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Attached are the results of Race 6 plus the Series and Marie Louise III Aggregate status. Congratulations to Cameron Dorrough for keeping Bungoona going hard and on course all race long to take out corrected time honours and take home the slab of Tina of Melbourne’s bottled water while podium placing to Kingurra and Cyan for their second and third on corrected time. Line honours went to Kingurra who showed the fleet what a Joubert  Black Swan 43 can do in a stiff breeze.

Congratulations also to Jim Hutchinson and his crew on Dingo who collected the RMYS Tumlaren pennant for best Tum on corrected time.

Pre race action

Cold but sunny conditions with a benign 12 knot northerly bought the Classic fleet over from the Royals and Hobsons Bay Yacht Clubs. Kingurra had a pre race beat up from Brighton, while our members from Royal Melbourne had only to sail out from the St. Kilda breakwater to join the Classic Fleet.

Regulars missing from the fleet for this race was Trim who is undergoing handicapper beating mods and the Tumlaren Snow Goose. A return to Classic racing was seen with the arrival of Mark Chew’s Fair Winds and our latest addition to Classic racing Akuna from the RMYS with Chris Havre on the helm was in the pre start mix.

The race start

To give the fleet a long beat in the prevailing wind direction conditions a reaching start was selected. A first for the classic fleet.  While going for the line the wind strength built to give the fleet a rare mass running start at hull speed. Unfortunately we also had our first DSQ when Zephyr was blown over the line while reaching along it and due to the wind and water noise couldn’t hear the radio recall to return. The start tower sound signals may have been heard down wind but not 100 metres up wind.  Such was the wind at the time. After race reports indicated over 30 knots gusts were a feature at the time. About time the fleet had a decent breeze was the after race comment.

The fleet had some close action on the slightly off beam reach. All Skippers trying to work their Classic out from the lee of adjacent vessels to keep their stern quarter wave at its maximum hull speed location was the feature of this run to the first mark. The signature of a true Classic yacht in full flight. Akuna had some exciting moments with her introduction to classic racing with a tight sail but Chris Havre was on the case with no problems. Tandanya with two up after some mainsheet issues said enough for the day.

The breezy weather beat

The Classic fleet led by Kingurra and then Frances had a clean rounding rounding’s at the first mark and then settled down to a heavy multi tack slog to the weather mark. Ettrick was in her usual place with the fleet leaders but leeway in the breezy conditions wasn’t her or Sirocco’s friend. Avian had some action at the end of her boom which hurt her corrected time chances while Dingo was eating up the sea conditions like all Tums do in a stiff breeze.

At the weather mark the fleet had sorted themselves out into their handicap  groups. Kingurra was storming away with Frances by the time Mercedes III, Boambillee and Pastime II finally rounded the overstood  mark. Cyan, Fair Winds and Marie Louise III then rounded with Serifa impressively breaking clear of the final group of Classics.

The slightly sprung reach

Reaching down to the Beaconsfield Parade mark hard work by all crews was the task assigned to them as skippers threw their Classics around the transoms of the vessels ahead. Overtaking boat keep clear and lee boat hold their course rules were being pushed hard here. All the while, Kingurra and Frances were still moving further away from the fleet. Cyan with a fine pair of heels also broke clear of the lee of Marie Louise III to lead her three boat group around the bottom mark.

Across the spread out fleet, all Classic’s were being pushed hard while avoiding trouble, to bring themselves home on corrected time.

The second go round.

With a temporary drop in the breeze strength the fleet did a repeat  of the course but with less full on crew action and not much change in fleet placing. As we know fortune follows the brave.This time it was the last group of classics in the receiving end of a wind shift at the second rounding of the RMYS B Mark that had them gain big ground on Fair Winds and Marie Louise III.  This group led by Serifa with Martini, Bungoona and the Tums of Ettrick, Zephyr and Sirocco following certainly squashed up the fleet till the wind swung back as the next mark was approached. Didn’t matter, good ground was gained.

On the final beat and run to the line, no classic relaxed.  Frances found something extra and closed the cap to Kingurra while Cyan continued her fine form. Mercedes III held off Boambillee and Pastime II by decimals of a minute. Cyan then Fair Winds followed with Marie Louise III after them. Serifa came home next while one minute 20 seconds separated the next six line crossings. Close Classic racing across the fleet for sure.

Achievement of the day

The achievement of the day goes to Akuna. Chris Havre, our latest new member bought Akuna home in fine fashion after her first outing with a hard racing Classic fleet.  More will be seen of her.


Thanks to the RMYS Race team lead by Alistair Hart and to the support from the crew on the RMYS William Patterson who stood by the fleet throughout the race.  A whamo publication of the results after the race back to the handicapper was the icing on the Classic’s racing cake for Race 6.

Next race Race 7 at Hobsons Bay Yacht Club.

News from West Australia

A call has been received from Les Valdmadre to inform us they have a Knud Reimers 22 square metre, Flame in trouble. She’s 60 % restored  but will soon be sent to the knackery. Les looks after the Classic yacht racing scene in Perth known as the Swan River Retro Racing.

Between Flame and Pastime II we have options for people to continue our Classic fleet’s connection to the Skerry Cruiser racing scene on Port Phillip.

Peter Macdonald will consider offers for Pastime II, as seen below, from the right skipper. A skipper that wants to be involved in Classic handicap and line honours racing, the Australian designed Skerry Cruiser Pastime II is the go. For those who want to bring back to life a world class Skerry Cruiser to mint condition Flame is the go.  The caption below shows the form of Pastimes II‘s sister ship Playtime ay he 1961 Royal Geelong Yacht club Regatta to show how well the Skerry Cruisers go. Also some fine words about Acrospire IV, Frances and Avian. Les Valmadre tells us Panamuna is over in Perth at the Royal Freshwater Yacht Club  Acrospire IV is at the Fremantle Yacht club under the care of CYAA Member Garry Gilmore

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