Traditional spinnaker pole track attachment fitting and running back stay deck blocks for Frances

DSCF8458.JPG from Bronze fitting by Wilmex in Gdansk Poland via Toplicht in Hamburg Germany - Message (Plain Text)Little things mean a lot.

The image to our left is one of the traditional yacht fittings being  installed on Frances by Peter Johns. This work of art is a Bronze spinnaker pole fitting by Wilmex in Gdansk, Poland.

The fitting was supplied via Toplicht from Hamburg, Germany,

-So next time we see Big Red sent up to fly on Frances, it’s this work of art that keeps her flying.

Frances running to St Kilda 2014-2015 Summer Series Race 3 Nov 30

One other example of the return to traditional deck fitting on Frances is the use of Ording blocks for her running rig.

Running back stay deck turning blocksToOrding blocks 1 our left are the two Ording deck mounted turn blocks used for her mast running back stays. A note from Peter johns tells us Ording blocks are available in teak or ash with ss or aluminIum bronze bindings and bronze or delrin sheaves, in all sizes from 65mm up.

Both Ording blocks and Wilmez bronze fittings are available from Toplicht or can be ordered direct from the factory at lower prices, Both are truly a work of art.

So whenever a small bit of idle time creeps into our lives take a look at the catalogs  of these suppliers.

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