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Queenscliffe Maritime Weekend March 28

Mercedes III and Serifa attended the March 28 Queenscliffe Maritime Weekend and participated in racing with the Couta Boat Fleet. Both vessels sailed in company till a West/South channel divergence. Their skippers and crews were made most welcome by the organisers and reported the event as a must do for next year.

Our member Richard Hart with brother Mal on the helm, took out Division 1 line honours with their C2014 Jocelyn, recently built by Tim Phillips. Richard reports he’ll work on a Cup Regatta appearance.

Sandringham Yacht Club Centenary Regatta April 18

The SYC people have put out the red carpet for the classic fleet to join in the celebrations of their Centenary Regatta. Phil Atkins, Trim, has been working with the SYC Sailing director, Monica Tonner, to set up a classic yacht division for this event.

Entry to this event is via the SYC Top Yacht system at

The Event Notice of race can be found at

Click in the above links. an option to go to the link will appear.

Two good reasons for our Classic fleet to participate in the SYC event.

  1. Show support for our SYC based members, particularly those who race after race make the sail up from SYC to be with us for the 10:30 am race start.
  2. Tune up event prior to the first race of our May 3 2015 Winter Series.

Last year all those who competed, in spite of the rough sail to SYC, reported the favourably on the event. Phil tells us he can organise pre-race tie ups and says SYC extend a welcome to the Classics and encourages skippers and crews to join with them in the post race BBQ and trophy presentation.

2015 Winter Series

Several entries have now been accepted. Don’t delay. Need them by April 30. First race conducted by HBYC

2015 Cup Regatta.

Event PR work has begun.  The Friday Oct. 31 Cup Regatta kick off cocktail reception at the Royal Motor Yacht Club of Victoria is all organised.

In the yard.

Check out the glistening mast on Marie Louise III. Bungoona sorted out a new stern tube and Martini re worked some plank fastening.

The CYAA magazine.

Your editors are working on producing articles that make our magazine a must have.

These images are a small sample of the photos and stories that were passed to the Association in appreciation for the Jules Feldman obituary inserted in the previous issue of our CYAA magazine.


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