CYAA Notes April 4 2014

Although we’re between our Classic Yacht Summer and Winter Race Series, life on the CYAA scene has not been quiet. Here’s what’s been happening.

Queenscliff Maritime Weekend March 28 2014

This event was recently publicised in CYAA by printing its publicity poster and supported by the Association with Mercedes III sailing down to participate in the Classic Yacht and Keel boat division.

The effort of her skipper and crew to bring Mercedes III down was noted by Tim Phillips the on water event organiser during his welcome to the fleet message. A standout event of the weekend was the Couta boat tie up and blessing of the Fleet. One other event of note was the on water inspection of the Port of Melbourne survey vessel John Norgate, the grandfather of our member Leigh Norgate.

Although the Association presence was small in numbers of Classic Yachts and members it was an occasion that allowed the CYAA to show their credibility and willingness to participate in  southern Port Phillip regatta’s.  Due to lack of adequate wind the race was cancelled but a sail to the Port Phillip Rip to check out lead lights was compensation.

For next year’s QMM Weekend event, we need to make an increase in the CYAA on water presence a project.

A note of thanks to the Queenscliff Maritime Organiser of the event, June Negri, was sent by your handicapper on behalf of the Association.

Sandringham Yacht Club Centenary Regatta. April 26 2014

Through the request of Roger Dundas, Avian, and through the agency of Phil Atkins, Trim, this event is now classified by the SYC Sailing Committee as a Category 7 event. This means the event is open to our Tumlare and Couta Boat fleet.

We are calling for more of our Classic Yacht fleet to enter this event. Entry is quite easy through the SYC window into the Top Yacht race entry process. This is the web link to obtain additional details of the regatta.

As previously noted this is the chance for our Northern end of bay Classic Yacht skippers have to say thanks to our SYC based members  for their regular participation in our Series racing. From the Associations aspect, a decent fleet of Classic Yachts in this event will go a long way to sustain the Associations reputation as credible yacht racing association with all our home clubs and Yachting Victoria.

Classics 2014 Winter Series. 1st race May 4

Entries to this series are no longer trickling in.

After an unfortunate and prolonged absence due to a second bout of marina pen induced mast damage, this Winter series will see the welcome return to racing with Damian Purcell and family on Scimitar. Another unfortunate event will be that due to the 7 year New Zealand no maintenance varnish applied to Scimitar’s rejuvenated mast, the handicapper must sharpen his pencil.

CYAA Magazine Issue 35 June 2014

Your magazine committee, Roger Dundas and Jennifer Cook, Avian, and your handicapper, yesterday mapped out a content strategy for the next issue of our magazine. The content has to be ready for the presses by last week of June to coincide with the Association’s Executive Committee’s membership renewal and new membership strategy.

An abstract on the Issue 35 content will be provided in the next mail out.

World Junior Sailing Championships, International Cadet Class, Weymouth, England.  August 2014

No doubt our association members have been aware of the high level of activity within the International Cadet Class dingy, particularly making sure we stay away from them in their recent racing action at the top end of the Port Phillip. What all this recent International Cadet racing has been about is trials and races for selection to participate in the Victorian State and National Championships. Out of all of these race has evolved a direct connection to Damian Purcell’s Scimitar in the form of his step son Peter Allen as crew for skipper Louis Schofield. These two junior sailors have been selected to be part of the team that will represent Australia at the Inter Cadet World Championships. No doubt the CYAA congratulations go to Peter and David for achieving this  high distinction to represent Australia.

Additional information on what has been achieved here use this link, World Champs. to pull up the RYCV web page that provides more info and in particular, ways to help support them.

Below is a copy of a movie night promotion provided to us by Damian Purcell.


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