CYAA 2015 Winter Series Results and comments

Attached are the results of Race 3 plus the Winter Series and the Marie Louise III consistency aggregate.

The results also appear on the Royals website at

Decision to conduct the race.

With a Saturday based predictions for Port Phillip wind conditions expected to exceed the 25 knot limit, the CYAA Handicapper and RYCV Race Director decided to not make a race on or off decision till Sunday 7:30am. Sunday morning the on line weather data indicated a drop in wind strength for the morning. So out went the SMS to skippers and crews. The race is on.

Pre start action

With flat water and a consistent 15 knot breeze gusting to 20 or so knots, from north west to west a fleet of 16 classics showed up to race. Unfortunately Jim Hutchinson had to retire Dingo pre race when a new main halyard sheave broke.  Some anxious moments when a fleet of 15 or so Lasers doing some ISAF World Series race training appeared in the waters where the Classic’s were in pre race mode.

The start

At the start Kingurra did her usual on the button start at the favoured end and was well high of the fleet. Mercedes III took every lift on the beat to round the first mark ahead of Kingurra. Some saw the tide outflow after close calls with mark 21 and overshot the mark 81 to compensate for the rip. Some approaching the mark were caught on port by the outflow with nowhere to go. There were a number of Webb Dock construction caissons sticking out like deadheads adjacent to the mark. It was all go. Bungoona kept her good start and was in the fleet mix at the first mark. She and Cyan decided for themselves a port and starboard difference of opinion while approaching the top mark.

Top mark action

Unfortunately as Charlie Salter and Dave Allen shot Sirocco for mark 81 on a lift but a short knock hit them. Where an inch is good as a mile, Sirocco’s hull was clear of the mark but a wind gust pushed her over to allow her mast backstay to snag. A serious sad sight was the result. The outcome was a phone call from Jim Hutchinson of Dingo offering Charlie his spare mast from the sadly no longer racing Acklorean. Charlie has already put the sort out a solution task to Ferdy Darly.

Thanks from the Classic Fleet skippers and crews go to Boambillee who dropped sail immediately and stood by Sirocco.  An after race discussion between the fleet skippers resulted in a submission of a request for redress on behalf of Boambillee being accepted by the RYCV Race Director.  As only one race of the series has been run, we have to wait to the end of the series to award Boambillee her series average for her Race 3 points.

The race continues.

Zephyr continued to keep the benefits of her good start by running a shy kite holding on to 3rd in the fleet till they found a wind knock on the second beat. Ettrick made up ground on Avian with her shy kite flying. With Pip Todd back with us on a short visit from NZ,  provided the executive decision making assistance needed by Roger Dundas and Mal Botterill. Martini was sailing well to her handicap and stayed with the fleet the throughout the race.

The results

As shown with the results, The Classics, Cyan and Marie Louise III, finished first and second respectively in corrected time. There was lead changing several times battle during the race between this pair. Cyan would take a slight overlap of the mark for more power while Marie Louise III would tack and play the wind shifts. Analysis of Cyan’s bow wave by size and noise was the go on Marie Louise III. With faultless crew work, according to her crew, Cyan took out the trophy of the race. A slab of bottled water with the compliments of Andy Doolan and Tina of Melbourne.

The Cyan and Marie Louise III results show a difference of 11 seconds across the line with a corrected time difference of 8 seconds between this pair of classic’s.

There’s a similar 19 second elapsed and 40 second corrected time story between Avian and Martini and a 25 second corrected time story between Tandanya and Snow Goose.

Claire was sailed hard by Richard Macrae but with a rig, set through previous experience for the expected sea conditions, had trouble developing sail power. Sad sight to see Claire leave the fleet.

Results analysis

All up another day of Classic racing at its best. Looking over the results if the two first and last’s two are discarded,  tight corrected time results are still happening. Several classic skippers spoke a bit too freely to the handicapper after the race and admitted small but costly errors during the race.

Further analysis of the Race 3 results showed if the Race 2 handicaps were used, the only changes were an inversion to the corrected time placing 1 and 2 and between 8 and 9. Again by the smallest of margins. The order of Race 3 corrected time placing of the remaining fleet didn’t change with the application of the Race 2 handicaps. As well, the corrected times of each Classic Yacht had almost no variation between the Race 3/Race 2 handicaps. What the handicapper does with this knowledge will show in the next race.

Cowes 2016

The arrangements for our CYAA members attending the Cowes 2016 Classic Regatta have passed the good idea stage. Members who want to be part of this big and important promotion of the CYAA at Cowes in 2016 contact the Handicapper.

“I’m a member of the Classics”.

Our Secretary Anne Batson is ready to receive membership renewals for the year July 2015/2016. A Renewal form is attached. Our Classic Yacht racing action is a major reason for the Classic associations high credibility with all the yacht clubs on Port Phillip. A strong and consistent membership is necessary to back up this credibility. Renew.

CYAA Membership Renewal 2015-2016 (pdf)

CYAA Membership Renewal 2015-2016 (docx)

To those who aren’t yet Classic members. Join up. There’s nothing that will beat the phrase “I’m a member of the Classic’s”. Our Web site has the new membership form.

CYAA Magazine.

Bumper issue with lots of pics at the print ready stage. No sneak previews unless you’re a contributor. If your Classic yacht has a story to tell or you know of a Classic story that needs telling let the editor, Roger Dundas, know. Roger will give you details in what’s needed to bring the story to print in the CYAA magazine. Our magazine is considered a document of record and archived by State Libraries.

For those who wish a second read of recent issues take a look.

Next race June 21

Big break between classic races. School holidays and the snow are also part of our classic life.

June 21, a pursuit from RYCV is the go. Rest easy, your handicapper won’t forget you over the break. New pencils are sharpened and at the ready. The Red will be heavily used.


Sorry no pics. Classic racing is full on. No time for looking around. A pic of the process used to free the main halyard on Ettrick would have safety people screaming. So not shown. Although not an SOS situation, by any means available was the rule in this situation.

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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