Last call on Frances

francesToday a note was received from Doug Jenkin informing that some person is flying in from the UK to look over Frances, obviously with intent to purchase. I don’t know who this person is but Doug tells me they figure prominently in the UK International metre class association activity.

What does make Frances important to us and our fleet is self interest. In the case of Frances leaving us, when all else has failed the effect on our self interest needs to be considered. OK, we know we need her to maintain the world class reputation of our fleet within Port Phillip and beyond our shores.  Colateral damage is probably not the correct word to describe the outcome of her racing with our fleet but basically we need Frances to keep the value of our own boats.

Racing our own Classic Yachts with the likes of Sayonara,  Acrospire III, and then put Frances, a recognised world class International 8 metre, in the mix.  Imagine the stories I could generate. The principal reason for these after race stories and a reference to each boat that starts a race, is to bring the wider world into our racing and increase the awareness that our older boats still have a place in the general racing scene.

I’ve attached the latest PR sheet that tells the Frances story plus details of the syndicate that  Peter Lloyd is endeavouring to put together to keep Frances here in Port Phillip.

This is the last and final call- she could be gone as of next week!

Surely there are some classic yacht enthusiasts to join in this very worthwhile project or perhaps you  are aware of people outside of the Association that would like to go down the path of being involved with the saving of a part of our Classic Yachting heritage and being part of the team that races one of the finest and most successful Classic Yachts in Australia.

Frances last call notice

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