CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 5 December 13

Race 5 Documentation

Attached are the Race 5 Sailing Instructions and allocated handicaps.

Race format change

The ISAF World Series and Olympic selection trials for Off the Beach craft, conducted at RMYS, have made some last minute changes necessary. No pursuit start and no RYCV conducting the race. The race committee people and vessels of RYCV and HBYC clubs are doing ISAF work.

Race 5 on Dec 13 will be a mass start with a scheduled start time of 10:30 am. It will be conducted by the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club. The start and finish area will be in the vicinity of Channel marks 17 and 70. The HBYC committee vessel will be the HBYC Rescue Boat Shirley Freeman. VHF Channel 73 is the working radio channel.

There’s the possibility of other yachts in the start area as HBYC will be conducting their two handed scheduled to start at 11:00am.

ISAF Race Schedule Information

To know what’s going on with the ISAF Racing on Sunday the race schedule and the allocated waters map have been attached.  30 knot winds predicted for midday tomorrow may cause the ISAF schedule for Sunday could be far different to what’s published.

Light winds are predicted for Sunday morning, your handicapper has made some weather based adjustments.


End of year BBQ at RYCV 

Our end of year BBQ at RYCV will be on. The Tumlaren team  of Anne and Karen Batson assisted by Roger Dundas and Mal Botterill will be presiding . Donati sausages and fixing prepared from Karen Batson’s Boney restaurant kitchen will be on the table. $5.00 is the go for a roll with sausage, onions and sauce.A short comment on Donati Hams as presented in the Age Good food Guide is below.


Cup Regatta 2015 Trophy Presentation.

Every chance the generation of race 5 results will be slow. To make up for this the Lark Distillery trophies for Cup Regatta 2015 will be presented.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Check out the info below.

In the Uira story there’s a comment about asking for news on what other restoration or repair project going on.


Geelong Wooden Boat Festival March 2016 

Race entries for the Portarlington to Geelong passage race are now open. Tumlarens have been given a big welcome.

While the Geelong WBF Web site has no reference to the Wooden Boat shop sponsored Dinner it’s definitely on. Checked on that score with Stuart Dicksen today. $60.00 is the gate fee. Stuart is working with the RGYC to arrange a booking process. Key note speaker at the dinner will be Tim Jarvis of the first authentic retracing of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s “double” – sailing a replica James Caird life boat 1500 kilometres across the Southern Ocean from Elephant Island, Antarctica, to South Georgia before climbing over its mountainous interior using the same rudimentary equipment, period clothing, and technology as Shackleton. Other expeditions of Tim Jarvis include journeys to the South and North Poles, across Australia’s largest desert, the Great Victoria Desert and in retracing the polar journey of Sir Douglas Mawson using 100 year old gear and equipment and starvation rations as Mawson did in 1913.

Uira and her restoration

For all those watching the progress of the Uira restoration She’s finally arrived at Peter Dennistons Celltec factory at Laverton for her extended make over.


Here’s the man behind the push. Look him up after Race 5 to tell him how you’ll assist in the restoration project. Peter helms Loama with Joe Tuck and Matthew Fewster. . Uira will be the forth restoration this trio have taken on. There’s a facebook site to check out.


These Classic Yacht restorations such as Waitangi, Sayonara, Acrospire III, Tumlarens, Tina of Melbourne, the Colin Archers in Renene and Snow Goose, on going, and many others plus all of our fleet around the country being kept up in race condition, demonstrate the importance of the Classic Yacht Association to the national maritime heritage.  Put your hand up if you want to make our members aware of what your up to with your Classic resto or repair project. We can make a CYAA magazine story on the subject.


Donati Hams

A short plug for Donati Hams as seen in the Good Food guide to Christmas Hams

Score: 14.5/20 SECOND PLACE

Issues such as broken skin and uneven smoking were made up for in the scoring on aroma, flavour and mouth feel. It had a “smoky and virile aroma” according to Michael Harden, and was very moist without dripping with water. It was made by Leo Donati in Melbourne’s Carlton from the legs of large sows , brined and smoked over Tasmanian hardwood.

Victoria only, $21.90 per kilogram, 03 9347 4948

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2015_2016 Summer Series Race 5 Dec 13 Entries and Handicaps (HBYC) Amendment 1

ISAF Race Water Schedule I

ISAF Racing areas

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