CYAA News and SYC Centenary Regatta offer

Jan 17 2014

CYAA (Vic) news and Sandringham Yacht Club Centenary Regatta

First up

We have two entrants in the 2014 Festival of Sails Classic Division. Jim Woods  with Windward II and Bill Chittenden with Cardinal Puff.  Best wishes for some decent Classic Yacht racing weather go to Jim and Bill.

A pod of 4 Tumlare are off on a cruise to Martha Cove on Australia Day. Great times to be had at Charlie Salters humble abode.

Feb 2, our first 2014 race of 2013/2014 Summer Series is around the corner. Your handicapper pencil is still quite sharp after preparing the handicaps for Race 4 to be conducted by the HBYC.

For members interested in a full week end of Classic Yacht racing, the handicappers ‘Alwyn’ is competing in the HBYC passage race to Mornington the day before, Feb 1. skippers who are interested in entering this passage race, a suitable handicap can be arranged. Entry is through the HBYC web site using the Top Yacht registry. The race begins at 10:00am with a 6:00pm finish time.

With the Australia Day weekend about to happen the Association receives mail from Yacht clubs informing  of their planned Australia Day activities. I’ve attached a PR sheet from the South Gippsland Yacht Club that outlines their support of owners of Classic off the beach Dinghy’s at the Inverloch Wooden Dinghy Regatta. The Moth dinghy design evolved from this club.

South Gippsland Y C January 2014 Flyer

The Lady Cutler/Victoria Star Ferry boat race is also on again. An opportunity for a benign way to participate in Classic racing action. The Association will be participating on the water with Jeff Gordon and the Lady Cutler during the August 2014 Melbourne Centenary celebrations.

Take a look’s-Mighty-Ferry-Boat-Race.htm

Now the primary reason for the news letter.

It revolves around the Sandringham Yacht Club and Classic Yacht Association racing.

The SYC will conduct their Centenary Regatta in April. This year it’s on the 26th of April. The SYC Race Director is considering the subject of supporting a Classic Yacht Division in this event and has asked the Association to indicate the level of interest from our members to enter this Regatta. The date is the weekend prior to the first race of the 2014 CYAA Winter Series.  Skipper’s who would consider entering, let your handicapper know. It’s an ideal opportunity to show our fleet to the SYC and to show CYAA support of our SYC based members.

This is the link to the SYC Web site that provides information about the event.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe

CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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