CYAA 2015/2016 Summer Series Race 1 Results


Attached are the results of Race 1 plus the Series and Marie Louise III Aggregate status.

Pre race action

A 9.00am Sunday morning induced lethargy were the only signals received from the fog shrouded West Gate bridge flags. Lack of wind at this time of day was not a deterrent as the Classic fleet headed out for first race of the Summer Series.

From Sandringham up came Phil Atkins with Trim, from Royal Melbourne came Jim Hutchinson and his Tumlaren, Dingo, followed by our recently signed up member Tim Boucaut with the 1950’s JJ Savage designed and built Warringa. From the Royals came Anne Batson with the Tumlaren Zephyr under tow by Martini. Signals like these said no way another first race of the series was going to being abandoned for lack of wind.

On cue at 10:15 am the water ruffles from the south arrived. Soon to be followed by a 8 knot southerly breeze. It was race time for the 12 Race 1 starters of the Classic Fleet. No longer any need for the HBYC Race committee to hold out the course flags.

Race 1 Weather and Course

The race start

With the settling of the wind the pin became the favoured end and keen eyes of the race committee working hard at the one minute gun, Mark Chew on Fair Winds saw the opportunity to run down the line and cross at  the start gun with his sails drawing well.  She was never headed. Sayonara also hit the line on the gun as well as Mercedes III and Trim.  The remaining starters were close on the case. Frances drew on experience and noisily came in behind the fleet to be in clear wind.

The light winds weather beat to RMYS C Mark

Fair Winds continued to give the fleet hope of catching her as she dropped off course occasionally to keep speed. Mercedes III  wouldn’t let her off kept pace with her. Trim also kept on the pace in the light conditions while Frances in clear air continued to make ground over the fleet. Dingo saw a wind line to the west and threw early on to port to be slightly above the Frances track. After going back on to starboard Dingo began to overhaul the fleet. Zephyr to weather but very close to Sayonara backed off slightly to avoid being sucked in. In better air she passed both Sayonara and Marie Louise III. Marie Louise III held on to Sayonara and was in front on the tack but the light conditions on the next tack eventually did her in. Same with Cyan, she held on to the fleet but the light conditions said no.

Both Martini and Tandanya both worked hard to keep the fleet  in close touch.  Again that light wind dind’t help their effort.

Meanwhile to leeward of the fleet was first time starter Warringa. While down on the fleet she held her course and began to gain position. Picture perfect were the after race comments.

The run to RMYS G

Being first to round the weather mark was not enough for Fair Winds. Before the rounding was complete their kite was hoisted and began to draw soon afterwards.  Mercedes III and Frances followed  sometime afterwards. Brilliant efforts by Mercedes III to set their kite and make a clean track the next turning mark were noted by the across fleet. Trim finally sorted their kite out and began her task to catch the leaders while all the time Dingo kept the improving her place in the fleet.

More action was seen at back of the fleet when a cloud of dust and bugs sprung from the late 1960’s Rolly Tasker spinnaker hoisted by Warringa. After clearing out from Warringa headed west to catch the better wind line to pick up on Marie Louise III and Martini

Zephyr continued to improve position with a clean kite hoist while Sayonara improved her fleet position on the run using off wind tacking.

The run from RMYS G Mark to R4.

After the turning mark rounding Frances continued to make up ground on fleet leader Fair Winds.  Dingo was a picture in full flight holding on to their shy kite while Trim began the task of overhauling her. Mercedes III finally rounded the mark. Zephyr began the task of keep away from Sayonara and Marie Louise III recovered their lead over Martini while Warringa continued up ground on both these two Classic’s.

After the G Mark rounding Stephen Lake on the helm of Bob Munro’s Tandanya kept Cyan busy and eventually bested her with some tight racing tactics.

R4 to the Finish

With the Race committee call to shorten the course to one lap only Fair Winds took the gun from the challenging Frances.  Trim bested Dingo by a couple of minutes who in turn held off Mercedes III by 12 seconds.

Zephyr held off Sayonara by 35 seconds while 30 seconds split a tight finish between Marie Louise III, Warringa and Martini.  Short afterwards Tandanya and Cyan bought the fleet home with 90 seconds between them.


Corrected time results were calculated and ready for announcement on a timely basis thanks to the extra effort by the HBYC Race committee and Alistair Hart.

Line honours went to Fair Winds. Corrected time went to Warringa. A great first race performance by the 1950’s Jack Savage designed family knockabout that was rescued from the mud at Metung by Tim Boucaut. Dingo came in second on corrected while Fair Winds was third. Mid fleet we had close corrected times between Trim, Zephyr, Tandanya and Frances. The remaining corrected times indicate stories to be told.

Your handicapper will be looking at these times.

Achievements of the day

The start and sail of the day would have to be Fair Winds. To bring home a line honours performance in the light winds, the ultra fast top mark kite pop and then to hold off Frances indicates no time for a rest on Fair Winds. Dingo also rates a special mention. To see her going at it under a shy kite trying to hold off Trim on the run from RMYS G to R4 meant much concentration.

Picture of the day has to go to Warringa. Take a look.

From the mud of Metung to the Classic on Port Phillip.

Skipper and crew are ex J24 state reps and sailed together for many years starting from early years on Kangaroo Island.


Australian Women’s Keel Boat Regatta

Apart from bringing Warringa back to life her skipper Tim Boucaut is a RMYS Committee member and is heavily involved in the promotion of the Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta. An event that several of our Classic members compete in. No doubt the Classic’s will be a supporter of this event and will be watching how our members go. More news will follow.

Next race Race 2 at Royal Yacht Club of Victoria.

October 18 in 3 weeks time is the next race.

CYAA Cup Regatta 2015.

An entry form is attached to keep all skippers and crew aware the great event of Classic Yacht Racing on Port Phillip is only 4 weeks away. Put those entries in. Some worthwhile take home trophies are up for winning.

The Cup Regatta 2015 Notice of Race can be downloaded from

RYCV Lipton Cup.

The organisers of the RYCV Lipton Cup have asked for this event to be promoted within the classic’s. Race 3 the Summer Series will be conducted with the Cruising divisions of the Lipton Cup. The start will be 10:00 am for this race on November 15.

Race 2 details will be ready close to Oct 16.

Now to those handicaps.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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