CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 4 at SYC

2015/2016 Summer Series Race 4 November 29

Sandringham Yacht Club


Attached are the Sailing Instructions for Race 4 of the CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series

As previously advised, for the first time in 18 years when the Waitangi was racing with the CYAA fleet, this CYAA Summer Series race, is being conducted for the CYAA by the Sandringham Yacht Club.

The SYC Notice of Race has designated this race as Race 1 of the SYC Tumblehome Pursuit Race Series for Classic Yachts. The start times of Classic Yachts who are competing in the CYAA Summer Series Race 4 and who have also entered in the SYC Tumblehome series are allocated the same offset start time for this race.

The scheduled start time is 10:00am with a finish time of 1:00pm

The CYAA Fleet allocated start times are based on an average on course time of 95 minutes.

The Sailing instructions contain descriptions of the courses that will be used for this race. A map showing the approximate locations of the SYC Fixed marks has been included in the Sailing Instructions. An additional map showing the locations of these marks in colour has been attached to assist.

The attached Sailing Instructions are a combination of the information in the Notice of Race and the SYC Sailing Instructions. The pursuit race light sequence used by the SYC Race Tower has been included. For any clarification use the links below for the official SYC Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.

The VHF Radio channel used by SYC is Channel  77.

Big event of the race will be the return to Classic Yacht racing by Boambillee. After taking a maintenance time out, George Fisscher and Michael Rhodes plus their crew put in the hard work to bring her back to the fleet for this race.

Our Classic members at SYC are all looking forward to showing the SYC what Classic Yacht Association fleet racing is all about. Our Member from SYC,Phil Atkins with Trim has been hard at work generating the news of the fleets’ arrival at SYC this Sunday. Phil tells us the fleet is welcome to tie up for some after race socialising before returning to their home clubs.

One feature of the race is the number of Classic Yachts from the RYCV and RMYS that have entered the 3 race series. It’s not too late for other Classic skippers to join in the Series.

Regards to all and here’s to some decent weather and a tight race

Peter Costolloe CYAA (Vic) Handicapper




2015_2016 Summer Series Race 4 Nov 29 Sailing Instructions (SYC)

2015_2016 Summer Series Race 4 (Pursuit) November 29 Start Times (SYC)

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