back to her original future transformation as Sirocco with Charlie Salter ready to helm her butterfly like through the Classic fleet. Sirocco is her original name.
Our Classic Fleet on Sunday will have the enjoyment of watching a first time race performance of Sirocco with Charlie on the helm, taking in the experience and enjoyment of a first time on the water after a serious makeover.
All of us who have put our Classic yachts through a serious makeover understand what Charlie will be thinking.
The cost and effort that Charlie has gone through to bring Sirocco back to full racing trim is indicative of what our Classic Yacht racing is all about. The confidence of taking on an expensive makeover of a Classic Yacht being worth the emotional experience would not happen without the consistent support from our Classic Yacht racing fleet.
Cheers and all the best if racing this Sunday
Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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